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At the Table: An Early Snowfall and Mikasa Belmont Red


I’m at the table with an early snowfall

and Mikasa Belmont Red Dinnerware!


I had the fun challenge and assignment of using these dishes in a

  Christmas or winter setting to photograph for Lifetime Brands this week.


And photographed them in a fall setting with

pumpkins, mums, and Indian corn for a

Delicious Autumn Table that I shared last week.


Timely, since the NC mountains received an early snowfall on Saturday and parts of South Carolina had the earliest snow in decades, with Columbia, SC, receiving the earliest snowfall in recorded history!


We had howling winds and rain here with the only snow accumulation on my table, to join snowmen, cardinals, and add a light dusting on bird houses and trees!


 Mikasa Belmont Gourmet Basics stoneware is available in an array of colors~

blue, green, black, and red.


Plates are available in a round, traditional shape, or a

 square shape for a more modern interpretation for dining.


Belmont Red is a warm russet or brick hue, the same shade

 as cardinals, nesting on top of excelsior in cereal bowls.


And warm paisley and plaid checked napkins that are paired

with a snowy pine cone and jingle bell napkin rings.


A brown matelasse coverlet, used for my Belmont Red fall table,

is layered with a jute runner for easy snow removal :)


Snowflake-adorned red Christmas ornaments

and pine cones are sprinkled on the table. . .


Along with rock salt and a light dusting of faux snowflakes for a snowy accumulation and wintry mix.


Mr. Cardinal has a light dusting of snow on his wings,

and snowflakes and a sprig of holly adorns his cap!


Pedestals elevate birdhouses for some height on the table. . .


Along with a stack of Belmont Red fruit bowls and provide

a surface for sprinkling rock salt for a snowy landscape.


Belmont Red Table Details:

*Dinnerware /  Mikasa Belmont Red Dinnerware

*Flatware / Mikasa Gourmet Basics Contempo

Snowy Goblets / Kohl’s, several years ago

Placemats / World Market, several years ago

Napkin Rings / Kohl’s, several years ago

 Napkins & Jute Runner / Pottery Barn, several years ago

Matelasse Coverlet / Bed, Bath & Beyond

Birdhouses, Snowmen, Pedestals / Hobby Lobby


Enjoy 20% off one Belmont Red item through November 23rd with the link below:



You’re welcome to join me at the table for a Delicious Autumn here.


*Lifetime Brands’ products have been provided free of charge in exchange for promotional consideration.

Christmas Snowfall Table with Mikasa Belmont Red Dinnerware

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At the Table: Deadly Morsels and Twisted Treats


Halloween’s around the corner which means it’s

that time of year when Treats become Twisted . . .


Witch’s Cauldron Cupcakes


Chocolate cupcakes with frosting in a bubbling cauldron hue

and topped with cauldron potion Halloween sprinkles.


  Twizzlers Chocolate Twists make edible cauldron handles.


It’s also the time when seemingly normal ingredients can appear Spooky. . .

Spooky Lasagna Soup

Spooky Lasagna Soup

Mozzarella and olive slice eyes to stare up from

 your soup bowl with a quick trick & spooky treat!



 Scary Hand Pies are easy to scare up with pie filling,

refrigerated pie crust, and Wilton Candy Eyes.


Scary hand optional <|: >)


Beware. . . it’s the time of year when

morsels become deadly. . .


Death by Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Death by Chocolate Cupcakes

A triple dose of chocolate deadly

enough for the most die-hard chocoholic.


Bottles were collected for potion ingredients. . .


Pick your poison. . .


And shake up a Skeletini Cocktail.



Ravens have gathered for twisted treats. . .

Brains of Cawing Ravens

aka, White Chocolate Popcorn Crunch


Candy Corn masquerades as Bat Fangs,

Dried Cranberries magically become Lord Neckswoop’s Blood Drops,

and White Chocolate Almond Bark is arsenic-laced

all by conjuring ingredient labels.


Wishing you a Happy Haunting!


Deadly Morsels and Twisted Treats Table:

Deadly Morsel Plates & Tiered Centerpiece Basket / Hobby Lobby

Dinner Plates / Pfaltzgraff Delaney

Tablecloth & Goblets / HomeGoods

Witch Hands / Target, several years ago

Flatware & Chargers / World Market


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Anticipating the Holiday Season~ Winterberry


With its classic Holly Leaf and Berry design, Winterberry Dinnerware by Pfaltzgraff, has been hosting holiday dinners for over 20 years, making it a perennial favorite at the table.



Prior to blogging, I spent half my life in retail. . .put in those terms, that sounds depressing :) Buying inventory involves working six months to a year in advance of the current season so I’m indoctrinated!

