About Me

I’m a retail veteran of 20+ years, currently on hiatus. While I loved the merchandising and buying and constant change new inventory brings, after 20+ years, the hours and the working every holiday began to wear me down. While all my retail years didn’t yield me any health benefits, it did give me a lot of experience, stories and a lot of STUFF.

 Things I love…

1. My Husband & My Dogs~

2. Books- Fiction, Home Decor, Old Leather Bound Volumes, Cookbooks- preferably with beautiful photography

3. Cocktail Cruises at Sunset

4. A  Weekend Nap

5. Chair-Sitting with a Dog in my Lap

6.  A Wine Lunch, if possible, with my BFF  (it’s cheaper than therapy :-)

7. Coffee in the Morning on the Porch

8.  Christmas

9.   Charleston, SC

10. Merchandising- I have to resist the urge to “rearrange” when shopping…

We have a house on Lake Norman…hence

Home is Where the Boat Is.

 At the Lake, we “Chair-Sit”, watch the Purple Martins, chase away a lot of Geese, and Boat~ usually at a speed that allows us to have a conversation, read a book and not spill our cocktails.

  The fine art of “Chair-Sitting” involves:  Stare at the water and clouds. Read a Little. Have a Drink. Listen to Music. Discuss Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and just Sloooow Down.

This blog is a way for me to still be creative (without the inventory and the grueling hours of retail) and to share a little Lake Life with you.

Please stop by, see what trouble Chloe & Gracie are up to, and Chair-Sit with me…

I’ve decided to be Award and Tag Free~  but in the spirit of these awards, here are 7 very random things about me:

  1. I am directionally IMPAIRED. Fortunately for me, I married Mr. Mapquest, who can drive somewhere one time, 10 years ago and find his way back.

  2. No one can spell or pronounce my last name~ I would settle with either…*sigh*…

  3. I believe everyone should have to work retail from Thanksgiving until December 26th ONCE as a life requirement.

  4. I need a 12 step program for HomeGoods.

  5. My dogs keep me sane and drive me insane every day.

  6. I was the victim of an armed robbery and tied up with electrical cord.

  7. I have been flashed 3 times~ since I’m near-sighted and occasionally oblivious~ I didn’t notice the first two times  :)

Thanks for your previous nominations & awards, I’m honored.

I’d love to hear your comments, feel free to drop me an email:  marymc427 (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for visiting, I’ll have a chair waiting for you :-)


108 responses to “About Me

  1. Love your photos and commentary.

  2. I feel like I am on vacation looking at your wonderful photos!

  3. Your settings are truly gorgeous! Love reading your blog!

  4. Linda Lou Moore

    This is a lovely page. Somehow it turned up on my facebook page. i live in Texas, Ft. Worth. Hope you are cooler than we, are. 100 degree days here. i’ll put this page on bookmarks and check it again soon.

  5. Donnalee aka Countryfeather

    Thank you for sharing with me, I’ll be down to the dock with the wine, glasses and my book. We have a lot to talk about! Thank you……

  6. HI, Where did you find your red polka dot AND red checked flatware? I really LOVE them and would like to know your source. Thanks in advance for all your help!!
    Sandy B

  7. It came from HomeGoods about a year ago :-)

  8. Mary, I just want to both “Thank you, & Congratulate” you for your beautiful Blog site as a whole! I have revisted you via the web, numerous times over the past three days. I am endeavoring to leave no stone unturned, because I don’t want to miss anything, In one sitting, I perused every detail for 2 hrs and 45 min, (something I just dont do – on the computer) In addition, I have advised all my sweet friends to check you out! I appreciate the lengths of creativity that you go to, it inspires me to give that extra effort as well. But most importantly, I have stopped by many other blogs for a “look-see” when looking for decor inspiration, and after a few frustrating attempts to navigate the pages- i usually leave quickly and never return ~ But You have executed the lay-out and flow of all the information, sources, recipes, links, and so on in such an “at-your-fingertips” manner, Well It was just refreshing! Thank You, Brilliant!!! I hope your inspiration will continue to flourish, as I suspect that many more people feel the same as I,
    And perhaps 1000 times more people experience your gift here than in your former “retail” life. Many Blessings to you, the hubby and the pups!

