Happy 4th of July!










21 responses to “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Oh, what fun!! Pat the poochies for Nana Rett, please? You dressed your dogs in patriotic colors…I dressed my granddaughter in the same! LOL Come see!

    Thanks for the tip about the blue goblets. I FOUND THEM!!! Now after seeing Cuisine Kathleen’s post with the martini size, I think I may have to go back again. You are both baaaaad influences on me!

    Happy Celebrating!

  2. Awww… look how darling Chloe and Gracie are wearing their little flag scarves. They make me smile just looking a their sweet little faces.
    Please give them a cuddle for me and have a fabulous day on the lake.
    Happy 4th,

  3. SandySays1

    My, you’re as cute as can be! Happy 4th to you! Woof, Woof!

  4. Annie La Vigne

    They are so cute! Happy 4th to you, too! A

  5. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Looks like everyone is having a great time Mary! Happy 4th of July-Have Fun:@)

  6. Happy 4th of July, Mary!!

  7. Bonjour de France!!! j’adore les “toutous” ils sont superbes!!! Caramel le mien, un véritable rase moquette mélange de bichon et de … je ne sais quoi d’autre mais toujours aussi câlin que ces deux boules de poils dans les bras de leur maître, , leur dit un grand bonjour!
    Bonne randonnée dans votre bâteau!! et bonne fête le 4 juillet
    amicales pensées de France Jackye

  8. It looks like all the ingredients are there for a wonderful day!

  9. How adorable are your babies! They brought a big smile to my face! Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

  10. Glad you didn’t forget to include the pooches in patriotic garb! Have a wonderful day. I’m off to ride in a bike parade with the kids.

  11. Your doggies are so adorable and precious! I want one now!! Have a wonderful Fourth of July. xo

  12. Sweet little girls!!!!! Have a happy 4th.

  13. Love your festive pooches! What a fabulous setting for the FOURTH! Love your beautiful photos!

  14. Chloe and Gracie look adorable and patriotic. Happy Independence Day!

  15. Chloe and Gracie are stylin for sure!!!! And who is that in Daddy’s lap? She thinks it’s really safe there. Elle is taking a nap in my lap right now & she smells like the smoke from the BarBQ. Hope you have a wonderful day. Your Red White & Blue collage is stunning. HUGS!

  16. Happy July 4th, cute photos of your dogs.

  17. your little muffins are so cute, i could just gobble them right up! happy boating, snacking and cruising girl, i know your guests are in for a fab day at the lake with you!

  18. Happy 4th! Precious little doggies. Beautiful celebration.

  19. OMG! How cute are those poochies! Love their scarves!

  20. Chloe and Gracie look fabulous all decked out in their patriotic colors!!! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves…looks like your girls love the boat too!

  21. Your spoiled babies look very cute..