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A Novel Baker’s Birthday!


Join us for a Celebration and a virtual

Birthday Party for Michael Lee West~

Southern Author, Baker, Gardener, Yorkie Enthusiast!

MLW Bday

The Novel Bakers are celebrating her milestone birthday

and literary works today with a little food and fun~

We’re happy to have you join us!


We gathered old and new friends to join

in the fun and celebration,

Teeny is here. . .


We share her love of peaches, copper pots

and Red Velvet Cake!


 I had two copies of She Flew the Coop~

 Olive Nepper granted me permission to tear out pages

of my second copy and run them through

the printer for a book page birthday banner!


And also use pages for a little

napkin embellishment~



Punched with a

Martha Stewart Birthday punch from Michaels,

also available here.


Help yourself to some salt water taffy~

Renata DeChavannes’

candy of choice for bingeing,

while we wait for the other guests to arrive.



Our cast iron skillet is seasoned and ready. . .

Cooking Lessons, Consuming Passionspage 122.


Caro Clifford and company are here to celebrate

with Piper Maitland aka Michael Lee West~

providing a little vampire lore,

timely with Halloween around the corner!



Along with a few Mad Girls in Love,

joining the celebration~


And some Crazy Ladies

are joining us~


We’re enjoying a Southern Fried Celebration

in honor of Michael Lee’s birthday!


On the Menu:

Sweet Tea, Southern Fried Chicken, Fried Okra, Skillet Cornbread and Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs~

Collard Greens, Fried Green Tomatoes, Macaroni & Cheese and Lima Beans send their regrets and could not attend :)


We married Deviled Eggs with Pimento Cheese,

the Pâté of the South~

along with a little bacon for

Pimento Cheese-Deviled Eggs. . .



And the beverage of choice,

Sweet Tea, a Southern staple~


How to make Perfect Iced Tea,

page 158, Consuming Passions.


Or enjoy Peach Tea Punch, tea that

 a girl from a Peach Farm would love. . .


Or celebrate with a cocktail~

 help yourself to a Peach Martini . . .


We’re serving mini skillets

of corn bread~

No Southern recipe required, one 8.5 ounce box of Jiffy corn muffin mix makes four 4 inch skillets of cornbread~ add cheese, jalapenos, bacon, and/or sour cream if you like.







Teeny’s perfect Red Velvet Cake recipe

can be found on page 318 in

She Flew the Coop. . .


Help yourself to a

Red Velvet Cupcake!




Have your Cake and Drink it Too. . .


in a

Red Velvet Cake Martini. . .


Teeny Red Velvet1

Or try an original Teeny-concoction:

If-I-Can’t-Have-True-Love, I’ll-Buy-A-Bigger-Dress-Size’ 


Maybe a serving of

 Bonaventure Georgia Peach Trifle~

Choose your dessert(s) of choice,

and add a sparkler and light. . .



And wish Michael Lee West

a Happy Birthday!


Other friends are celebrating

Michael Lee’s birthday today,

stop by for more

Happy Birthday Wishes and Cake!

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Birthday Book Page Banner

 Happy Birthday

Michael Lee!

Happy Birthday Michael Lee!

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A Teeny Tasting

Michael Lee West has cooked more delicious fun and trouble for Teeny Templeton, in her second installment and follow-up to Gone With a Handsomer Man!

 You can revisit The Spencer-Jackson house, stroll down Rainbow Row, and see Teeny’s bulldog, Sir, here.

 I was anxiously awaiting A Teeny Bit of Trouble, ready for a few laughs and more Do-Not-Try-This-At-Home recipes from the Templetons’ family cookbook:

“We Templetons specialized in peaches and poisoned recipes. The fruit was real, but our recipes were a harmless method to relieve tension—like a punching bag, but with imaginary food. If someone pissed us off, we couldn’t spit or pull hair; we’d just mentally cook a deadly meal and pretend to feed it to the enemy. My aunts had written these lethal concoctions in the back of a spiral-bound church cookbook.”


One of Teeny’s Aunt Bluette’s favorite mottos was

“Believe but verify.”

Inspired by A Teeny Bit of Trouble, I’m verifying the notion that everything tastes better served in a martini glass, with a few Teeny tastings :)

Teeny places her red velvet cakes she bakes for The Picky Palate in a case next to a few Low Country favorites~

 Shrimp and Grits Martinis~

 I used a Shrimp and Grits recipe from SC native, Tyler Florence, who graduated from the culinary program at Johnson & Wales in Charleston.

