Winter Waterview


A little winter water steam fog, the result

of cold air moving over warmer water. . .


The water tends to look a little mysterious

and changes as the light

shifts and comes up.






Lake Norman Steam Fog




Hope you’re surviving winter and

staying warm this weekend!

Winter Steam Fog

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39 responses to “Winter Waterview

  1. So gorgeous from the fog to the crystals to the lovely lighting…

  2. Almost looks more like October, except for that snow of course:@)
    PS-Just got my electric back, it’s been out since Wed… This has been one brutal winter!

  3. Winter is beautiful in it’s own way. Enjoy your day!


    Your pictures are so peaceful. They bring a moment of peace to my soul. Thank you.

  5. Maryse d'Argence

    Très belles images d’une fraiche douceur.

  6. Gorgeous, Mary! I loved mornings like this at the lake.

  7. Wow, these views are so beautiful. I love the changes in the light. It sure looks cold but you don’t have much snow.

  8. No snow is a rare thing here and when we do get it, it’s gone pretty quickly :)

  9. Love the reflective picture. Isn’t it nice to just look at beauty? Have a good weekend.

  10. Great pictures! Have a great and warm weekend!

  11. Beautiful pics. So relaxing! Thanks for sharing. Mary

  12. Sigh, I got so relaxed looking at your beautiful photos~I could feel the warmth as the sun came up and do its work melting a little more snow~I would get up early too if I lived there, to experience the peace and sheer beauty of the lake. I am coming back to this post later whenever I get too stressed out!

  13. I love sea smoke and am hoping conditions will be just right in the harbor when we are in Maine in a couple of weeks.

  14. Oh, my what incredible images. I could get lost here. The peace one feels looking out to that tranquil space. Exquisite!

  15. Mary, these are awesome pictures!! I love the different stages of the fog on the water. I can’t believe you still have snow on the ground; did ya’ll get some this week? Ours is all gone from last week, but I heard that parts of N.C. got some more this week. I love this post — I don’t think I’ve ever seen steam fog over a lake in winter before. So glad you shared these images!!

    Enjoy your weekend, Mary!



  16. You have captured the quietness and peacefulness of winter beautifully. I love moments of reflection and stillness. We need these times in the busy world of today. Thank you for sharing your window of beauty today.

    I am happy to say we have glorious sunshine today which invigorates me!

  17. Your pictures are beautiful. What kind of filter did you use to capture details like this? Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures,

  18. What beautiful photos!! As others have said, they are so peaceful in an often chaotic world. What beauty God has created and you have captured!

  19. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. You could make a calendar using these exquisite photos! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  20. What wonderful photos! I have a summer cottage that is pretty much inaccessible in winter. I ALMOST wish I could get out there and take some winter pics.

  21. I love your photos!

  22. Your photos are magnificent and your views are so pretty. Thanks for sharing..Happy Weekend..Judy

  23. Thank you to all. We’re very fortunate to have the view. No filter used on these photos, just Mother Nature at her finest :)

  24. You live in such a beautiful place, regardless of the time of year or weather. Stunning photos!

  25. Gorgeous shots, Mary!

  26. Melissa Leach

    Lovely photos…just wondering, your galvanized tiered server, is it from PB?
    I’ve been looking for pieces to DIY but can’t find what I want.

  27. How beautiful! It remeinds me of being at my FIL’s and sitting on his screened porch or dock and seeing the water and light change. I miss being there. YOur views are so beautiful. We are warm NOW: we lost power for 34 hours and it was COLD!!! Hope it doesn’t happen again. ENJOY this weekend, today is my daughter’s birthday so we are off to a SURPRISE dinner for her!

  28. Hi yes it’s from PB and still available :)

  29. Sandy Herrin-Swindall

    Beautiful photos! May I ask what kind of camera you use/recommend?

  30. Hi Sandy, I have a Nikon D60 :)

  31. Your photographs are stunning, Mary! You may be able to take some more like this in a few days! More winter weather headed our way!

  32. The photographs are gorgeous! A reflection of God’s handy work. Have a blessed day!

  33. Your lake view always looks so gorgeous in any season!…I love the Fall views, but Winter takes a close second!…I do not think we are “done” with the snow just yet…although a nuisance, it sure is beautiful!

  34. Just lovely and so compelling.

  35. These images are just awesome!! I would love to be able to spend a winter at our lake home. Due to the fact that we pull our water from the lake, it is not possible. Sadly, we will not see “city water” in our lifetime. I will enjoy each and every one of your photos!! Just gorgeous!!

  36. Your images are absolutely beautiful! I’m new to your blog, sent here by Jeanne P. You two have matching dog pairs! Our dream is to have a second home on the water somewhere, I will love your lake living perspective.

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