Early Birds and a Winner!


We’re Early Birds rather than Night Owls,

4:30 to 5:00 am early~ including weekends.


On the plus side, we get to see the sunrise

and watch the water & sky change color.


Some of us, and the reason we rise

so early, get naps during the day.


Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?


The Winner of my

Winter Nest Feathering Giveaway

is Joy Fields!

Winter Nest Feathering Giveaway

Congratulations Joy, I’ ll be in touch by email

and get your gift card to you.

Thanks to all who entered!


Hope you’re staying

warm & cozy in your nest!

37 responses to “Early Birds and a Winner!

  1. I’m thinking we’re early birds…not night owls, unless you’d call 10 p.m. Night owls….lol congratulations Joy for being the winner! Beautiful sun rises!! Love the pictures over the water!! Big smile!! Have a beautiful Sunday!


  2. We are early birds too. I love getting up to a quiet house to enjoy the peace and watch the sun come up. Gets me ready for a busy day!! Love your pictures.

  3. I am an early bird, not quite as early as you. I am usually up between 6:00 and 6:30 drinking my morning coffee and enjoying the quite and watching the sky gradually come alive with the first rays of sun.

  4. Elizabeth Smith

    Good Morning!

    I recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it! Your posts and pictures seem to always touch some of my favorite things in life – dishes, dogs, birds, recipes, Charleston, etc. Love all of the pictures!

    Looking forward to your next post. Have a wonderful day!


  5. Gorgeous colors Mary! I’ve always been an early bird. All I can say is, so far it’s kept me healthy… As for wealthy and wise… Well that’s another story:@)

  6. Great pictures of the day break! God surely is a great artist! Have a great Sunday . Congratulations, Joy!

  7. Beautiful photos!! Not an Early Bird but take my dog out at 5:00 am. Look at the sunrise and go back to bed. I am kind of a Night Owl. Go to bed early but watch TV until 12:00 and take my dog out before lights out. What we all do for our fur babies.

  8. Early bird here! Beautiful sunrise. Congratulations to Joy.

  9. Probably the favorite parts of my days…sunrise…sunset. Love the colors. franki

  10. Early bird for sure! 4:00-4:30 – love the quiet mornings before busy days start. That picture of the tree against the sky is beautiful. Your blog is always so relaxing to read.

  11. BEAUTIFUL sunrise photos — and congratulations to the winner! Have a great day, all.

  12. Georgia Beckman

    I’m an early bird. But for 5 solid years straight, I was both. I had insomnia & only slept 45-90 minutes a night. It was maddening! Now that I’m sleeping again, I’m usually in bed by 11 or midnight & get up somewhere between 4-6.

  13. So I’m not the only one making coffee at 4:30am! Always an early riser including the weekend! Adore your blog! Your pictures take me away!Thanks again! ♥

  14. I wish I could get up that early! Such a great way to get a head start on the day~your photos are stunning, I love when the water and the sky are the same colors~I took similar photos myself this weekend during our freezing getaway~ your fur balls are always adorable!

  15. Your morning sunrise pictures, and the pups, are a reason to get up early, Mary! I’m an early bird, too, but not a napper. Congratulations to Joy!! She’ll be thrilled. xo

  16. Congratulations to Joy! I know she will be thrilled.
    This is such a lovely winter post, Mary, however I WANT SPRING!!!! LOL

  17. We are definitely early birds too. My husband gets up at 4:15 every morning and is falling asleep by 9 at night. I don’t follow exactly the same schedule as him but the morning is my favorite time of day.

  18. Congratulations to Joy! Your photos are stunning!!! We are REAL night owls, midnight or later but then we sleep in. I have a question, Mary. Are you signed up to get an e-mail notification when I post? I am realizing that noone is getting them (myself included). I don’t know what to do to fix it either and am looking to hire someone. If you could just let me know. I am getting VERY littke traffic now:(:(

  19. I’m an early bird, too and love your photos of the sunrise…my favorite time of day.Love the cozy photo of Chloe and Gracie napping.
    Congratulations to Joy for winning the giveaway.

  20. Thank you for all of the “congratulations” and well wishes! Thank you Mary, for such a wonderful blog, the exciting and generous giveaway and the inspirations to help me feather my new nest here in the Carolinas! Pottery Barn, here I come!

  21. I am an early riser, always have been. So much to see and hear in the early morning hrs. New day beginning, sun rising, birds singing (though few now with cold temps), people leaving for their daily schedules…the new day begins. It’s the best part of the day!! Wouldn’t miss it!!

  22. I’m trying very hard to stay warm! I’m definitely an early bird.

    Congrats to Joy!

  23. Who doesn’t love the dawns early light, beautiful starts make happy hearts!

  24. We’re definitely early birds and always have been. I rise at 4:00 AM every day including weekends. It’s the only time I have to myself for quiet time, devotional and, if I have things to do in the kitchen, etc., I have no interruptions. daybreak and sunrise are glorious and I treasure every day.
    Congratulations, Joy, on winning!

  25. Congrats to the winner…I am definitely an Early Bird and love to see the sunrises…and I would be sitting on that dock every morning taking in that gorgeous sunrise to start off the day in a most beautiful way!..This winter’s sunrises have been the best…Just love the reflection of the magnificent morning sky on the water…

  26. I have always been a night owl. Have never been able to get up early. Rising early always seems like such a good idea in theory . . . Your sunrise pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Gorgeous pictures. I know it was truly an experience to photograph such wonder and beauty.

    Congratulations to Joy.

  28. Definitely and early bird. I’m out like a light by 9:00. Gorgeous photos.

  29. I’m a early bird – love seeing the sun come up and having a great cup of coffee while everything is quite. Some times I am a night owl if something is good on TV.
    Beautiful pictures – thanks so much Mary for sharing.

  30. Cynthia Raines

    By nature, a Night Owl, however my work schedule (start at 7:00 a.m.) is changing that and I find that I am becoming an early bird – even on the weekends. Love the quiet time and I do get so much more done. Happy for you Joy ~ Congratulations!

  31. Mary, You make me want to become an early bird! Maybe if I had your stunning view… I would. : )

  32. Not early birds here since retirement. Too many days of early rising and long days when I taught. I do like to get up and going but not at sunrise. If I lived on the lake and woke to that beautiful sky, I’d be singing a different tune. Gorgeous!
    Congratulations to Joy!

  33. I am definitely an early bird, Mary. Early morning is my very favorite time of day whether we are on the Cape or at the lake or even at home. I love that precious time, too, with a cup of tea and the dog, outside if possible. Then I’m ready to face all the challenges of the day. Your photos of the lake are wonderful and those two little white puff balls are adorable. Linda

  34. I am definitely an early bird, although not quite as early as you…I do my best thinking, research and writing in the quiet early mornings before the hone starts ringing…

    The dawn photos are stunning!

  35. I agree with Sarah. I was an early bird for 33 years, up and out by 6 30, so now I am a very late night owl! One of the joys of being retired that those who never worked can’t understand. :)

  36. I’m definitely not an early bird. If I’m awake at 4:30, it’s because I’m having a really bad night!

  37. Beautiful photos! Lucky winner!!!! Chloe & Gracie look like Elle all cuddled up napping! Stay warm!

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