If seeing Christmas decorations or merchandise prior to Thanksgiving or November makes you cranky, I apologize in advance :)


Winterberry’s square plates have rounded corners, allowing them to be mixed and matched with round plates that are also available. Chargers are layered~ rattan to marry the jute runner and carved white chargers used before, here, to complement the sculpted lines of the dinnerware .


 I cut some greenery to add to an artificial garland for the table, along with some other natural elements~ apples, pine cones, a few nuts to sprinkle in and added a holly and berry burlap ribbon~ helping fill and camouflage some of the less-than-realistic parts of the garland.



If you have access to Leland Cypress, it’s an ideal evergreen to use for Christmas decorating. While it doesn’t have the fragrance of pine, fir, or cedar, it also doesn’t leave a sticky, sappy residue behind so it’s perfect for adding to your mantle, stairs, or the table.


Thinking outside the bowl, I elevated a vase, filled with an assortment nuts and candle, for a makeshift hurricane.


Nuts in the shell (available in the produce area of the grocery store) blend with color and texture of the deer. Readily available, nuts are beautiful mixed with fresh cranberries in season to fill vases for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating, and can be eaten after the holidays are over :)



Winterberry ‘Cooler’ glasses have red-rimmed bottoms,

accented with painted holly leaves and berries.


Mug handles provide makeshift napkin rings~  a ready-made solution if your mugs and guests out number your napkin ring supply!




Bowls also have a distinctive square shape,  and are ready to fill with a favorite holiday soup~ Cream of Plenty!




 Santa and his bundle of toys come ready to deliver

Salt and Pepper for your holiday table. . .


And there are multiple options of serveware

from Winterberry, including bakers, pie birds,

 bowls, ramekins, and canisters.






Winterberry Table Details:

*Winterberry Dinnerware and Glasses/ Pfaltzgraff

*Flatware/ Satin Hamilton, International Home

Chargers/ Pier 1

Tablecloth &  Napkins / Kohl’s

Jute runner & Napkin rings/ Pottery Barn, several years ago

Deer & burlap ribbon/ Hobby Lobby


Enjoy 20% off any Winterberry item

through November 3rd here:




Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Table

*Lifetime Brands’ products have been provided

free of charge in exchange for

promotional consideration.

Enhancing Artificial Garland with Natural Elements

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Enhancing Fall Garland

Fall Garland-001

Fall is my favorite time of year and I love harvesting leaves, acorns, and bits of organic material to bring nature to the table!

My preference is to use real materials, but here in the South, our leaves don’t start to turn until mid October, so any fall decorating before then requires artificial garlands or wreaths.


Enhancing an artificial garland with natural materials is a happy compromise, making a more realistic looking garland, and at the same time, gives you a base and starting point for a garland for your mantel or table.


I had several emails and comments inquiring about my

garland on my Pfaltzgraff Falling Leaves Table.


I started with a 6 foot artificial garland as a base,

that was a little sad and in need of enhancing. . .


I collected some dried hydrangea blooms, cut some oak leaves, and trimmed some burgundy tipped Loropetalum.


I found some espresso colored burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby along with some grapevine pumpkin picks.


I started with the ribbon, winding it through the garland and then added the pumpkins and then hydrangeas.


Next came addition of the oak leaves and greenery. I didn’t attach anything permanently since I planned on replacing the leaves and greenery as they dried, rearranging and tweaking the garland during the season.


 You can use a glue gun to add your natural

materials to hold them in place permanently or even

 semi-permanently with a minimum amount of glue.


This is an easy project to do once you’ve collected your materials. Let your flowers or leaves naturally fill in the gaps for a more realistic and fuller garland to use on a table or mantel!


Set your table for Fall

with Pfaltzgraff~


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Autumn Abounds Party

Adding a Little Punch~ Flowering & Fluttering Branches


My branches and burlap window dressing

in my Potting Shed were ready

for a spring metamorphosis!


I found the idea and inspiration for spring-flowering branches  at An Extraordinary Day~ using a paper punch to make book page flowers.

You can find the tutorial here.


My branches in my Potting Shed were

ready to shed their oak leaves and

 long overdue a spring face lift.


Instead of a book, I used photo copies

of my vintage seed catalog also used

 to create a wreath for my Potting Shed.


 A flower paper punch found at Hobby Lobby from The Paper Studio was used to cultivate :) 1 1/2 inch blossoms, which then sprouted from the branches with help of a glue gun.

flower punch branches

This is a perfect little project for a rainy

afternoon or a day you need to be indoors!


I was all aflutter over the paper punches

that were 50% off at Hobby Lobby.