A 5-star recipe that’s quick and easy!

I used Bob’s Red Mill Corn Grits/Polenta.

In addition to lethal recipes, Teeny cooks up non-toxic, imaginary ones:

“To soothe myself, I invented a drink called If-I-Can’t-Have-True-Love, I’ll-Buy-A-Bigger-Dress-Size:  vodka, coffee liqueur, Hershey’s Syrup, crème de cacao, crushed ice, and chocolate ice cream.”

“Place ingredients in a blender and pulverize. Ponder the chemistry of food and romance.”

“If love can be frozen, will it still be love? True love isn’t smooth, it’s lumpy; but if you own a quality blender, you can make this drink in three minutes.”

I used vanilla vodka but you could use chocolate vodka!

Sprinkle with a few red velvet cupcake crumbs to further increase your dress size :)

Butt-Out-of-My-Life-Barbecue Martini

My husband smokes a “Boston Butt”, “Picnic Roast”, “Pork Shoulder” or “Shoulder Blade Roast” ~ all names for shoulder cuts that make great pulled pork.

We brine our Boston Butt for 24-48 hours, (depending on the size & how organized we are :)  in a mixture of ½ cup of pickling salt (which dissolves in cold water), 2 quarts of water and ¾ cup of molasses.

Remove from the brine, blot with paper towels, brush on olive oil, and liberally add a dry rub/seasoning blend of salt, sugar, pepper, paprika, garlic powder etc.

Smoke at 225 degrees over lump charcoal with some soaked hickory or apple wood chips for about 1  1/2 hours per pound. Remove from smoker, wrap in foil and let stand an hour. It should pull apart easily, with all the fat melted away :)

Quit-Jumping-to-Conclusions Barbecue Rub:

½ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup paprika, 2 teaspoons chili powder, 1 ¼ tablespoons dry English mustard, 1 ½ tablespoons sea salt, 3 tablespoons freshly ground pepper, and ½ tablespoon onion salt. Garlic is optional.”

“Mix ingredients and pat onto the roast. This recipe will coat your hands, too, and you’ll be unable to call your boyfriend.”

 Layer barbecue with slaw in your martini glass.

If you live below the Mason-Dixon line, garnish with a Hush Puppy or two, and a pickle.

Teeny tells Coop: “You had me at peaches.”

“. . .a few months ago, on a balmy June night, I walked into a Charleston pub and ordered a peach martini.”

“Maybe it was fate. Or maybe it was thirst. I didn’t matter. Coop and I had found each other again; but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was about to go terribly wrong.”

I used a Peach Martini recipe that calls for vanilla vodka, peach schnapps, peach nectar and a squeeze of lime juice.

 Teeny would describe my peaches as “hard and knotty”, since it’s not peach season.

 I substituted frozen peaches puréed in a blender, with water and a little sweetener to taste, for the peach nectar.

Float a frozen peach or two in your peachtini to serve as ice cubes~

“Peaches. This was the smell of home, of a childhood that had been bruised in places but was still whole and mostly sweet.”

I couldn’t resist shaking up a Red Velvet Cake Martini, for Teeny’s benefit, that I found from Betty Crocker.

(No disrespect intended Betty Crocker~

I already had a couple of Duncan Hines products in the pantry when I found your recipe :)


~ Whipped cream cheese frosting 

~ Red colored sugar

~2 teaspoons chocolate syrup

~Crushed ice

~¼ cup cake-flavored vodka

~¼ cup crème de cacao

~6 tablespoons buttermilk (I used half-n-half )

~1 to 2 drops red food color ( I used a lot more~ about half a bottle)

How to:

~Dip rims of 2 martini glasses in frosting then dip in red sugar.

~Drizzle 1 teaspoon chocolate syrup in bottom of each glass.


~Fill cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add vodka, crème de cacao, buttermilk and food color. Cover; shake vigorously until well mixed. Strain mixture into chilled glasses.

Follow Teeny in her culinary escapades and enjoy the perfect combination of tickle-your-tastebuds-and-your-funny-bone in

A Teeny Bit of Trouble!

I’m joining:

the talented Michael Lee West for


StoneGable for On The Menu Monday~

Hope to see you there :)


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