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  1. Brenda Pettus
    June 7, 2013 at 8:32 am

    I always enjoy your blog and get many ideas from you. The canning jar post is right up my alley. I love jars of any kind but especially official canning jars. I use them in my pantry for storing pasta, cookies, cereal, tea bags and many other things. They are perfect for leftovers storage in the refrigerator. You can see what is inside each container and they take advantage of vertical space. In the summer, I love to drink iced tea with “store-bought” ice from a canning jar. It magically makes the tea colder and in the deep south that is important! In my sewing room I use them for thread and buttons. A canning jar is the perfect vase for flowers cut from my yard. It is a container both elegant and simple, and doesn’t try to out shine the beautiful flowers inside. In my garden shed I use them for storing seed packets and birdseed, to name just a couple, I always look for vintage blue jars at flea markets and have a modest collection. I would love to win this anniversary edition collection of Mason jars!

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