Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Chloe & Gracie Easter1

Chloe & Gracie are hopping

down the bunny trail . . .

Chloe & Gracie Easter

To wish you a Happy Easter. . .


Hope the Easter Bunny

brings you plenty of treats!


Have a Safe and Joyous Easter!

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20 responses to “Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

  1. Thank you, Chloe and Gracie! And a Happy Easter to you too! And your humans. <3

  2. Happy Easter Chloe and Gracie! Wishes from my Bichon , Bear.

  3. HOPPY Easter!! We tried to find “wee ears” for the guinea pigs we’re “sitting”…luv’d yours!! franki

  4. He is RISEN!! Happy Easter!

  5. Elizabeth Smith

    Happy Easter to you, too, Mary!

  6. Lynn@Happier Than A Pig In Mud

    The Girls look so cute!!! Happy Easter Mary-have fun:@)

  7. So adorable!! Happy Easter ~ :)


  8. ~Mary~
    made me giggle , so darn cute !!! I could just hug them little furry girls :)
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. Rattlebridge Farm

    The girls look adorable in their Easter bonnet/ears. What a smile maker! Hoppy Easter to you, Mary Mc. xx

  10. Happy Easter my friend!

  11. Happy Easter Mary! They couldn’t be more adorable!!! Bouncing balls of mischievous fun! I sure am going to miss all this bunny business, I just love Easter!!

  12. Love it! We had a big basket full of treats for our 2 kittens. I love spoiling them on the holidays! Isn’t it so fun! I hid some plastic eggs for them to find in the yard for a little extra excitement.

  13. susan holler

    this is too cute her expression is priceless what kind of goodies was she eating?

    Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 10:01:13 +0000 To: siameseguru@hotmail.com

  14. Oh Mary, they are the cutest in their bunny ears. It’s good to see them, it’s been awhile since you did a post with them in there. They are darling.

  15. I’m sure you had a Hoppy Easter with your darling Chloe and Gracie, Mary! xo

  16. O.M.G…..hos *cute* I love the bunny ears! This post has made my morning. Happy Belated Easter!


  17. how did i even miss these girlie girls! i know i was sick forever, to which i found out i took down a slew of them at the beach with it too, but i do remember enjoying your babies, must have been on the cell phone that i forgot to come and tell you HAPPY EASTER! like you need to hear that on memorial weekend pratically… i even showed scott your pics, he said why did our girls not have ears…


    cute cute shots!

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