A Potting Shed Christmas

Potting Shed Christmas

I’ve spent more time decorating my Potting Shed

than my house this Christmas season :)


Santa came early and gifted me with a ladder to use in my Potting Shed, or rather a Hatherley Lattistep :)


To big to be wrapped and go under the tree, it’s standing in as a tree of sorts, (thank you Clare :) decorated with a few favorite birds, found nests and ornaments~



My Chickadees have moved indoors to roost~

choosing a different cavity to nest in, Williamsburg Aviary.








A Ferry’s Seeds Box

is a perennial favorite~


Dressed for the holidays and planted with a Poinsettia,

mini cypress trees, ivy, pine cones, berries and a bird’s nest.





Vintage postcards are weighing in

on Christmas with Joyful Greetings~



Potting Shed Christmas_33





Potting Shed Christmas_32



Wishing you a Joyful Christmas!

Potting Shed Christmas_31

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46 responses to “A Potting Shed Christmas

  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Your new ladder looks right at home Mary! Looks like you’re having lots of fun with the shed-enjoy:@)
    PS-Please send me a quick e-mail with your address, I have a little something I think you might like…

  2. Love the new *Christmas Tree*! :D :D And, with vintage postcards. You have such fun in your potting shed. Remember, I’m going to move in! LOL! Merry, Merry and Hugs—

  3. Mary, I’ve been waiting for this post. Your potting shed is simply amazing! I love every item you’ve included, and my favorite is the seed box with the poinsettias! And the tree ladder, and the…….I could go on and on!

  4. Mary, this is over the top cute. Love your ladder and I sure hope we get my shed built in 2013. I want to play.

  5. THis is so wnderful, each element a delightful surprise, especially the “tree”!!!! LOVE the birds and the candles in the birdseed trays. Genius to use the flower frog to hold the sign. XO, Pinky

  6. What a fun place you’ve made this potting shed! Love the new ladder and how you decorated it. Every bit of this is inspiring and enjoyable to see!

  7. Oh Mary, your potting shed is sweet! I love the natural decorations and the birdseed under the candles. Everything looks lovely.

  8. I’d be spending as much time in there as possible – it’s such a pretty shed. The ladder was a brilliant gift!

  9. I think I would move into the potting shed for Christmas! So beautiful! Love the ladder!
    hugs, Linda

  10. Beautiful!!!!

  11. Beyond my wildest dreams of FUN!

  12. Mary, What an amazing potting shed! You have it decorated beautifully for Christmas and I love the ladder. Happy Holidays.

  13. Hi Mary! If I didn’t know better, I would swear that your shed has been in existence as long as it’s vintage treasures. You have really created a beautiful paradise for birds and people alike. I have been on a quest to find bird ornaments this year, and all I can find are super bright and sparkly ones. I am holding out for some more natural looking ones.
    Happy Holidays, and thank you for a year of beautiful tables and spaces!

  14. Mary, its just like having a playhouse. ;-) I adore what you’ve done to dress the shed for the holidays. Such fun!!! I have a vintage ladder on which I hang some of my vintage quilts. Those old ladders have wonderful charm.
    Merry, Merry………..Sarah

  15. Mary, your potting shed is just the most adorable thing ever! I could live in the potting shed! Lol! The ladder is perfect; and all of your holiday accents just make this such a wonderful place!

  16. Your ladder is wonderful! I am “green” with envy over your potting shed. What a lovely place to decorate and you have done it beautifully! Merry Christmas.

  17. I suspect that your potting shed will be the backdrop for many a creative exercise. I look forward to them all!

  18. I have had some unusual stand-ins for Christmas trees, but your ladder tree beats them all! Love it!

    Your potting shed is the best playhouse I have ever seen! You are so creative!

  19. :D I’m *gasping* over here with every picture I see. I love what Sonia said…..about your shed being a playhouse…..I’d play in there all day long if it were mine!

    Thanks so much for sharing your potting shed all decked-out for Christmas. I’ve been waiting for this post! ;P

    Ricki Jill

  20. Oh, I have GOT to share this with my friend! She loves playing in the dirt, and I think she would really admire something like this! This is playing in the dirt in REAL STYLE!!!!!!!! Gorgeous, Mary! Congratulations on your new lattistep ladder! That’s a really neat addition to your already gorgeous “me time” space! :-)

  21. Mary, one would think the wonderful Christmasy exterior of the shed was enough but the interior is even better. Love it. Olive

  22. Very festive! Happy Holidays :) Seasons Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  23. Amazing! I think Santa might want to rest up there!

  24. Delightful! Love your vintage cards and pretty green tole trays. Green trays are especially pretty. All the fresh greenery, berries, birdseed and natural elements give your decorating such class! Your birds are all delightful too!

  25. finally got the net back after weeks since the storm, so nice to see your pics BIG :-) thanks for the sweet dreams, always love seeing all the details up close~

  26. Your potting shed is so inviting for just relaxing with a cup of tea! Just seeing the pics of your cute lil shed, I bet your home is lovely ! Thank you for the wonderful pics of the ladder, now I know what to do with my daddy’s old ladder! I’m so glad I found your site !! Have a wonderful day !

  27. I think you should open your potting shed for holiday tours :) How beautiful everything looks!

  28. Again, I love love love everything you do. I would really like to meet you in person… I think you are a brilliant decorator… I just know we would be such good friends. Every time I visit I know that you will feed my soul!!!
    Just beautiful in every way!

    A potting shed is my Christmas wish… and world peace!

  29. This is absolutely the neatest ladder tree and the whole “shed” is just unreal. I love it. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  30. Truly outstanding! LOVE everything about it. A feast for the eyes and full of inspiration…Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for this gift today!
    Linda at Beautiful Idea

  31. Your potting shed looks like a wondrously fun place to play. So much charm and whimsy going on in there. LOVE the ladder and all your other fabulous vignettes.
    Mary Alice

  32. Fantastic potting shed!

  33. I love the way you used the ladder…what a wonderful and creative idea!

  34. Wow, what a beautiful post and a beautiful blog ;)

  35. Your potting shed is absolutely amazing!!! LOVE it all decked out for Christmas!!

  36. I’m back for another swing around the potting shed. It’s becoming one of my favorite place to hang out. Better be careful, I just might move in!
    Merry, Merry………..Sarah

  37. Oh Mary, you’ve decorated my darling dream home so perfectly!!! I just love it to pieces! Merry Christmas!! XO

  38. Mary – stunning! Can I live in your shed?!

  39. Oh My gosh, this is fabulous! Love every inch of this sweet potting shed! It left me wanting to see more pics of the outside. I can’t blame you for having so much fun with this buildning. Hubby and I (more like I) lol! have plans to build one either this Spring or next. Now, I will want to decorate it for Christmas. Love all of your vintage treasures. That little Cherrio tin with the sweet bird stole my heart. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  40. Just found you through Common Ground and OMG!!! I LOVE your potting shed! Amazing! That ladder is fabulous. I’m putting you in my favorites!
    I’d love to have you link with us, too.
    Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  41. I also just found your blog and love it….I will be looking at this over and over…if I could visit personally, I would be ooing and ahing constantly..just so beautiful.

  42. I just love your posts. I just found it as I am new to all of this. I have wanted a potting shed for the last 25 years and I just love love love yours. You are so gifted in what you do – best wishes Mary

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  44. Mindy Delano

    Love the cottage shed. Awesome decorating, tastefully done! Can you email me about a detail? mindyanddaisy@wowway.com

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