A Maple Leaf Boat Tour

We went on a whirlwind tour of Victoria when we visited Vancouver, British Columbia in May.

The day we tiptoed through the tulips at Butchart Gardens,

we walked through downtown Victoria.

And on a lark, down to the marina~

A boat owner coming off the water, saw me with my camera,

peering through the gate at the boats~

With the gracious nature inherent in Canadians,

A heart of gold,

And a twinkle in his eye. . .

 He said we looked to be tourists, rather than terrorists :) so he’d be happy to unlock the gate for us that accessed the docks.

So I could get a closer look at boat names and watery reflections~

Following my own North Star

to the water~

“Explorers depend on the North Star when there are no other landmarks in sight. The same relationship exists between you and your right life, the ultimate realization of your potential for happiness. I believe that a knowledge of that perfect life sits inside you just as the North Star sits in its unaltering spot.”

~Martha Beck, Finding Your Own North Star

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25 responses to “A Maple Leaf Boat Tour

  1. Mary, thanks for the boat tour! I always love walking the docks and looking at the names of the boats. I just did this up in Camden and Rockport, Maine. We always pick out the best name and the boat we “want” in our dreams. That North Star is amazing and has quite a history. We also sometimes see the tall ships at Mystic farther up the coast here in Connecticut. Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

  2. What a beautiful place. My oldest son was supposed to be moving up there for a year but with a brand new baby just born, I don’t think he will be going anymore and I am a little disappointed because I have heard of its beauties and now seen some of them on your lovely post. What a picturesque spot of the world. Thanks for taking me along!

  3. Mary … what fun! Always fun to travel with you and see your clever posts. Such a nice guy to let you in to see the boats.

  4. Isn’t our Inner Harbour beautiful? You were just steps from my office when you were on the harbour, as I work right down there and can just see the corner of my building. How I wish I’d known you were there….I’d have run down to see you. I’m so glad you had such a lovely day.

  5. What gorgeous shots and what a wonderful place! I loved the quote from Martha Beck about the north star. It’s obvious, of course, to base your course on that which never changes. Why we forget that is a mystery.

    God’s Word is my north star. What a hot old mess I am every time I start venturing off away from it. Ack.

  6. As always, your photos (and the subjects you choose to share with us through your lens) are fascinating…Love the one of the seagull…Jonathan Livingston himself couldn’t have looked so beautiful!

  7. Victoria is on my “bucket list”….thanks for the “tour” gorgeous boats, gorgeous photography…and I just love that picture of the seagull perched on the boat….!

  8. Victoria Island is one of my mother’s favorite places (I have never been). She loves the enchanting hanging baskets everywhere. I love the names of the boats you have shared with us! Mr. Art @ Home named our pontoon “$timulus, Too” :/

  9. Haven’t been to Victoria in ages; now I want to go back soon!

  10. Incredible post, Mary. The photos are beautiful. Thanks so much for the tour!

  11. I have to thank you three times Mary! Once for the name of the Uwharrie Chair Company. I just went on their website and I am in love with their Veranda Collection! Secondly, your boat tour was fabulous and I love the name “Twinkle” for a boat! And finally ~ thank you for the plum pocket recipe. I have plum trees in my backyard that produce sweet tiny plums and now I know exactly what to do with them! Love your site! I could spend days here.

    Susan and Bentley

  12. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    How nice that he let you in! It’s always fun to see the boat names:@)

  13. Your harbor and all the boats look beautiful. I like reading all their names. What a beautiful place to visit. Lovely photos.

  14. What wonderful boats and I love all of the names. I know you had fun taking photos! Happy Monday!

  15. Those boats are fantastic…you got some really amazing shots! Wish I could tour some of them.

  16. Boat owners are very creative with the names…Prince of Whales! ☺ Though “Twinkle” may be my favorite.

  17. I’ve only been to Victoria once. Had a wonderful time, but did not get to take a boat tour. Guess I better go again. lol! Love all of your pics and your tourist not terriorist comment made me laugh. I have a linky party, Share Your Cup Thursday. I would love if you shared a post sometime.

  18. This looks like a place I could spend hours in, taking photos of the boats and scenery. I loved seeing all the ship names — “Twinkle” was my favorite!

  19. Great photos and mosaics as usual Mary, always a pleasant surprise every time I visit! What a wonderful visit to a magical place on the water, so soothing and theres something about the reflective waters!
    Have a great day! x

  20. Thank you for the lovely photos of stunning boats. My DH always visits marinas i every new town! And I visit nurseries. Very fine mosaics too.

  21. A very enjoyable tour. Used to walk the marina when our daughter had a houseboat. I think I will try to dig some of those photos up. Thanks for a great post.

  22. What a fun and interesting tour of the marina. I adore boat names. My brother keeps his boat off the Maine coast and before that off the Rhode Island coast. When visiting it was always fun to see all the creative and unique names of the boats. Seeing your fabulous photos brings out the feeling of adventure and fun for a summer sail.

  23. Vancouver looks like a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for the great shots of the boats. Wish I could be there!

  24. You make me wish I had a boat. :)

  25. Gorgeous photos. Very striking colors and wonderful details. Thank you for sharing these.

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