Weekend Waterview: A Symphony of Color


Sometimes you see a sunset that makes you stare in awe and wonder, mesmerized by the sheer beauty. “See” is really the wrong word, it’s more like an “experience”. . .a symphony of color. You can barely stand to go inside to grab your camera, afraid you’ll miss it, since the color fades and shifts so quickly. I took…

Late Bloomers and Winged Beauties

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Life Cycle

September is a month of transition in the garden with summer blooms waning and annuals spent from the summer heat. . .just like me :). While I’m biding my time for the mums, pansies and pumpkins to arrive in garden centers, I’ve been enjoying some late bloomers lately that have provided some entertainment as well as…

A Fall Nook on the Porch


 Fall is only a week away by the calendar and while it may take longer for Mother Nature to get the memo here in the South, I’m counting down the days!  We had a some cooler weather over the weekend with morning temperatures in the 50s and highs in the 70s, making it enjoyable to be on the…

Scattered Leaves, Turkeys, and Pfaltzgraff Autumn Berry Dinnerware


I’m at the table with scattered leaves, turkeys, and Pfaltzgraff Autumn Berry Dinnerware.  Newly introduced by Pfaltzgraff, Autumn Berry dinnerware is bordered by a fall garland of oak leaves, acorns and berries.  A proud Tom Turkey struts his stuff in the center of Autumn Berry Salad Plates, ideal to serve a slice of pumpkin pie at your…

Weekend Waterview: A Piece of the Rainbow


We’ve been a little glum about the lack of water in the pond.  .  . We’ve had a few pop up showers this week, any rain at all is welcome!  Lake Norman is about 5 1/2 feet down from full pond. Staring at red clay doesn’t quite evoke the same feelings of calm and serenity as a…

Easy Caramel Apple Spice Cake


I have an Easy Caramel Apple Spice Cake, perfect for Apple Picking Season! Whether you pick your own apples at an orchard or the grocery store, you can make this cake with a minimal amount of effort and end up with a fall dessert that’s pretty enough to serve company! I made this cake over Labor…

A Post and Letter to The End of Summer


Dear Summer, We look forward to your arrival every year. And love your florabundance and the variety of blooms you bring. . . Along with the butterflies and bees that follow. We love watching the birds nesting. . . And enjoy your longer days and lazy weekends. We look forward to your quintessential summer flavors. . . Farmers Market peaches,…

Happy Labor Day: Food, Fun and Less Labor


Happy Labor Day! We’re enjoying a little rest and relaxation today. . . Laboring as little as possible.  If you’re in the mood for picnicking and can stand the heat,  join me for a {Less} Labor Day Picnic! With a Layered Cornbread-and-Turkey Salad, a make-ahead recipe that’s a crowd pleaser, and ideal for a potluck or picnic.…


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