  9. Just love everything about this blog. Keep entertaining us!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mary… whoo hoo… I need a “latitude adjustment” and Key West is just the place. Our son was married there a few years ago and we had a great time in Key West.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos, and now you’re making me wish for Key Lime Pie, Babs

  11. Mary,
    I’ve been trying to find a home for the remaining pieces of my grandmother’s Harvest Time by Johnson Brothers and came across your blog when I Googled. I would prefer that it go to a good home rather than end up in a yard sale (I could NEVER do that!). It’s nothing to do with price… it’s that I want to know it’s being cared for. If you are interested, please email me (sheiladiafATyahooDOTcom) and I will tell you what I have.
    Your blog and photos are lovely by the way…
    Many thanks!

  12. I am so thrilled to have found your beautiful blog! I’ve added you to my blogroll on The French Tangerine…

  13. Hi Maria!!I’m Miry from Italy and I love your blog!!You have so wonderful photos!!Have a good day!!Hugs,Miry

  14. Mary, your pics are awesome! We should all add more chair-sitting to our hectic lives.

  15. Carol Wilson

    Hello!!! My brother sent me the link to your blog at the request of his finace, Sherri Woods. She lives on Lake Normann ( I thought that I read in one of your posts that you have a home there as well ). They both know that I have an interest in photography. Your pictures are absolutely stunning!!! May I ask if you have studied photography or is this just a hobby that you have developed over the years? I love to take pictures, however mine look nothing like yours !!! I would appreciate any photography tips that are willing to share. And, would you be willing to share what kind of camera and lens that you use to take most of your photos.

  16. Carol Wilson

    I’m not sure what happened, but I did not finish the above comment. Thank you for your blog and I’ve already added it to My favorites on my computer. Have a wonderful day !!!

  17. Hi Carol~ Thanks for your kind comments! I took some classes in photography in college but really just picked up a camera again about 2 years ago. I have a Nikon D60 and use a Canon Power Shot SD1400IS if we’re out of town and I don’t want to carry my Nikon. Photo editing makes photos so much better, you can crop & enhance your images. I use Picasa, you can download it free :-)

  18. Wonderful!!!!! I love your dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mary, I just want to both “Thank you, & Congratulate” you for your beautiful Blog site as a whole! I have revisted you via the web, numerous times over the past three days. I am endeavoring to leave no stone unturned, because I don’t want to miss anything, In one sitting, I perused every detail for 2 hrs and 45 min, (something I just dont do – on the computer) In addition, I have advised all my sweet friends to check you out! I appreciate the lengths of creativity that you go to, it inspires me to give that extra effort as well. But most importantly, I have stopped by many other blogs for a “look-see” when looking for decor inspiration, and after a few frustrating attempts to navigate the pages- i usually leave quickly and never return ~ But You have executed the lay-out and flow of all the information, sources, recipes, links, and so on in such an “at-your-fingertips” manner, Well It was just refreshing! Thank You, Brilliant!!! I hope your inspiration will continue to flourish, as I suspect that many more people feel the same as I,
    And perhaps 1000 times more people experience your gift here than in your former “retail” life. Many Blessings to you, the hubby and the pups!


  20. HI,
    I was in the doctor’s office waiting to see the MD. I noticed a recipe that I thought my husband would go “figs” about! I attempted to write it down but alas it was my turn. I looked up your name and came across your wonderful site AND the recipe!! I signed up right away. Thank you. Now we have to find figs….not so easy in our part of the country either.
    P.S. Our son and his family have a log cabin near Lake Norman and go there weekends too! :)

  21. Nann from At Nann's Table

    Mary I’m new to your blog and I just love it! I am so IMPRESSED with both your tablescape AND your pumpkin cheese ball. You are one very talented lady. I just found you on Foodie Friday today and here I am. And I’m so glad I came. I’m also going to join the same party groups that you are in. I lLOVE all those blogs and they have inspired me to finally start my own blog. Am so excited to check out all the wonderful things here on your blog. So far I just love what I see. N.

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  23. I didn’t realize Nigella had a Christmas cookbook out either. I remember years ago when she had her cooking show on TV. She is not only very talented but very beautiful. I would love to add her to my cookbook collection. Thank you for putting up this beautiful book for a give-away.
    Happy Hollidays
    Kathi Layfield

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  26. Hi Mary,
    I have been following your blog for over a year now and am excited that you are reviving your book project. Please send me the 2012 book list – I have already requested The Night Circus and Chocolate Chocolate from my local library and am looking forward to the reviews!


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  28. Your presentation is beautiful! I hope your week is just as lovely~

  29. I just discovered you, and oh, my! What a gorgeous site! You belong in a Southern Living magazine, my dear. :-) I’ll visit often.

