“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.”  ~ E. B. White




I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with this quote~ for me, personally, I think I would find more joy in grape picking than sorting laundry :-)



A little hammock time gives me joy. . .



A little shade and a place to relax, read & dream. . .



While I’ve never picked grapes, I certainly enjoy the end result of the grape pickers’ efforts :-)




I’m dreaming right now of a return trip to Napa and will share parts of my trip and this book at Food for Thought, a delicious blog for readers with an appetite~ for the written word and food. Hosted by my talented & lovely friend Jain, you are invited to join by sharing a book in an edible fashion. It’s a fun place to play and visit~  where you can always find something feed your mind, your senses, and your tummy :-)  I hope to see you at the next Food for Thought, Saturday, Oct. 16th.




A few other things that bring me joy. . .




 Hope you find joy in whatever you do today~


 I’m joining Tracey at Notes from A Cottage Industry~ for Weekly Words to Live By

& Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday  


20 responses to “Joy

  1. This looks like the perfect spot to spend a Sunday afternoon or any afternoon of the week. I totally agree with E. B. White and a return trip to Napa would certainly give me joy. ;-)
    Have a beautiful day! ~ Sarah

  2. As they say, “Whatever makes you happy!!” Now, can I take a nap in your hammock ?

  3. The hammock looks to me like a place to pass some wonderful hours, deep in a book. I’ve never been to Napa, but from the post I’ve read in Blogland I know I have to get there.
    Laundry vs grapes? I’m not a fan of labouring in the hot sun, so I’d have to choose my nice cool laundry room and the promise of a glass of wine before retiring to line-dried sheets at day’s end.

  4. If I had a hammock like yours, I’d never get anything done. Now I’m off to sort my laundry and foofify with October decorations as I listen to the dripdripdrip of our first autumn rain. Yep, inside joys all day long!

  5. “a delicious blog for readers with an appetite~ for the written word and food”
    girl you say it so much better than me!

    another gorgeous post, omg if i knew you were reading hammock side i would be crying my eyes out over every book i read in a stuffy grn leather chair in a dark red study!

    loving that pillow … coveting your lifestyle!

    your napa book review will incredible, just like all you others, i am sooooo glad we share the fft hobby!

  6. Wonderful post! The hammock looks so relaxing. Love the puppy, heron and wonderful setting!

  7. While I do not have a hammock, it is relaxing just to look at the picture of yours. My joy today was going on a bike ride with my 18 year old son. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. We rode past harvested grain fields, to an abandoned homestead where I got to rest…… and back on the bike to our home. My special moment today………

  8. I absolutely love lying in the hammock!!! And so do Chloe and LadyBug!! Great way to spend an afternoon!! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!! What a beautiful picture of your girls!!

  9. Wonderful photos and mosaic! I love the cute dogs curled up together and the hammock looks cozy! I’ve been wanting a hammock for my yard, I have the perfect spot for one.

  10. Such lovely photos…I did enjoy my visit here!

  11. A Garden of Threads

    Wonderful mosaic. The hammock looks so inviting.

  12. Love your mosaic! Such a lovely hammock, perfect spot to curl up with a good book and enjoy a pretty day!

  13. I couldn’t agree more with the saying on the pillow!!!! And one day I will visit Napa too!!

  14. Oh what a sweet post — love the things that bring you joy! :)

  15. Love your hammock, and the cozy feel of all of your photos. Your mosaic is lovely too.

  16. That hammock! Oh I love it and I agree with the quote as well. Your other favorite things are some of mine, too. Very pretty mosaic…

  17. That looks like the most comfortable hammock I’ve seen, covered with quilts and being right next to the water. Heavenly! ::Jill

  18. Pretty mosaic! Your dogs are adorable.
    Enjoy your week.

  19. The quilt on the hammock is wonderful. It looks so soft and peaceful.
    Absolutely perfect mosaic.

  20. I can see why the things in this sweet mosaic bring you joy ~ especially those adorable fur babies!