Gilded Gourds & Giving Thanks

My gourds and pumpkins are making the transition

from fall to Thanksgiving with a little gilding~

Dressed in wash of Venetian, Glorious Gold

and Rich Espresso for the holiday table.

I picked up some DecoArt

Dazzling Metallics paint from Michaels~

Brushing it on to highlight, but not completely cover the lumps, bumps, and wonderful organic textures of the gourds and decorative squash.

This is a very forgiving process & project for anyone looking for an idea for a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving buffet or table!

I started out brushing a small amount paint on each gourd, knowing I could add more and additional coats if needed. It’s water-based so if you brush on too much paint you can use a damp paper towel to remove any excess and start over.

Decorative squash & pumpkins with smoother surfaces were given an overall wash of color.

You can use a combination of metallics or just one color, since the end result will vary depending on the base color of your gourds and pumpkins.

Easier and more affordable than gold or

copper leafing and a much quicker process~

done and dry in a couple of hours,

ready to gather at the table!

The centerpiece is a  wooden board with a cornucopia of

pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn and some scattered nuts

that also received a little gilding.

Architectural chargers are layered on

bronze-beaded placemats and received a light

dry brushing of coppery-gold highlights.

Adding just enough color to complement

 the warm russet fruit-and-vegetables border

of the proud tom turkey plates.

The foundation for the table

is a paisley coverlet~

That offers additional sheen

and texture from the quilting.

Bronze mercury glass candle holders

cast warm reflections and add a soft glow.

Their textures ranging from diamond

pane to hobnail, mimicking the Indian corn.

Amber bubble glass goblets take on an

incandescent glow as the sun highlights

them, warming up the table.

Sending you warm wishes

for a bountiful Thanksgiving!

Gilded Gourds & Giving Thanks Table~

 Chaps Home Chandler Paisley quilt/ Kohl’s

Beaded Placemats/Kohl’s

Architectural Chargers & Flatware/Pottery Barn

Plates – Johnson Brothers Autumn Monarch/ HomeGoods

Goblets & Napkins/HomeGoods, several years ago

Bronze candle holders/Target & Kohl’s

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39 responses to “Gilded Gourds & Giving Thanks

  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Very pretty and elegant Mary! The paisley topper is beautiful and everyone would love to sit down to those great plates on Thanksgiving-enjoy:@)

  2. Mary, I’ve taken a real shine to your Thanksgiving table! Gilding the gourds was such a wonderful way to highlight the bounty of fall. My SIL has those same turkey plates and they make their appearance each Thanksgiving.

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I love paint!!!!!!!! Hugs–

  4. I love the gilded gourds, Mary. I need to do a table with my Spode turkey plates. Might have to do that over the weekend, just for fun.

  5. Never thought to “guild the gourds”…they turned out gorgeous!!…and of course your table is so magnificent… create such masterpieces…You are the Rembrandt of tablescapes!!

  6. Mary, I love your guilding! I always have to do that to play down the orange in the pumpkins for the table. Your table is perfection! What pretty chargers too. It looks so beautiful outside still. We got dumped on with snow and it is too cold for my blood already!

  7. such a pretty table. Love the idea of “guilding the gourds”. It adds a touch of elegance to your wonderful table. I always find great inspiration from you. Susan@ Romancing the Home

  8. Oh Mary, I love the idea of gilding the pumpkins and gourds! I just recently found some turkey plates at Home Goods that I plan to use for our dinner group this Sat. night. But, I don’t know if I will have ROOM for a centerpiece. The new dining room is TINY, the one and only thing I am not crazy about in this house. I love those chargers!!! Gorgeous table once again. XO, Pinky

  9. So elegant! Love your restraint in the use of the gilding…The chargers are gorgeous!

  10. What a fabulous idea, Mary, and what a SUPER FABULOUS table!!!! Wow! I love the gilded look! The whole table looks gilded!!! GREAT choice of table covering!!! The chargers are more than perfect! Those things are just beyond gorgeous!!! They’re like individual pieces of art! And if the chargers are art, your centerpiece is certainly still life. Deliciously grand!!!!!!!!

