Catch & Release

I’m Tackling a little Tabletop Fishing on the Dock

for Kathleen’s Let Dish~

Summer Fun Table Challenge.

I toted my supplies~ sunscreen, a book, glass,

and fishing map in a vintage minnow bucket~

all essential to enjoy a little outdoor scenery

which is the lure of fishing for me.

Fishing net and rod at the ready~

I fell for these aluminum fish on sale at Pottery Barn~ hook, line & sinker~ netting some savings. . .

a rare occurrence and almost as rare as reeling in

a fish at the dock for me :)

I’m consulting our waterproof map

for fishing tips & techniques ~

With my husband’s grandfather’s

old lures and reels for inspiration~

We had a temporary break in the weather this past weekend with low humidity after a hot & stormy week~ perfect weather for fishing and outdoor dining!

My idea of “fishing” differs from my husband’s. . .

(shocking I know :)

His idea of “fishing” is “catching”.

I prefer fishing over catching~ unless it’s catching up on my reading or catching some rays.

“Catching” requires you to pay attention~ no day dreaming, bird watching, or reading allowed~ otherwise you miss your chance to set the hook.

I’d rather read and set the table :)

so I prefer to fish~

My Mother-in-Law’s fish planter is angling

to function as a wine chiller

for a Pinot Grigio I was able to catch~

Which I plan to open and

release with my Fish Corkscrew~

I reeled in some

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Bread

for a dockside sandwich~

To accompany a few

goldfish crackers~

Snackwell’s Yogurt Pretzels are standing for Life Rings~

or a Type IV PFD approved device, designed to be thrown

to a person in the water with a minimum

of 16.5 pounds of buoyancy :)

Catch & Release Table Details~

Aluminum Fish Dishes & Napkins/Pottery Barn, recently

 Plates, Cafe Blue & Red/ Food Network for Kohl’s

Fish Glass/Kohl’s several years ago

Tablecloth/Fishing Map

Flatware/ World Market

Wishing you weather ideal

for Fishing or Catching!

Thank you for your visit, I’m joining:

Cuisine Kathleen for Let’s Dish!~

StoneGable for Tutorials Tips and Tidbits~

A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday~

Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday~

2805 for Potpourri Friday~

At the Picket Fence for Inspiration Friday~

The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays~

34 responses to “Catch & Release

  1. What beautiful daydreams I will have today as I set sail for the office! Thanks!

  2. I like what you “catch” and I didn’t know about the goldfish bread! So cute!

  3. Love this, again you hit it out of the park. The fish used as wine cooler looks like it has a hook in its mouth, clever. Do you know where the fish corkscrew came from? Hubby would enjoy that. Suzi

  4. So so clever, your fishing puns are hilarious, and I’m with you about fishing rather than catching! Thanks for always sharing where your stuff came from, you have inspired me to start shopping the sales more regularly!

  5. I giggled all the way through your “catching” post. :D :D Fun and pretty, too!

  6. Love the goldfish bread. We have a little guy next door who would love this! So, so cute, Mary, and VERY *punny* post! ;P

  7. a beach diary

    this was made for me, 113 degrees… like i wouldn’t love a lakeside splash ;-)

  8. Mary, you have got to publish a book with all of these creative posts. The prose and the images would make a fantastic coffee table book. Your creative touch to every detail amazes me with each new post. There is always something new and exciting to view. I admire your creative energy and beautiful spirit. “Reeling” in lots of pleasure from this one! ~ Sarah

  9. Clever Mary. Love the fishing funnies. I have not fished in years but grew up on Clark’s Hill Lake in S.C. and caught my first fish at age two. I was a natural but now I lack patience I am told. Would rather read a book. hugs sweetie, Olive

  10. Hallelujah that you got a little relief in the weather! On a sunny, warm-but-not-scalding day, this would be absolutely perfect!!!!!! I’m just thinking how cool it must be to sit at the water’s edge like that and hear the water gently lapping against the sides of the dock. I love the fish wine caddy! This is so super cool!!!!!!

