Water & Sky


A little watery reflection

of sky to start the day~


The sun coming up over the horizon after

a week of rain is a welcome sight to see. . .


The light changes and shifts

so quickly at sunrise. . .


. . .that I usually don’t have time to

grab my camera and capture it.


But when you’re up three hours

before the sun,

you get a jump-start to your day :)


Happy Reflecting & Relaxing!


Thank you for your visit, I’m joining:

Seasonal Sundays~

31 responses to “Water & Sky

  1. Absolutely adorable (your puppies that is!😉)…and that sunrise over the water is breathtaking! So glad your weather is improving….the sun just does something for our mood doesn’t it? So now…go and be happy!


  2. Beautiful sunrise. I see you have adorable furry alarm clocks. I tried to go back to bed this morning … come on … it wasn’t 6am (or 5). Do you think the kitties thought that was a good idea? NO! So I got up … shower, shave … and look around … and who has gone back to bed? Yep … the fur children! So, I’m visiting with you! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. I am up extra early (for me!) today but the sun had risen…those dogs are the most adorable pups I have ever seen, they look like they are smiling!! xo

  5. Gorgeous sunrise photos! And those two little furballs are adorable. I think I’d get up way before sunrise if I had them to wake me. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  6. These pictures are just absolutely beautiful. I would not mind being awake 3 hours before sunrise, if this is the view I can have !

  7. Oh wow – your photos are just beautiful!! And I just love your little fur children! I can tell they love to get their photo taken.

  8. Oh, such a beautiful photo of the sunrise, but it’s Chloe and Gracie’s picture I adore!! My Bichon, Keeper, says HEY!!!

  9. Absolutely Beautiful! I love when I wake up really early and the world is not awake yet, it’s a great feeling (it doesn’t happen very often to me!)

  10. Beautiful, Mary! Early morning is a favorite time for me. Quiet, reflective, and calming. What an amazing sunrise lakeside! ~ Sarah

  11. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Nice that The Girls get to go back to bed:@) Beautiful pics Mary-Happy Weekend!

  12. Your sunrise photos are exquisite. The reflections are amazing and beautiful. I agree, early mornings can be absolutely glorious! How I adore your sweet little puppies…it just doesn’t come much cuter than that! Enjoy your day.

  13. Beautiful capture of the sky and water. Love the shades of colors in the sky and your dogs are always cute.

  14. Beautiful sunrise over the lake…we too have had lots of rain lately and the temp is quite cool (for us ;-)

    The girls look as adorable as always!

  15. Stunning hotos, Mary. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :D


  16. i have always been a morning person, i cherish the quiet and stillness, your girls may be prodding you to get up, but it was our treat to see your sunrise. take a nap and keep sharing the dawn~

  17. Beautiful photos and the pups are adorable.

  18. What a beautiful sight you have – would be up every am to watrch the sun make its appearance each day.
    Love the doggies!

  19. Amazing shots, Mary. Breathtaking!

  20. Love the photos and the pups!

  21. beautiful pictures of the lake and your dogs are too adorable….but why in the world do you get up so early….someone called our house the other morning to sell us something and it was 9:30 and my husband gave them the what for….11:00 a.m. to us is early!!

  22. Oh my, if I had that view, I’m afraid I would have to be up before the sun everyday! Gorgeous. Dianne

  23. Such gorgeous shots!!! Your fluffy ones are adorable.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Those would make wonderful notecards, gorgeous!
    Here from Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper.

  25. Wow, you captured some lovely, early morning photos! Sorry for the early hour but you made good use of it :) Your pups look like they could have slept a little longer too! So cute!

  26. Lovely sunrise and reflections. When we visit at the river I often am up at dawn, when I am home in the Piedmont, I am often STILL up at dawn. not sure what about the water turns a night owl into an early bird but still love both sunrise there and sunset here at home. I am reading this and watching the sun set behind the trees on the farm two doors down from us right now. It is a seashell sunset of palest blues, whites and peach behind the black lace of the trees. A beautiful end to a warm sunny January Sunday.
    Bless you for your beautiful beginning to the day. Take care and sleep well tonight.

  27. Oh my goodness – gorgeous, gorgeous sun rise! ! Thank you for sharing these photos!

  28. I remember you saying you traded your storage and dining room for this view…..I think you made out beautifully!!! Now I also know why you wished for dogs that slept later for Christmas, but then you would miss THIS!!!!!!!!!!! XO, pinky

  29. These sunrise pictures are beautiful. I live in North Carolina and have a lake house in North Louisiana. I “love” looking at your beautiful pictures you take with the water in the back ground. They are so pretty. It reminds me so much of our home. The dogs are so, so, cute!!!! I would say getting up early was worth it to get pictures like these. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures!!!!! ; )

  30. Such gorgeous pictures Mary…and the girls are so cute!…I too love to watch the sun rise…I cannot imagine how beautiful it is watching it rise over the water!

  31. So funny that I had the exact thing happen to me Saturday, except it was the kitties who woke me up early! I decided to stay up and also decided to take pictures of the sun rising over our misty pond too! Took some beautiful photos of the kitties also and my breakfast of warm cream of wheat, sliced bananas, honey, and cinnamon. The big difference is I only have a FB page and not this gorgeous blog full of wonderful ideas and beautiful photos!

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