Patio Garden


I’m on the Patio, dining with

 Pfaltzgraff Patio Garden.


 Patio Garden dinnerware is constructed of durable melamine,

perfect for easy or on-the-go living for summer~

 ideal for the patio, picnic, or poolside dining!


Stylized flowers and vines in soft blues and green are

edged in a mocha brown on the salad & dinner plates.


Pfaltzgraff Patio Garden offers acrylic top-rack dishwasher safe glasses to complement the dinnerware.

 I filled Double Old Fashioned 14 ounce acrylic glasses with flowers for the centerpiece and the 19 ounce acrylic Coolers are waiting to be filled with a refreshing summertime beverage.


A galvanized metal tiered stand from Pottery Barn holds an assortment of fruit. . . Granny Smith apples, grapes, limes, a pineapple, small watermelon and kiwifruit.


Grocery shopping is a little more fun when you can create a centerpiece from the produce department, and economical when today’s centerpiece becomes this week’s dinner!


I sprinkled in some pistachios for a little

 texture, brown color and of course, snacking :)


Woven Bobby Flay Sea Serape placemats

& napkins from Kohl’s provide a little texture

along with napkin rings from Pottery Barn.



Hydrangeas from the garden are paired

with green button mums and daisies

from the grocery store.



To enjoy some Patio Garden dining and

receive 20% Off 1 item through July 14th,

visit here:


Patio Garden Dining Details:

* Patio Garden Dinnerware & Glasses/ Pfaltzgraff

Bobby Flay Serape Placemats & Napkins/ Kohl’s

Galvanized Metal Tiered Stand & Napkin Rings/ Pottery Barn

Flatware/ Target


*Lifetime Brands’ products have been provided free of charge in exchange for promotional consideration.

Pfaltzgraff Patio Garden-001

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46 responses to “Patio Garden

  1. How pretty, Mary! The soothing color combination is very relaxing…of course, the fact that it matches the gorgeous Lake Norman in the background helps! LOL
    I think your use of pistachio nuts was positively brilliant! How DO you think of such things?
    This tableware would have been perfect for our FL home with the pool in the lanai. NO GLASS allowed out there!!


  2. My favorite colors. The colors of mother nature. So calming and peaceful! Beautiful!

  3. Your setting has a very relaxed, kick back and sit a while vibe Mary! Love the soft colors and I’m always up for an edible centerpiece! Happy 4th of July Week-enjoy:@)

  4. This is beautiful, Mary. I love the centerpiece idea and the Pfaltzgraff.

  5. Your blog is like a present in my inbox every time I open an entry to read.
    Thank you for providing such loveliness to my world! thank you again and again.

  6. Melamine has come along way, baby! We use ours at the boathouse. franki

  7. Mary, this is a tablesetting that speaks to my heart! I love the touches of warm organics…. pistachios… such a good idea, mixed with beautiful vibrant colors of blues and greens!
    I love your grocery store centerpiece!!!!
    As usual you have worked your magic and given us another beautiful table to drool all over!

  8. Mary-That looks just beautiful. The table setting AND the view. I love it and your centerpiece is wonderful- xo Diana

  9. Very, very pretty, Mary! I love the soft colors and the galvanized centerpiece. :D

  10. Can you believe how improved melamine is? I remember a time when no one would have put it on the table without someone raising their eyebrows! As always, there’s nothing not to like here.

  11. Wow everything is just beautifully done! Would love it if you came by and shared it at One More Time Events… Hope to see you there! Hugs Tammy

  12. very pretty table, it looks cool and delightful in my scorching temps. interesting color combos, i like them and of course your centerpiece is always picture perfect!

  13. You truly are the master of textures, Mary. That, among your many other talents, make your tables real standouts! Beautiful (again)!! ~Zuni

    POURING RAINY DAY HERE IN DELAWARE. AS I SIT AND LISTEN TO THE RAIN OVERFLOWING THE GUTTERS ON THE ROOF, THERE IS ONE CONSOLATION. ALL THE BIRD POO WILL BE GONE WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT AGAIN. FOR NOW, I AM GOING TO ENJOY THE SHOTS OF YOUR DECK & DOCK AND WISH I WERE THERE. SCRUFFLE THE “KIDS” FOR ME, AND SAY, “UNCLE JOE” says hello. Having lived with dogs & cats since 1968 my wife and I love seeing yours now. When the last one died of old age a few yrs ago we had to decide on free travel agenda or another pet. We used to avoid places that did not allow our dogs with us. We’ve had everything from Doxies to Danes , and never left them home. We had to regularly dip net the Doxies out of the lake because they would not stay off the boat gunnels and bow tips. Our last Doxie dove off the 4 foot high boat bow until she was 21 yrs old and swam with us. The Danes were afraid of heights and could have “stepped down”, while “MAD MAX” for Major Maxillary Mayhem, used to bellly flop with a great style all his own. All 32 inches and 90 lbs spread Eagle. Max, chewed the legs off a new $1,100 sofa the one time we left him home while he was teething. You “GOT TO LOVE A DOG” to keep it after a stunt like that. He lived to be 12. Good for a Pound Rescue dog. GOOD GRIEF – IT STOPPED RAINING ! JUST IN TIME TOO. THE FROGS WERE SENDING UP DISTRESS FLARES ON THE LAKE UP THE STREET.
    We live within 6 miles of a triple ramp launch with 200 parking spaces
    and can not get to it past all the people from Md. and Pa. who clog it
    every summer day. The Delaware Bay is 16 miles wide and 40 miles
    long with at least 100 launch ramps the length of it. And, it flows into
    the Atlantic at the southern tips of Jersey & Delaware at it’s entrance.
    20 gall of gas used to go a long way on the bay. Now it is a 4 hr trip.
    II’m sure you can relate to that. “Remember 99.9 cent premium ?
    What would we give to get that back now ? The last time “Michelle
    O’boma and the girls spent a wk in Hawaii it cost us $1.9 million. Do you think she cares how much the fuel bill was ? I’ve had a great gab-fest.