  30. Mary, what a beautiful Blog; so happy to have found you, but will have to bookmark this site so that I can come back to sit a spell, and take in all of your photos and writings. I, too, have a Blog; not as nice as your’s, but I hope you will visit me there at golfingal.wordpress.com. Take care!

  31. Hi Mary
    I absolutely love what you’re doing here so I’ve nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award. Keep up the fantastic work

  32. Your blog is fabulous and your photographs fantastic! I found you via Lucinda at Crazy for Tea Time, on her Facebook page. I’m glad I did!

  33. I’ve been with you for a long time, but don’t think I’ve ever commented…I really love how you put everything together – every tablescape you have ever done is beautiful. And I love being at the lake with you and the little furry ones.

  34. Your blog this morning put a smile on my face with your sweet Bichons..My poodle,Molly is 15, loved boating and is slowing down…We are sad but she gave us the best of her…Continue loving life in such a great,slow manner…xo

  35. Sandie Thompson Yuengling

    Just discovered your blog through a post on Pinterest. Love your beautiful photography!

  36. Mary,
    If there was ever a Blog addiction I have , it’s YOURS!!!! Simply divine!!
    Consider a tablescape book !!! I’ve never seen one as pretty as your blog !!!
    May I ask what kind of camera you use? I’m looking to purchase one and it is such a big decision. Whatever you use takes beautiful pictures.
    Thank you for all the inspiration you give us all.
    Giving my Father-in-law and his twin brother an 85th Birthday party on July 4th and your blog inspired me with so many ideas !!!! Thank you for your unselfish talent that you share.
    Frisco, Tx.

  37. Your pictures are so beautiful and I believe many of them should be made into puzzles!

  38. Do you live in Charlotte? My son is moving there next Saturday to work for Microsoft. I believe my cousin has a home on Lake Norman; they moved there from Tampa. Beautiful country!

  39. Hi Mary-

    Hello to another Mary… As you can see my mother spelled mine differently, Merrie, to keep me and all those I come in contact with on their toes…

    Well I just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and what a find… I always knew there was treasure to be found around every corner… But your blog is the “Pirates Booty”…
    Thank you for sharing your gifts & talents… I am so into anything to do with the water…
    Used to have a 36ft Choi Lee motorsail so can relate to the whole “Home is Where the Boat is” theme…
    I have lived in Charleston,SC. But my favorite place for now is Coronado, Point Loma, both in San Diego where I lived for about 23 years, 6 blocks from the ocean.
    Presently caring for my 97 year old mother in Walnut Creek, CA so I really do appreciate a vacation moment looking at all of your beautiful pictures and settings…
    Again thank you for the inspirational uplift that you have provided me this day… You are continuing your service to others by providing your beautiful blog…
    PS I have worked retail from Thanksgiving to the end of December many years…

  40. Frannie Stevens-Meshorer

    What a wonderous Fairie Garden you have made!
    Thank you so very much for all the delightful magic that you share with us!

    I have three precious little ‘grande-fairies’ .. Sofia who will soon turn six .. Iszabel who just turned four and Alessandra who is two and a half.

    At Christmastime, we bought a house in Toledo to be near them .. and when the first daffodil peeked it’s little yellow head through the ground … the children and I built a Fairie Garden .. a Fairie Village and a Fairie Forest in the back yard .. all life-size that they can play in .. ever watchful for the Fairies to appear.

    I take lots of photos of them in their Fairie Land .. and often write little stories or fairie poems for them so that they may forever carry Fairies in their Hearts.


    Do you believe in fairies?
    Ohhh .. I do! I do!
    Sofia, Iszabel and Alessandra
    believe in them too!
    Early morn’ .. when the first bird sings
    We tip-toe to the garden
    and seek out magic fairie rings.
    And in the eve’ by the light of the silvery moon
    We sit quietly by the edge of our fairie forest
    hoping they will come soon.
    And sometimes quite to our surprize
    A whole fairie clan appears before our very eyes.
    We know that because we so firmly believe
    Their presence is a gift that we fondly receive.

    (they call me “GA”)

    OHHH .. please do, sweet Mary, enter our names
    into your contest for this delightful fairie-book!


