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  1. December 24, 2010 at 11:50 am

    i am pretty sure i am embarrassing myself to mention i have never heard of nell hill… so of course i am completely enraptured with all you are sharing! and then i was surprised to note the stockings were not in the book… but yours :) they are adorable, i had that very teapot in my cart at homegoods and put it back, i thought you can’t own everything cute, and now i see how much more clever you are then me! i again am at a loss of words, why was i never filling my stockings so cutely as decorations? i just hang them naked and limp, where you my dear make magic~

    omg on the c&g shots… the lower right shot in our collage has stolen my heart…

    TRIPLE OMG ON THE STOCKING! oh how incredible is that? i mean really… i feel like my christmas is naked without that stocking now… i love love love love that! if i can find the time i want to copy you, its just adorable. oh i love the magic of christmas, it really does lift ones spirits~

    thank you so much for playing all year with me, i am so going to miss the holiday good cheer, you have dazzled me from the first food for thought to the tail end of the year, thank you for all the gifts of joy you have shared and wishing you a very merry christmas :)

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