Savannah Iron

A trip to Savannah, Georgia for a birthday celebration last week had us exploring the city, admiring this lacy curtain of shadows falling on this doorway.

  The hundreds of examples of ornamental wrought and cast iron to be found fascinate me~ along with the endless shadows the decorative scrolls and curlicues cast~

On stair railings and covering windows~

Decorating doorways. . .

On balconies and bannisters~

 In gates, that tempt with glimpses into courtyards~

Functioning as porch columns~

Providing a peak at garden treasures ~


. . . and an iron will is needed to resist Gigi’s Cupcakes :-)

Happy Birthday Ginny!

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40 responses to “Savannah Iron

  1. OOh I love traveling with you! The shadow on the stairs… Thump thump thump! Waving from the beach :-)

  2. Beautiful iron work and gorgeous photos, Mary!!

  3. Gorgeous images! I want to really go to Savannah, we spent PART of a day there once. It is so beautiful, I want to stay there for a few days and really see it. Thanks for these pictures! XO, Pinky

  4. Your photos are beautiful. It’s been many years since I was in Savannah and I remember it as being mysterious and lovely. What a nice trip that must have been for you!

  5. Mary,
    Your photographs are stunning! I’m going to Savannah this week to celebrate a friend’s retirement from teaching. I had forgotten about all the beautiful ironwork in the city, but your photos show it off so amazingly.

  6. Your photos make me want to hop a plane and visit Savannah again. It’s always a treat to travel along with you. Amazing shadow shots! ~ sarah

  7. What an incredible eye you have for hidden beauty! I’m in awe of the iron gate secrets!!!
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

  8. Mary, all this gorgeous ironwork makes me swoon!! I’m definitely wishing for a trip to Savannah now. Hope the birthday celebration was lots of fun! Thanks for sharing.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  9. Whenever we visit Savannah the ironwork fascinates me too. Wonderful pictures. We both share June borthdays. Happy birthday!

  10. We have a Gigi’s Cupcakes…way too close to us….. The Kentucky Bourbon Pie cupcake is yummy…. Enough for 4 people though…. :) LL

  11. Mary, I LOVE your eye for finding hidden beauty! The iron works are beautiful in their own right…. but, the lacy shadows your eye’s saw & shared are what really makes this post so special. THANK YOU for sharing your talent & magic my friend. Have a beautiful week! Charlene

  12. Those are some gorgeous shots! I’d love to visit Savannah one day. We’ve only flown into the Savannah airport for a destination wedding in Hilton Head so we didn’t have the time to do any sight seeing. It must be a wonderful place!

  13. I haven’t been to Savannah in some time, but your photos remind me what I so enjoyed about it. Were most of these taken around the square? The cupcakes are,indeed, tempting, but yours last week were every bit as wonderful.

  14. I LOVE wrought iron!! These photos are so inviting to me that I think a trip to Savannah Georgia should be on my bucket list!! Lovely!!!

  15. Thank you~My cupcakes were fun to make, but they can’t rival Gigi’s :-) We walked most of the squares but a lot of these photos were taken along Jones Street, referred to by Southern Living as “most beautiful street in North America”.

  16. I sighed when I looked at this beautiful collection of pictures. I have long wanted to go to Savannah, but for one reason or other have never made it. How I can get to Europe repeatedly and not to such a lovely domestic destination is beyond me, but I’m certainly going to put it on my list for next year. So much beauty just has to be seen!

  17. I love the lacy iron of the south — I think the sunflower gate belongs at Linderhof!!!
    Beautiful photos of a beautiful town!

  18. Awesome photos! Love them ALL!
    Rainey @ The Project Table

  19. Oh wow! They are beautiful!
    Like you, I love the shadows and the intricacies of the patterns. Such craftsmanship!

  20. oh, these are lovely! thanks for sharing them! i SO wanna see them, though, for myself!

  21. Beautiful wrought iron gates, and fences!

  22. JDaniel4's Mom

    There is so much to take in. What beautiful ironworks!

  23. Absolutely beautiful! I love those shadows.

  24. Beautiful photos. We used to live in Savannah and I also fell in love with the iron work….
    Happy Birthday and those cupcakes look divine!

  25. Such collection of beautiful things! The iron designs are exquisite and intricate! The mosaic is lovely!

  26. The photos are great. You really found some great iron designs. Love the shadow shots!

  27. We are from Georgia, and we adore Savannah! It was one of our vacation spots when we were children. The ironworks there are really something to behold. Great post!!

  28. Lovely ironwork and I really like the reflections.

  29. I am always enchanted by wrought iron…these lacy shadows and the artistry in each carefully crafted piece is just astonishing. I think I would go to Savannah just to see that! Well, okay, that and to get a cupcake, too.

    Finally, someone knows how to put enough icing on a cupcake!

    Thanks for a fun link!

  30. For some reason it wouldn’t let me finish my comment!

    Happy Birthday to Ginny! You can plan my birthday party any old time!


  31. Oh my~~~ Looks like a beautiful birthday travel trip you went on! I love old architecture and charming iron ahhhh so pretty….thankyou for sharing your travels & photos.

    So nice to meet you~~Happy Birthday~~~~and Outdoor Wednesday and BTW sweet Charlene sent me your way!

    Have a blessed week.
    Kay Ellen

  32. Savannah is one of my favorite getaway places to viasit. So much to do and see. I love the ironwork and fretwork found in Savannah. great pics. Thanks for sharing!~Ames

  33. Oh Mary,
    I am enchanted! This is the most gorgeous table. Your background, you choice of table covering, dishes , the book and the food. This is just spectacular! I am so thrilled you are linking it to my Home Sweet Home Party! I am featuring it. Just absolutely beautiful. Thanks for linking it up in advance! I will put the party up in a little bit.

  34. Beautiful Savannah ironwork! A Happy Birthday to Ginny! I am stopping by a week later! We live right on the “edge” of Savannah! and was probably downtown too :o)

    I was catching up with those that stopped by my post and also some art orders, so am still getting around to some of the posts from this letter “I” link! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  35. wow, well done. I feel like I got the best of the tour! Beautiful pictures. Can you imagine all the workers forging all that iron.. must have been noisy! Thanks for sharing !!

  36. Beautiful pics – I have never been there, but I have added to my list of places to go!

  37. What a wonderful tribute to Savannah through the incredible ironwork railings and balconies. How clever to focus your photos on this one aspect that definitely says Savannah to me, such a beautiful southern city…you captured it!

  38. There is so much of the south I still need to experience. This is one place among many I’d love to see. Your photos and perspective shots are beautiful!

  39. I love all the iron work. They remind me of New Orleans…..Christine

  40. I love all of the iron work in Savannah and you’ve captured so many different and interesting works. Just beautiful.

    I’m so happy that you’ve joined the premier of “Oh, the PLACES I’ve been!” and hope that you will become a regular contributor.

    – The Tablescaper