  41. A friend sent me your website and I have been reading about you. We have so much in common. I work in retail and I can sure understand what you are talking about. My feet hurt every night when I get home. My goal and my dream is to have my own art gallery and not work for someone else. I love selling. Finding homes for the paintings is such satisfying work. I have a dog and 3 cats and my other dream is to own a piece of property on a lake. I have so much to read here and I love how you put things. Thank you for sharing you ideas and a bit about your life. It sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to read more.

  42. Thank you for your commentary and pictures. You have much in common with me. I just retired from teaching high school after 40 years. I sit and stare in wonder at the lake in the mornings with my coffee and at night with my tea.. loving .dog in lap.
    I live in town during the week. I read…lots. LIfe is good!
    Thanks for sharing.

  43. I am only sad that I never had the opportunity to see your store(s)…. You have fabulous taste – such panache! You are a lovely woman – honest, real, and so talented. Thank you for sharing yourself! :)

  44. Suzanne from California

    I have just discovered your blog, it is fabulous! What beautiful and artful arrangements! Your work is so inspiring. We had lovely friends years ago who lived on Lake Norman, and now I know why looking at your pictures.
    Thanks for blogging.


  45. So what a suprise it was to see your photos with the title, “Dinner with the Butterflies.” I am actually doing genealogy research and am reading about Maria Sibylla Meriam, who joined the Labadists. Long story short, I’m sure my ancestors knew Maria because they had been at the Waltha Castle too.

    I have to ask where you found the book that looks like it is a reprint oh her drawings, the china, the table cloths etc.? I am amazed to find these items exist. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Found your blog on the Haus Design blog….am I glad I did…you have a beautiful blog. So creative, my kind of look. Enjoy your photos, ideas and especially the pups!! I am sure you were great in retail but you are fantastic as a blogger. Keep up the wonderful work.

  47. Debra Gianoli

    I was born and raised in Anderson S.C., but now live in northern Wisconsin. on A beautiful lake. My favorite phrase is “If you’re lucky enough to live on the lake, you’re lucky enough” I found your blog by accident and have really enjoyed it. Thanks for your yummy recipes and decorating ideas.
    loving the lake too!

  48. I am so glad I found your blog, it is so inspiring !! I wish I could stay home and enjoy doing all you do!! I’m lucky if I have time to put out napkins !! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful decorating ideas and recipes!! I can’t wait to visit during Christmas !! And I love love your potting shed, I have wanted one for many years!!
    Have a Blessed Day,
    northern Indiana

  49. Stunning harvest tablescape! I have those transferware dishes. I think I ordered them from Colonial Williamsburg a few years back, decided they weren’t large enough for the Thanksgiving fare and meant to send them back. Somehow, I forgot to do so and discovered them this year when getting ready to decorate. After seeing your table, I am so glad I still have them. I really enjoy your settings and following the antics of Chloe and Gracie. I have a Yochon (hybrid Bichon/Yorkie) named Chloe. She is sitting on my lap right now here in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I too love retirement after 30 plus years in the judicial system.

    Thanks for sharing all your artistry that you are creating in your “second life.”

  50. Michelle Parker

    Mary, I LOVE your blog!! Honestly my favorite ever! I want to be you when I grow up! :) Thanks so much for sharing your talent, inspiration, and perspective on life!

  51. Mary you sound like such a fun person,I’m glad I became a follower today. I can so relate to the retail working experience too. Retired now and loving it. x

  52. well we have two things in common…..I worked in retail for over 20 years…started out as a gift wrapper for Macy’s so I know about working from Thanksgiving to Christmas….I did make a lot in tips!! And I was flashed but only once…..walking into Macy’s one day for work…I ofcourse called security on the guy with is pants down an when they asked me if I could identify him I ofcourse said….”if he has his pants down I could”…..somehow they didn’t think that was funny….

  53. Hi,
    Really great Post! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog http://homeiswheretheboatis.wordpress.com because of the great style and energy. I have a blog on travel theme. If you’re interested, we would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  54. Your site is such an inspiration! Cannot imagine how your storage system works! I keep purging and then think-maybe there is a better way so I can save some possible “prop”. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  55. Mary, you make North Carolina look good!!!! Your festive genius carried us through some of our nation’s darker days of December with the warm spirit of Christmas. Thank you and God bless you in the coming year!