  15. Perfect summer table! Lovely colors and textures!

  16. The blue hydrangeas look great paired with the lime mums and kiwi, so refreshing and summery! I love the napkin rings and of course the entire centerpiece full of surprises like pistachio nuts, daisies and even a pineapple, so much fun! I am going to check out that dinnerware, I should invest in some cute non-breakables~Such a beautiful spot, it looks lovely all through the year!

  17. Oh, this is a lovely table for lakeside dining. Love the soft colors and the three tiered stand makes a wonderful centerpiece the way you filled it. Great idea to add the pistachios, that gorgeous fruit, and the drinks. You are one clever lady. I get new ideas each and every post you create.

  18. Oh, I’d like to sit at that lovely table and enjoy dinner looking at that gorgeous view. Perfect!!!!!

  19. Good afternoon, Mary! What a beautiful table and I was amazed that the dishes and glasses are melamine!!!!!!!!!! They sure look like the real deal! I love the colors but more than that YOUR touches on this table are spectacular. PISTACHIOS!!!!!! Who but you would have thought of that! Perfect. Love the napkin rings too. I just set a table for 2 at the breakfast bar to share maybe tomorrow. It is still raining here in Pa. Is it raining on Lake Norman? BTW, is Lake Norman anywhere near the Outer Banks???? If you tell me yes, I will be SO disappointed that I didn’t get to see you!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  20. Imaginative and downright beautiful!!! I really like the use of food to add color and texture. I’m a BIG fan of that! I haven’t set foot in a Pier 1 all summer, but I see they once again have some neat stuff…love the napkin rings! I like the way you were able to create such a great table using elements from many different places. Mix and match always looks so good when done right!

    I could use a few hours just sitting dockside looking out at the water right about now. Very pretty, Mary! Have a wonderful 4th!

  21. This is soo pretty. I love the three tiered galvanized stand from PB. Great styling. Thanks for sharing with us.

  22. As usual, your tablescape is amazing and I love your tiered rack with food and drinks. That is such a great idea. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  23. Hi Pinky, It’s been flooding here, more rain all week through the 4th. We’re lucky to have a boat :) We’re 7 hours away from OBX so we don’t get there very often.

  24. You are inspiring me to set a pretty table outside, but this rain is making it impossible lately….Now, I will be looking for that tiered tray (going to the PB outlet soon, hope they are there!) use as a centerpiece…your use of fruit and flowers looks so refreshing…a perfect feeling and atmosphere for al fresco dining…the dishes are so pretty and amazed that they are melamine!..Thanks for the many gorgeous ideas…the pistachios are an amazing compliment to the fruit and flowers…love it!!…love it!!

  25. I want those placemats, napkins, and rings. It never would have occurred to me to look for such things at Kohl’s. I am certainly not the shopper that you are, but I would love to be your apprentice. ;-)

  26. A beautiful tablescape…I love the color combinations.

  27. Beautiful table setting! I love using fruits, vegetables and flowers in my table settings too!

  28. This is just so gorgeous and inviting.

  29. Mary, I love how you incorporate food into your tablescapes! Your really are an artist with table elements, and each one is a masterpiece. Can’t think of one that I haven’t liked!

  30. How pretty your colors are — great centerpiece too!

  31. You sure know how to set a table. You sure know pretty!

  32. Love that centerpiece, so lush and full!

    - The Tablescaper

  33. Hi Mary! I love the tiered centerpiece and how you arranged everything so creatively. I also love how you place the placemats draping over the edge of the table. What a view and setting!!

  34. You created a great summer table. Love the tiered tray and how you set it up

  35. Beautiful! I love the colors. The galvanized tiered centerpiece is fantastic!

  36. I love this color combination, your table looks great! I have passed by those Bobby Flay napkins several times, but you make them look fabulous! You just know how to accessorize so perfectly! Thanks so much for another wonderful post. Always enjoy visiting!

  37. Beautiful table and photos!! Love them all!! Have a great day, Lori

  38. How pretty, love the centerpiece!

  39. That is so lovely, what wonderful colors! Love the 3 tiered centerpiece, very creative!
    I would never have known those dishes were melamine. I shy away from them as I don’t feel I would use them other than in summer, but those are lovely.
    I did break down and buy some checked melamine at CTS. Just loved the checks!
    Thanks so much for always including Let’s Dish in your places to share!

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  43. I absolutely love the centerpiece, as well as the individual florals. Lovely!

  44. Simply Suzannes at Home

    LOVE that centerpiece!
    Thanks so much for sharing,

  45. Sandra Garth

    I’ve been wanting a galvanized tiered stand for the longest. Don’t know why I didn’t think of Pottery Barn. Beautiful table and thanks for the resources.

  46. Always love your posts, but this one was especially lovely picture-wise!

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