Dock Shadows




 Shadows on the lake. . .





I’m joining Hey Harriet for Shadow Shot Sunday.










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6 responses to “Dock Shadows

  1. Welcome to the fun! And your shadow shots are terrific! Love the shadows on the water! And I particularly love the shadows on the steps with the trees! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


  2. That is a great spot you have there & perfect shadows.

  3. You captured some nice shadows. I had to check this out as I have been to Lake Norman, my sister lives in Mooresville a few blocks from the lake. It’s a nice place but I remain a California Gal.

  4. Beautiful shots – beautiful shadows. I love the way the shadows create such interesting angles.

    Happy SSS!

  5. Love the shadows on the stairway coming down from the porch.

  6. Those photos are lovely, Mary! They make me pine for the old days on Walloon Lake!