  56. Linda Nahorniak

    Hi Mary – I am kindna knew at web searching & have not blogged (or ever written to one) but my daughter sent me a email with your address & told me I had to look – I have enjoyed reading all about you & your “family”. You have a wonderful sense of decorating – I have not seen anything like yours, it seems so natural. I have added my address to your sign in so know I have something to look forward to on my email. Thank you Mary for all your inspiration- Linsa

  57. Hi, I loved reading “about you”, it seems you live in the northeast from the scenery. We lived in Ca. For 55 years until moving to Co. I gasped when I read you were robbed but when I worked in banking, I went through three bank robberies before I left-this was in five years. Looking forward to reading more-again love your pups. One especially looks like Hunter.

  58. Hi Mary,
    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your blog. It just makes my day so much brighter. And I love, love your recipes. I did have a question. Is there any way to print the recipes without the pictures? I did ask about this on Facebook but figures I’d try here. My computer is not in the kitchen so I need to print them. Maybe a printer friendly version I’m not seeing.
    Thanks so much,

  59. Thanks so much Diane! I don’t have a way at this time to make a recipe printable, so I try to include a link in to the original source that has a printable option. I’ll see if I can figure that out :)

  60. Deborah & the furry gang in OK

    Hi Mary..I found you today playing on the puter as I contact people for my 40th HS reunion. What a delight you are!! I love beautiful things too!! As a retired accountant with a PT job at Ross, I too need a 12 step program. Thank goodness TJM is 45 miles away and we don’t have Home Goods here!! I noticed your copyright and water mark on your pictures and want to respect your wishes. You also have a Pinterest and Facebook button, so is it OK to use those buttons to share you treasures??
    Blessing and health dear. Someone in OK thinks you are grand!

  61. Hi Deborah~ Thanks so much for visiting! Feel free to pin and share away :)

  62. I’ve never worked retail but my husband was in it for 28 years. Does that count? Of course – I only lived through the Christmas season vicariously through him. I also have a sister in Charlotte area that works in management in the corporate office for a major dept store. Just found your blog – via a link for the Irish Apple Cake. Have now subscribed to you through Google Reader. We live in Eastern NC.

  63. I love your blog, the beautiful pictures and the lovely stories. It is very inspiring and I’m happy I found it.

  64. Joana Barcelona

    María muchas gracias por ser tan generosa. Compartiendo las fotos y describiendo tan minuciosamente todo aquello que vive nos regala no solo palabras, también olores, sabores y tactos. Muchas gracias a usted por ser así y al destino por haberla encontrado.
    Le deseo mucha energía, paz e ilusión.

  65. Hi Mary. I really enjoyed looking at your blog, especially the gardening shed. That is a fantastic idea and it turned out so well. In Victorian times they were called folly rooms. We recently purchased a fixer upper in Troutman, NC as our winter home and I have been looking into out building designs to display my Hall China collection. I am also addicted to the Home Goods store in Mooresville! I am back in cold and windy Pennsylvania now and wish I had brought back some of the purchases.

  66. Love your gardening shed!! Makes me want to convert a shed we have that’s currently used for storage into a gardening shed….or better yet, build a cute one, similar to yours! Also love your thoughts of taking a boat ride slow enough to have a conversation, read a book and not spill a cocktail. My thoughts as well!! Also love Home Goods! My house is so full, but love all the “stuff” around.

  67. Rattlebridge Farm

    I love visiting you, Mary.

  68. I also feel like I’m on vacation when looking at the beautiful views of your lake. It gives me peace. Thank you for sharing!

  69. Ann PAULEY

    Your site is wonderfully fun and creative’
    I Zm laid up with a broken Ankle for
    Four weeks and I am thoroughly enjoying
    My getaways with your phenomenal photos
    Of your travels! Thanks god is good to give us so much beauty in nature!

  70. Ann PAULEY

    Also, apart from your wonderfully,
    Creative blog, I adore your little
    Bijons-/ my favorite dog species!

  71. Ann PAULEY

    I love your ideas, creativity and fabulous
    Recipes! I also love your bijons.
    Your attempt to succeed in making people
    Relax and take a breath , has definitely
    Won accolades from me!

  72. Hi Mary – just found your site via the Pintrest link for your Orzo salad. It made me smile seeing that you were on a hiatus from your retail career and gave me confidence about the jump I am about to make – almost 30 years in industrial sales and will be taking a planned gap of employment this year to build my Louisiana Court Yard. I’m going to be slave labor and get into the DIY frenzy. Your happiness comes through in your blog, so I look forward to hearing more about you, your husband and Gracie and Chloe. We share quite a few things in common in your “Things I Love” list. I’m also a puppy mom with 2 Yorkies and a Shih Tzu.

