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Weekend Waterview

Happy Sunday! It’s been a rainy, hot & muggy weekend here with pop up storms. I pulled together some blue waterviews and photos taken over the last couple of weeks from our boating excursions. I’m always fascinated how the water changes with the light. How the light can make water can go from diamond sparkles.…

Weekend Waterview

I hope your weekend is just ducky! Our resident Mallards made a new friend recently. A domestic Pekin duck. . . They’re unable to fly, too heavy to get airborne. That combined with her lack of camouflage makes her a “sitting duck” on the lake. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see her swimming…

Pontooning and Potting

We’re spending the holiday weekend pontooning and potting. . . And speaking of potting. . . The Novel Bakers return on Tuesday, May 27th for Garden Week! Hope to see you then with your garden gloves on & spade in hand :)  Wishing you a Safe & Happy Memorial Day, Whatever your plans are!