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All Paws On Board

Boating with Dogs, Lake Norman

There’s nothing like the thrill and anticipation of a boat ride. . . . . .whether you have two legs or four.  :) We’re happy to be All Paws On Board! The captain’s lap is the seat of choice. . . Whether we’re under way or anchored to watch the sunset. We all like to admire some of…

Feeding Our Feathered Friends


With our cold and wintery weather I’ve been more conscientious about feeding our feathered friends. I had some special guests at my table with our snow showers last week. In addition to keeping our bird feeders filled, I put out a winter buffet for seed, nut and fruit eaters.  I spread a mixture of cornmeal and peanut…

Snowy Day Table for the Birds


We had a second dusting of snow in a week, just enough to satisfy my craving for a little snow this winter! Snow is rare here and usually fleeting*, so I get that giddy feeling you have to wake on a snow day and find out school is cancelled. I couldn’t resist the urge to get out and play in…

Potting Shed 2014 Year in Review: Puttering, Playing & Potting

Potting Shed 2014 Year in Review1

Happy New Year! Thanks to ALL for your visits, comments, shares and pins in 2014! I’m sharing my Potting Shed 2014 year in review, where I puttered and played more than potted. I did find a little inspiration for some projects as well as an excuse to celebrate the seasons and holidays. Here is a recap and highlights…

A Picnic With The Birds


I’m picnicking with the birds with inspiration and fun provided by my Birds of a Feather Advent Calendar. Birds of a feather have flocked together and Lenox Winter Song plates and mugs are joining the fun, set on a tree slice charger and plaid throw for a tablecloth. A birdhouse is perched in the window box…

Create a Gingerbread House Bird Feeder

Gingerbread House Bird Feeder

I’m all about feeding the birds! I’ve been wheeling my shopping cart past the cute gingerbread house kits in the grocery store since Thanksgiving. I’ve also admired the edible birdhouses at specialty bird seed stores and garden centers, available for sell in December. It occurred to me that I could make an edible feeder using a gingerbread house. More palatable…

For the Birds~ Repurposed Chandelier Feeder


I’ve been looking for bird feeders to hang near my Potting Shed. Inspired by a birdelier on Pinterest, original source here, I went to my local Habitat ReStore and found a chandelier to repurpose as a feeder. Originally polished brass, I found one for $8   I thought would work, despite a bent cup and broken arm…

Identifying Birds & A Winner!


I spotted Audubon’s Masterpieces, like a rare bird, hidden in a clearance stack of books for $9.99~ Complete with 150 prints of John James Audubon’s beautiful and scientific renderings~ Fun to compare his artistic illustrations with our bird sightings at the lake~ Where we often see Osprey, Herons, and occasionally the rare Blackhawk. . . And are…

For the Birds~ A Party & Giveaway!


I’m Having a Backyard Party and Every Bird is Welcome~ In Celebration of my three-year Blogging Birthday on January 15th! Millet, Sunflower and Safflower Seed, as well as Critter Blend is on the menu~ To keep those pesky squirrels occupied~ There is plenty of liquid refreshment and  swimming and splashing are encouraged~ And since no birthday…


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