    PS. One of my first jobs was in a toy store during the Christmas holidays – perhaps that is why I do not have children? ;-))

  73. Good Morning Mary, How did I not discover your blog sooner???? I have joined Yvonne at Stonegable’s party today and saw your lovely photograph and decided to pop over to say hello….. and what a treat it is. I can see that you have such an eye for detail as it shines through in your photographs, everything is so beautiful arranged and is quite honestly a feast for the eyes.
    Chloe and Gracie are adorable. I had a gorgeous little King Charle’s Spaniel who we named Chloe…. it is such a lovely name. She was a huge part of our family for 14 years and she is still missed.
    It is lovely to meet you Mary, and I am now going to leave a comment for your salad and catch up with all your other wonderful posts.
    Oh yes, before I go, I would love to “Chair Sit” with you to chat and enjoy a cocktail or two…. I promise not to spill any.
    With warmest wishes to you,

  74. Hi Mary,

    I tried to find an email address for you, but can’t seem to locate it. I love your site. I dream of living by the ocean one day. Your berry trifle was one of my favorite July 4th ideas. I included it in a roundup of July 4th ideas I posted today. This is the link http://www.joyfulscribblings.com/2013/06/my-favorite-4th-of-july-ideas/. I used your photo and linked back to you. Please let me know if you’d rather I not and I’ll remove it. I apologize for not sending this sooner.

    Dawn@ Joyfulscribblings

  75. Jamie Vaccaro

    Hi Mary,
    So glad I ran across your blog. Love Chloe and Gracie. I bet they would have fun with my Lucy, but she’s a chicken of water :P Anyway, thanks for sharing about you. I love your photography. You have a good eye for great shots. Have a Happy Fourth!

  76. Norma Wagner

    Love your blog, especially your potting shed decor. Is Lake Norman in North Carolina? Wherever it is, ,it’s really beautiful and peaceful looking.

  77. Hi Mary…..
    Such a lovely blog! I feel lucky I ran across it….. It’ s full of joy and wonderful pictures…. I bet I’ll be back often.
    Thanks for sharing it all.
    Hugs from Italy

  78. Hi Mary! I just found your blog through BNOTP. I love it! I am also a retail veteran, though it has not been continuous, for the last 30 years. Like you, the hours and the grind got to me. Now I take great pleasure in being home every night to cook for my family, and create a beautiful home. I agree with you about everyone working a Christmas season, it would give them a different perspective on things. Your photography is beautiful, and your styling is top notch. Looking forward to reading back through the blog.

  79. Beautiful blog!

  80. Just read “about you”…..We are fellow North Carolinians and my nephew and his family live on Lake Norman in Mooresville. We visit them often and the are is beautiful!!!! I have never worked retail, but may consider it after I retire in 22 months!!! Hope to start my own blog one day! Love yours and enjoy your beautiful pics!!! Happy Fall from Robyn in Broadway NC!

  81. Just beautiful! And yes everyone should have to work retail, and be a waitress/waiter in their life! I think there wouldn’t be so many rude people! (Also work in a Doctors office too) I just viewed your Fall potting shed, and it is so relaxing! Love it……it is wonderful…….thanks for the little visual vacay this morning.

  82. Andrea Campbell

    Beautiful, beautiful blog! Every photo is a feast for the eye. Thank you for all your inspiration!

  83. Lori McCormick

    I laughed so hard when I read your comment stating that everyone should have to work retail between Thanksgiving ans Christmas once in their life! After 20 years in retail management (store, buyer, DMM). I hear you loud and clear! I found your blog on Pinterest this morning, and just love it! You do a fabulous job “merchandising” your site! P.S. I rearrange vignettes, and refold sweaters when I shop too!

  84. I have tried to subscribe to your blog several time and even tho it says it has been accepted, the confirmation never shows up in my email.

  85. Hi Lisa, have you checked your spam folder for the confirmation?

  86. Just joined and following now. I love your way of thinking…Sunsets & wine, who could ask for anything more…A great find at Home Goods?!?
    Is there vacation spots in the area with a similar view??

    Looking forward next post…

  87. Heather Kempsell

    I can easily pronounce Mary…. I don’t get why others have difficulty! I too have been the proud owner of a smallish successful gift shop in Colorado. My mother was the primary owner and I was in charge or merchandising and spending her money on new product. It has been by far my favorite thing in my life, barring my wonderful husband of 31 years and our beautiful children! We love to sail and dream of a place on the water. I know without a doubt that I would “merchandise” my potting shed! I have never followed a blog before, but really enjoy your photos and insights! Thank you !