Like a butterfly seeking nectar, I found an ‘all over the page’  punch from Martha Stewart.

An ‘all over the page’ punch, as the name suggests lets you punch in the middle or anywhere on you paper, not just along the edge.


Magnets help the top of the punch align

with the bottom of your punch on your paper.




To attach the butterflies to the burlap temporarily,

I used a dot glue runner instead of a glue gun.




flower branches potting shed

Before I realized it

I had a butterfly migration~


They found their way to my seed catalog wreath~

 before the metamorphosis pictured below~


And after the

butterfly migration~


bfly seed catalog wreath


butterfly punch wreath



Hope you’re enjoying a spring

metamorphosis where you are!

flower and butterfly punch collage

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If You See A Fairy Ring and A Winner!


I’ve had the most delicious fun with

The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook!


Full of best-loved Irish favorites and contemporary

recipes, with a little scenery sprinkled in~


My love of the Irish is rivaled by my love of potatoes.

Champ was included among the traditional favorites, along with a little tabletop inspiration with the custom of leaving a bowl under a bush for the fairies.


 Champ is creamy mashed potatoes served with a pool of melted butter. The key to the flavor of these potatoes, besides the butter :) is the green onion infusion in the milk in these potatoes!



2 lbs. starchy potatoes, peeled and cut into even chunks (I used Yukon gold)

20 scallions, some green tops included, chopped

1 1/2 cups milk

1/2 teaspoons peppercorns

1/4 cup snipped chives

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 cup (1 stick) melted and hot butter


A Pot (or bowl) of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day with

Yukon Gold potatoes & a well of golden butter!

Cook potatoes in salted water (I add a chicken bouillon cube to the pot for flavor and color). Bring to boil and simmer 20 minutes or until done. Drain well and put potatoes back into the pot to get rid of any excess moisture.

While potatoes are cooking, put chopped scallions in a pan with milk and peppercorns. Simmer 5 minutes, then drain, reserving the milk and scallions separately.  

Mash potatoes until smooth, stirring in enough of the milk to produce a creamy consistency. Stir in scallions and chives. Season to taste with salt & pepper.

Transfer to a warm serving bowl and make a well in the center to pour in the not melted utter. Serve immediately, mixing in the butter at the table!


With a little fairy inspiration, I’m at the table in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day with a mossy runner, fairy rings, and a benevolent fairy :) as a centerpiece.


In Ireland, fairies are known to live in special places called fairy rings, which are earthen circular mounds.

Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are created by fairies dancing in meadow grass~ causing it to turn brown and bare, or green with tall grasses, often with mushrooms growing around the edge.

Take caution and do not disturb them~ it is considered bad luck to interfere with these mounds. . .


For the table, woven chargers are surrounded by reindeer moss fairy rings. Two moss runners from Hobby Lobby (18 x 48) are placed end-to-end over a foundation of green burlap, also from Hobby Lobby.


Pots of Irish Moss fill Mikasa Stanton mugs, providing a pop of emerald green at each place setting~ to be planted later to creep between stepping stones by my Potting Shed.



With a wee bit of fairy magic :) daisies are

sprouting on the moss instead of mushrooms~


A centerpiece of green veggies and fruit and this week’s dinner :) all from the grocery store is easy to assemble on a tray~ apples, cabbage, ruffly salad savoy, artichokes and brussels sprouts, sprinkled with daises and alstroemeria.


Florist water pick tubes keep alstroemeria from wilting and are tucked out of sight. Daisies are long lasting even without water and are sprinkled in among the veggies.




Fairy Table Details:

 Dishes/ Mikasa Stanton

White Chargers/ Deartis, T.J. Maxx

Woven Chargers/ World Market

Goblets/ HomeGoods

Napkins/ Pier 1

Napkin Rings/ Bed, Bath & Beyond

Flatware/ Argent Orfevres


If You See A Fairy Ring

“If you see a fairy ring
In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tiptoe as you pass;
Last night fairies frolicked there,
And they’re sleeping somewhere near.”

~William Shakespeare



I had such an overwhelming response to my cookbook giveaway that I’m giving away two!


The winners are:

 O’Paula from Indiana


 Pat at Back Porch Musings!

I’ll be in touch with you by email and your cookbooks will be on their way.

Thanks to all who entered!


You can visit fairies at the table at the links below~

 How to Find Flower Fairies

Looking for Flower Fairies

A Fairy Little Christmas




If You See a Fairy Ring St. Patrick's Day Table-001

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Message in a Bottle


Skip Hallmark~


Send a Message

in a Bottle. . .


Make a Withdrawal from

the Bank of True Love. . .


