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Every Dog Has Its Day: National Dog Day!


Every dog has its day and it’s August 26th~ National Dog Day! But if you’re a dog owner, everyday is paws for celebration. :) National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige. It’s celebrated August 26th every year to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, mixed…

Weekend Waterview: The Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days: 1. The hot, sultry days of summer when Sirius, the Dog Star, rises in the constellation Canis Major. 2. A period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence. We’re feeling lethargic in the Dog Days of Summer and it’s dog gone hot and dry here. Our lake level is down 5 feet from full pond and our…

Weekend Waterview: Early Lake Morning


We’re early risers at our house, even on the weekends. Mainly because of these two who need to go out, demand to be fed, then proceed to go back to sleep.  I took these photos yesterday around 7 am.  It was a delightful 69 degrees and low humidity! More 90+ degree temperatures ahead for us today and…

All Paws On Board

Boating with Dogs, Lake Norman

There’s nothing like the thrill and anticipation of a boat ride. . . . . .whether you have two legs or four.  :) We’re happy to be All Paws On Board! The captain’s lap is the seat of choice. . . Whether we’re under way or anchored to watch the sunset. We all like to admire some of…

First Pontoon Ride of the Season

PicMonkey Collage1-001

We had the first boat ride of the season last weekend. . . The highlight of every dog’s weekend. Enjoying the wind in our ears again. . . And in our tails. Gracie’s showing signs of boating bliss. . . Or possibly spring pollen allergies :) We all take allergy meds in our house in the spring…

Lucky Dog Shamrock Treats

PicMonkey Collage Lucky Dogs treats1

Chloe & Gracie have some Shamrock Treats they want to share,  for Lucky Dogs for St. Patrick’s Day! These treats are full of good and healthy ingredients . . .applesauce, peanut butter, oats, whole wheat flour and spinach. Spinach is full of vitamins and safe for dogs, but the leaves do contain oxalates. In large amounts, oxalates…

Love Bites for Chloe & Gracie

Love is a four legged word

Every pup needs Love Bites for Valentine’s Day! I found Love-Me-Tenders at the bulk treat bar at Petco. Conversation hearts for canines :) And Santa Paws delivered heart sweaters from HomeGoods at Christmas. Chloe says, “Be my Valentine, Chews Me!” Love is a four-legged word ♥  Happy Valentine’s Day from Chloe & Gracie ♥ Thank you for your visit!


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