  88. We are are soul sisters! I love everything about your site. I have spent the entire day here! I have a lake home as a go to place when I need to slow down. I just came home yesterday after three weeks there. I am in the planning stages of a secret garden space and a potting shed. Yours was most inspiring.

  89. Thanks Kathy! Soul Sisters are always welcome :)

  90. Hi Mary. I love all the beauty you post about. How lucky you’re to live on the lake . We do a lot of porch sitting at our house but the view sure isn’t as nice! Wouldn’t it be fun to get all the Charlotte area bloggers together for a lunch or tea or something. There are quite a lot of us I think. Rhondi :)

  91. You are so talented! Just wondering where do you keep all your wonderful stuff?????? Thanks for sharing!

  92. Where on Lake Norman do you live? We live on Lake Norman too! Loving your blog!

  93. Susan Hinton

    I love the pictures for St Patrick’s Day.

  94. I love the picture with the red rose and the silver spoon in the pitcher. Do you happen to know what type of metal that is in the pitcher? I have a set that belonged to my great grandparents and the pattern is the same. I have tried to find out if it is silver, pewter or some amalgam but with no luck. I’d appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks, Mary

  95. Hi Mary, It says triple plated (silverplate) on the bottom :)

  96. LuAnn Pachkoski

    Love your website…your doggies are beautiful…I, too, need a 12 step program for Homegoods and have too much stuff…love the water. Thank you for your creativity and sharing all of the beautiful scenes you have created and as a nurse 35 years I appreciate your working in retail because we nurses work all of the holidays and weekends too !!! I can definitely relate !

  97. Hi Mary (from another Mary), love your website too and I’m going to try your Muffuletta Dip, but turn it into a pasta salad for Easter. Went to return a picture at HomeGoods yesterday and ended up spending 2 hrs in the place so I’m right there with you. Sounds like you have a wonderful life on the lake and love the cute pictures of the puppies! Thanks for a great start to a Monday!

  98. I was given your info from Pfaltzgraff, I saw a picture with the Tea Rose setting and there was a pink bunny pushing a cart. They told me you might be able to help me out, Any info on it would be helpful. Thanks I loved your blog and have several ideas I can’t wait to try.

  99. Hi Kathy, I don’t have a pink bunny pushing a cart with my Tea Rose table, here. I’d love to help but I’m wracking my brain but know where you may have seen that.

  100. Just found your beautiful blog. I too, work retail and agree with number 3. Maybe even through return season?

  101. I just love your blog… it’s just wonderful…Beautiful… just lovely.
    Enjoy it immensely .

  102. Shelley Lipinski

    Hi! I am so happy that I was able to sign up with you through email. I don’t believe there is anything that I don’t love! I was wondering if I could have permission to share or pin some of your pictures. I just saw today that I need your permission. Thank you so much. Shelley

  103. Hi Shelley, Feel free to pin away :)

  104. Your dogs are so cute. I am a huge animal fan. So happy to have found your blog. Emma xx

  105. Melinda Soto

    Hi I am planning a wedding for July 26th 14 yes its here lol. I love the red white and blue candy holders do you sell them? I would love to get 10 for our candy table. Love your sight its all so beautiful and crafty. Thank you Melinda

  106. Thanks Melinda, No I don’t sell anything anymore, I’m out of the retail. Good luck with the wedding planning :)

  107. Hi Mary! I very much enjoyed reading your bio here – got quite a few laughs actually… :-) I’m new to this whole blogging thing but I’m starting to get to know the various people whose pages I enjoy coming back to and yours piqued my interest enough to read further. So were you a mechandiser for a department store and if so, in apparel or home furnishings? I ask because I worked as a sportswear designer for 25 years, so have enjoyed working with many buyers and merchandisers. Now I do primarily graphics but the blog thing is my new endeavor and I’m very much enjoying it. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m enjoying your posts!


  108. Sharon in Dallas

    Your photography is beautiful and i get a sense of peace, just going through all the pictures! Until the urge to duplicate something comes on, and then I have to get up and go to HomeGoods, which we call “Chick Disneyland” Thank you so much for your inspiration and the effort it takes to do this blog. It is the ONLY blog I follow.

Thanks for your comments~ they make my day :)

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