The Novel Bakers Present Kitchens of the Great Midwest: A Novel


I’m joining The Novel Bakers with a review of *Kitchens of the Great Midwest: A Novel by J. Ryan Stradal J. Ryan Stradal delves in to the American heartland, sweeping the vast landscape of Lutheran church bake-offs, chili-pepper–eating contests, and the opening of deer season to capture the zeitgeist of the Midwest and the rise of foodie…

The Vintage Sweets Book: Novel Baking and Cocktails


I’m joining The Novel Bakers for Tea Party Week, with The Vintage Sweets Book: A Complete Guide to Vintage Sweets and Cocktail Party Treats by Angel Adoree, British Author, Expert of all things Vintage, Stylist and Baker Welcome to the world of Vintage Sweets where with a ‘spoonful of sugar’ and a little imagination, you can create your favorite vintage…

The Novel Bakers Present: The Vintage Tea Party Book!


I’m joining The Novel Bakers for Tea Party Week, with The Vintage Tea Party Book, A Complete Guide to Hosting your Perfect Party by Angel Adoree, British Author, Expert of all things Vintage, Stylist and Baker Angel Adoree cordially invites you to accompany her on a journey to create your perfect vintage tea party. Expect glamour, roses, rabbits, headscarves,…

The Novel Bakers Present Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings

PicMonkey Collage Sunday Suppers-001

I’m joining The Novel Bakers with Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings Rediscover the art of cooking and eating communally with a beautiful, simple collection of meals for friends and family by Karen Mordechai With her dinner series Sunday Suppers, Karen Mordechai celebrates the magic of gathering, bringing together friends and strangers to connect over the acts…

The Novel Bakers Present My Abuela’s Table: An Illustrated Journey into Mexican Cooking


I’m joining The Novel Bakers with My Abuela’s Table: An Illustrated Journey into Mexican Cooking  by Daniella Germain  A lovingly created blend of essential Mexican recipes, magical illustrations and a family’s story.  My Abuela’s Table is as much a work of art as it is a book of trusted heirloom Mexican recipes. More than seventy recipes…

Sprouting Daisies and a Boot Bouquet


My field of dreams is sprouting daisies. . . Not for long since the field will soon be mowed for hay. And the occasional Bachelor Button, aka, Cornflower or Bluebottle Flower will also disappear. I took some time to stop and smell the daisies :) and pick a boot-bouquet. . . Ox-eye daisy is a common roadside…

Blueberry-Lemon Tiramisu and a Winner!

Blueberry-Lemon Tiramisu

Blueberry-Lemon Tiramisu is a twist on tiramisu starring blueberries as a heart-smart ingredient! Nonfat Greek yogurt takes the place of the traditional ingredients of heavy cream, egg yolks, and mascarpone cheese, resulting in a healthier, light and summery dessert. From *Good Food for a Healthy Heart (Hearst, February 2015) by the editors of Good Housekeeping, Blueberry-Lemon Tiramisu is in the Sweet & Fruity Dessert recipes and among…


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