Secured by the

Whole Stock. . .


of Truth, Honour,

and Affection~


Payable on

Demand. . .


The Homage and

Never-Failing Devotion. . .


Of Sincere



Bank of True Love Note & One Sweet Kiss,

courtesy of The Graphics Fairy~

Bottle, Hobby Lobby

Valentine Candy Sticks, World Market


 Sending You

 Happy Valentine’s Day 


Message in a Bottle Valentine



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A Friendly & Snowy Village


I had a little Friendly Village table top inspiration

in December while shopping at T.J. Maxx~


These little houses and churches with their stone exteriors and  snowy rooftops, were two aisles over from Johnson Brothers Friendly Village School House plates~


I’ve always been drawn to the pattern’s English engravings of the snow-covered village and old school-house. The pastoral scenes are framed with a leaf-and-branch pattern around the ironstone rims.


Sensing T.J. Maxx would frown upon a disruption in the bustling Christmas shopping going on around me, my ‘inner merchandiser’ resisted the urge to rearrange four shelves to move the little stone houses two aisles over, and next to the dishes to become a complete snowy village~

Friendly Village Table

I had a friend tell me,

‘You can take the girl out of retail,

but not the retail out of the girl’ :)


So I did the next best thing, I brought them home so they could form a friendly village together on the table for Kathleen’s Let’s Dish Snow & Ice Challenge :)


Glass blocks from Lowe’s give the houses a little elevation and provide a surface for sprinkling rock salt for a snowy landscape~


A brown matelasse coverlet is layered with a jute runner for additional texture and in an effort to make the rock salt/ice removal a little easier :)


Woven grapevine chargers are layered with wreaths with icy branches, found at Hobby Lobby on clearance in December~ adding some rustic and woodland countryside charm and texture.


 And snowy goblets were purchased during a flurry of shopping from Kohl’s in December~



Friendly Village Details:

Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Dishes & Village houses/ T.J. Maxx

Jute runner, napkins, & woven chargers/ Pottery Barn

Icy wreath chargers/ Hobby Lobby

Flatware/ Horchow

Brown matelasse coverlet/ Bed, Bath & Beyond, used here & here.

Goblets/ Kohl’s, used here.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for

a few real snowflakes this winter!

Friendly Village Table1

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O Fishing Tree


I’ve been admiring everyone’s elegantly appointed Christmas trees, beautifully decorated mantles, and festive stairway garlands~


Meanwhile, I’m decorating my Potting Shed

and raiding my husband’s tackle box

for our dock Christmas tree :)


It’s a good thing he doesn’t have

 a fishing trip planned anytime soon :)


My husband’s grandfather’s tackle box is under the tree~

No fishing is allowed with his vintage reels and lures.

Dock Christmas Tree5


A fishing reel and floats are

angling to be a tree topper~


And I reeled in buoys and a fish planter

 that doubles as a wine chiller on occasion~


I landed some burlap and stretchy-wire ribbon from Hobby Lobby, making this tree easy to rig, since the lures already having ready-to-hang hooks.


A vintage minnow bucket is dressed

with a large fishing float and greenery~


Shells (from fresh water Asian clams) are gifted and left by our resident muskrats~ a tell-tale sign that they’ve been visiting and a reminder to check our boat hydraulics.

Dock Christmas Tree



Dock Christmas Tree1

My Pottery Barn enamel appetizer

boats that we Set Sail with

are weighing anchor on our tree

for a Merry Christmas~

Dock Christmas Tree4



Dock Christmas Tree3


Dock Christmas Tree2

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Animal Instincts

I am following my Animal Instincts at the table,

inspired by Tiger Stripe Pumpkins and Animal Prints~

My Animal Instincts led me on a mini safari

to World Market, where I spied Giraffe-spotted

napkins in tan and in black~

And to Hobby Lobby, where I rounded up

Zebra chargers to accompany Leopard chargers

I already held in captivity~

Answering the Call of the Wild

with a nod to Halloween,

a pumpkin is masquerading in a

Pheasant feather mask~

And topped with a

Snow Leopard Witch Hat,

complete with spider~

My quilt/coverlet on the table

has an affinity for animals,

previously Udderly Charmed by Holsteins~

And animal print goblets are toasting the season

with a bounty of nuts and a leaf~

spotted, with an animal print-like camouflage~

Cheetah print flatware was sighted in a showroom

at market, rather than the Serengeti :)

Animal Instinct Details~

Leopard Chargers/gift

Zebra Chargers/ Hobby Lobby

Giraffe Napkins/ World Market

 Woven Chargers/ Pier 1

Flatware/ Murval~ years ago

Goblets/ Global Amici~ years ago


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