  11. How fabulous! So lush and elegant. I especially love the table cover, chargers and the color of the large pumpkin. Well done, Mary! LOVE it all!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve always loved those turkey plates.

  13. Very pretty! I like the soft glisten that gave to the pumpkins and gourds! Love the turkey plates and the chargers. You’ve created a very lovely decorative gathering for your table! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  14. Wonderful idea! All of my pumpkins and gourds have literally been squirreled away. The squirrels love those seeds inside! I need to see if I can still find some fun shapes for my Thanksgiving table. Pretty, pretty gourds and table!

  15. This is just a beautiful tablescape, Mary. Love your gilded pumpkins and gourds. What a great idea!
    Marianne :)

  16. Wonderful. I love how rich the simple gourds look now. What a really great idea. Your dishes on those extraordinary chargers are fabulous.. Just a great table.. xo marlis

  17. Oh Mary, what a clever person you are! The gilding of all the gourds add sucha soft, yet spectacular element to your table. I am going to remember that for next year. I love your plates and the pretty table covering, too.

  18. What wonderful, warm colors and glorious textures on your Thanksgiving table! I always enjoy the special touches and tips you share!

  19. Beautiful. I love the way the gilding warmed up the look. I’ve got some gourds that I think I will try this with. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  20. So pretty…I will be using the same turkey dishes next week!

  21. Thanks for giving me the idea of a coverlet for the dinner table. Genius. BTW, I have been here three times so far today. Once when I Googled olive buckets and came to your potting shed post (I followed Olive’s tip of finding one at Tuesday Morning also). Then when I linked up to Stone Gable I saw your door basket featured and then when I clicked on the pretty gilded gourd photo at the party. It’s fate or something today :)

  22. Mary this is opulent! What a gorgeous group of lightly gilded gourds! I did this one year and I love the results too! LOVE your subtle touch!

  23. Hi…this is so festive – love the gourds, but what really caught my eye is your labeled flatware! They are so unique! Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Truly lovely and so much better with the gold and expresso hues. The centerpiece is now perfect for Thanksgiving. My favorite is the chargers!

    Thanks, Pam

  25. To be a guest at your table would be a big reason to be thankful!

  26. Mary, this is very elegant. This table glows with warmth and hospitality. Absolutely in love with those chargers. Will have to look for those next time I’m at PB. And another gorgeous quilt. You are a master at putting together a fabulous table. You are like the energizer bunny. ;-)
    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving……..Sarah

  27. I absolutely love the gilding. I was staring at my table, and I am just not hunky on it. That might be just what it lacks.

  28. Gilded gourds? Who knew? This is certainly a new idea for me. There’s still time… Such a beautiful tablescape (and your photography, too!)

  29. Hi Mary,

    Your gilded gourds and pumpkins are gorgeous, as are the mercury glass candle holders. They all compliment each other so well. I like your turkey plates; I got a set of the Johnson Brothers “His Majesty” last fall at closeout prices and had fun doing a tablescape with them.

    The gilded table is a really pretty idea, Mary. It’s always such a pleasure to look at your creations.

    Happy Thanksgiving!



  30. what a neat idea. Love the texture of the coverlet!

    – The Tablescaper

  31. Very nice! They really add a nice glow to the table. Happy Thanksgiving! Come join my giveaway!

  32. As always, another beautiful table, Mary! Love the guilded gourds! I’ll guild anything in this house, if it’s not moving…lol! I’ve done this on fruits and nuts for Christmas; but, never for Thanksgiving. I’ll have to try this next year. Wishing you and your family a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

  33. Your table is so beautiful! I love the gilded gords and pumpkins!

  34. I am catching up today reading your back posts I missed. Your gilded gourds and pumpkins are so pretty. It is going to be hard for me to move my pumpkins for Christmas decorating because they are still so pretty.

  35. I was just wondering what I was going to do with the collection of gourds I have in my flower shop. Gilding it is!

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  37. So pretty Mary.

  38. Pingback: Favorite Thanksgiving Ideas - JOYFUL scribblings | JOYFUL scribblings

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