  11. Clever…Clever…Clever!!! This whole post is very clever and all of the photos are wonderful….but I love the shadow of the ‘fish wine glass’ over the map the best! You have a knack for putting together very clever posts, Mary! I have quite a bit of ‘fish related’ items but have never done much with them as far as taking pictures… Need to get off my okole and get creative.

  12. How do you do it??? Every single week you inspire me. And delight me too. Your commentary is always as wonderful as the details of your tables. I think yiou should write a book!!!! Thanks for another special post. XO, Pinky

  13. And the school of “shadowfish”. Every detail is terrific!

  14. shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    This is one cute table and story…the wine cooler is just so cute!…Just love gazing upon your creative ways you set a table and prepare food…and I love the way the reflection of the gold fish are in the glass….great photo!
    Hope you had lots of fun “fishing”!!..

  15. I MUCH prefer your kind of fishing Mary!! I especially love that you found fish shaped BREAD! Now, I am going to go on a search for that too!! What a beautiful setting your dock is…your neighbors must just sit on their lawns and watch you coming out with all of your supplies!! I love it!!

  16. So fun! I too prefer your kind of fishing. I love how you added the snacks. Very fun.

    – The Tablescaper

  17. Now, that’s my kind of fishing. I do however love watching Hubby and the children fish. I can sit and observe and take some really good photos.


  18. Debbie@Mountain Breaths

    This is very fishy Mary ;o) Love the theme! Joe gifted me with two Sweedish Pimple fishing lures for my birthday yesterday, and I’m telling ya, I usually catch bigger fish than Joe with those lures. I also like the Panther Martin lures. We’re getting ready to do some “competitive” fishing tomorrow. LOL Love this post!

  19. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! Suzi~ I got my fish corkscrew on vacation in Beaufort, SC last year. Amazon has one here.

  20. Mary, I think I’m looking at a magazine when I see your posts! Gosh, I love how you dream up tablescapes! I really like your “catch” in the fish planter and all your other goodies. Too cute!!

  21. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Very cute Mary! My idea of fishing mirrors yours! Cute fish dishes and I’m so glad you reeled in that bottle of wine-enjoy:@)

  22. What an adorable fishing table! Love the red and blue and all the fish, edible or otherwise! Cute holder for the wine bottle, too! Always clever, Mary!

  23. Absolutely adorable…

  24. Delightful! I’m not so much in to fishing, but I would just to do a “copyscape”. Thanks for sharing your creativity. I am ALWAYS inspired.

  25. This is fabulous and so clever! I totally approve and agree with your ideas on fishing! Your way is so much better!
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful space at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  26. You are so clever! Loved reading your words, as much as your pretty photos. I looked and looked at those metal plates at Pottery Barn. I loved them so much but just couldn’t think what I would do with them. I have never seen this goldfish bread! I can’t wait to pick some up for when my goldfish loving nephew comes. That planter looks great as a wine color. Your tables are always a delight!

  27. You lured me in and then set the hook. Seems to happen again and again.

  28. This has to be the catch of the day! Sweet Mister would love this one, and he’s doesn’t impress easily. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  29. Great table! I have not seen that gold fish bread before and will be sure to look for it now. Love that big fish holding the wine bottle and your vintage minnow bucket too. I can always count on being amazed when I come to visit you!

    Susan and Bentley

  30. LOVE IT!! All your fish related items are so much fun. I’m with you.. I’d rather fish than catch, and I could certainly “fish” around in the fish’s mouth for that bottle of wine, right now. So cute. Love the fish cork screw,too.

  31. Wonderfully creative, Mary! Love all your fishy accoutrements. The wine bottle in the fish, too cute!
    Thanks for linking your catch of the day to Let’s Dish!

  32. This is the table my husband would love every night! You always do such cool creative tables, Mary.

  33. Hi Mary, We are finally home where I have internet and a keyboard and I can visit all my friends! We were in fly fishing country–far north of NH–and I did indulge in my favorite Italian Pinot Grigio! Your table is perfect for my kind of fishing and I do love the little PB pewter fish plates. I’ll be looking for some of the goldfish bread. Linda

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