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Q is for Queen

Q is for Queen I’m joining Alphabe-Thursday ~ this week’s letter assignment is the letter Q. Charlotte, NC is known as the Queen City; named by Scotch-Irish settlers who came along the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia. The name for this new settlement was Charlotte in honor of the wife of King George III, who was the king of…

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

I was inspired to put together a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party after having seen Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (in 3D no less :-)  The Hollywood Reporter calls it:  “Truly, Madly, Wonderful”  &  Roger Ebert says : “Enchanting”.  And, as my friend Annie, film aficionado that she is says: “It’s Not-To-Be-Missed!”  See the Madly Wonderful Johnny Depp in the trailer Here. Better yet,…


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