Easy 5-Minute Potting Shed Door Update for Summer

Hang a garden apron and hat on a garden shed door~ a 5-minute update and easy alternative to a wreath, for the lazy days of summer.

I found a blooming gardening apron a couple of weeks ago while enjoying some retail therapy.

This Esschert’s Garden apron was $9.99 at T.J. Maxx. When I bought it, I wasn’t sure how I would use it, but I knew I wouldn’t be wearing an apron with the temperatures in the triple digits!

I decided it was time to change out the garden hose wreath and use the gardening apron for a quick and easy door decoration on the Potting Shed.

I hung the apron on a wreath hanger and topped it with a straw hat~ a 5-minute update and alternative to a wreath for the shed door, quick and easy for the lazy days of summer!

 MacKenzie-Childs Morning Glory gardening tools are tucked into the pocket of the apron to add some additional blooms to the door.

The Limelight Hydrangeas are thriving in this summer heat, unlike me ;)

I cut a bloom to tuck in the middle pocket of the apron.

It’s been crazy hot here and I’m spending my morning hours watering. I discovered I have a large nocturnal visitor climbing my vines and digging up the plants in my window boxes at night, maybe a raccoon? It made a return visit a second night before I sprinkled a liberal amount of cayenne pepper over the soil and remaining plants in the window boxes to see it that keep the critter away while I decide what I want to do about replacing the plants.

How’s your garden growing?


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  42 comments for “Easy 5-Minute Potting Shed Door Update for Summer

  1. mary
    July 24, 2017 at 7:08 am

    Love it. Headed to my TJX!

  2. Gail
    July 24, 2017 at 7:12 am

    I long distance view really makes the apron and hat look like someone is at the door. Cute idea

  3. Gale
    July 24, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Love your creative ideas!
    You do everything with so much heart!
    What’s not to love?!!!!!!

  4. July 24, 2017 at 7:24 am

    That gal hanging around your potting shed door is as cute as can be (and I’m not talking about the nocturnal one!). I got the MKC tools too, and have yet to get them dirty. ;) I love what you’ve done on the door.
    I’ve also got a critter at night – I think I mentioned before – eating my mandevilla (never before in 13-14 yrs). Each night when I water I sprinkle the cayenne pepper all over, too. When I forget to sprinkle, there are always more half-chewed leaves on the ground as a thank you. grrrrr
    My Mexican sunflowers are finally growing, very sloooowly. Can’t wait to see those flowers…..just about the time I’m totally tired of even tending the garden. A nice perk me up.I asked my sister yesterday, is it time to quit caring about the garden yet? lol Too hot and buggy!

    • July 25, 2017 at 2:48 pm

      Try some chopped garlic in oil. I saw something online and it seems to work. I have slithering things I hate making holes in my yard. It seems to move them away.

  5. Robyn
    July 24, 2017 at 7:38 am

    What a cute idea!!! Loving those limelight hydrangeas!!!

  6. July 24, 2017 at 8:03 am

    TOO adorable Mary! I love the way it looks from a distance, soooo cute!! Yes, much too hot to wear! I need to update my door decor, things are looking tired, so I hope I can come up with a 5 minute fix!

  7. July 24, 2017 at 8:04 am

    ps, your limelight photo is a painting in itself, gorgeous!

  8. Mary YoungMiller
    July 24, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Thank you for your fabulous pictures! You have such a good eye. It is a little slice of Heaven each time I look at all your efforts, creativity, and devotion you put into your work. It makes my life a little brighter and lighter. Many Blessings!

  9. Linda
    July 24, 2017 at 8:13 am

    I love opening your blog and seeing all your beautiful ideas, flowers and especially your little dogs

  10. Karen Wright
    July 24, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Beautiful 5minute fix!!! Hope the critter is under control soon! I love the apron!!! I do wonder Mary, how did you get “Mary’s Garden” on the leather tag on your last photo. The first photo has “Esschert’s Garden”on it??? Very ingenious!!! I love it!!!

    • July 24, 2017 at 8:39 am

      Thanks Karen, Just some photo editing fun, it still says ‘Esschert’s Garden’ 🌺🌱😀

      • Karen Wright
        July 25, 2017 at 5:55 pm

        Mary, you think of everything…what attention to detail!!! And I do so enjoy those details!🌸😊

  11. Granny Gay
    July 24, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Love those hydrangeas!!! Thanks for the wide shot of your Garden Shed, Mary. Such a welcoming site for those boaters who pass along, (assuming that you are close enough to the water to be seen)…stay cool…:)

  12. July 24, 2017 at 8:53 am

    Fabulous pictures of your shed with your updated door. It looks like a movie set. All it needs is a picture of you in it! I know…. but just wishing.😃
    I’ll have to try the cayenne pepper. I have a chipmunk that has killed an azalea and my pink spirea by eating the roots! I am not happy especially about losing my spirea.

  13. July 24, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Very cute idea. Yes, I know I’d melt in an apron this time of year, too!!! Your limelights are so pretty.

  14. July 24, 2017 at 9:34 am

    How adorable! This would be agreat idea for my back door! My limelights are thriving too. I love them! I, too am watering every day but got a reprieve as we had alot of rain yesterday and last night;) Thank you, Mother Nature!!!

  15. Cynthia Raines
    July 24, 2017 at 9:35 am

    My ferns are doing well. I have my wish for a window that opens in the shed. I found a leaded beveled glass window that was only 1 inch taller and a 1/2 inch wider, it is beautiful. However, it changes the look and now I don’t think the cute shutters with the pine tree cut-out goes with the window! :( Bitter sweet. I will save the shutters for a Christmas scene.

  16. Cynthia Raines
    July 24, 2017 at 9:38 am

    The apron and hat are darling!

  17. Kim
    July 24, 2017 at 9:42 am

    TJ Maxx has the best stuff, don’t they!? Of course you bought the apron! It’s wonderful with the hat on your potting shed door. What a genius idea! :-)

  18. July 24, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Now that is just stinkin’ cute!

  19. Sandy Park
    July 24, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Mary, love your new door decor – so clever and cute and easy.

  20. Loraine Q
    July 24, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Just started following you, love your ideas and comments. What state is your shed in?

    • July 24, 2017 at 12:09 pm

      Thanks Loraine, “she’s” in North Carolina. 🌺 😊

  21. Jean Anderson
    July 24, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    What a cute idea and so different.
    It must have taken you forever to collect all those watering cans! I love them.
    I always wonder where you store all your dishes, you have so many cute ones. I can’t help but think you must have
    a really cool way to store them.

    • Leslie Witt
      July 24, 2017 at 8:13 pm

      I’ve always wondered about your storage too. You must have a storage shed for your shed!!! :-)

  22. July 24, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    The new apron with it’s pastel colors and pretty blooms is a perfect summer change out. I’m sitting here admiring the lime lights. If they are surviving in your heat and direct sun, perhaps I have a change of getting them to thrive here. I’m going to try.
    Stay cool in the AC and enjoy your shed from a distance.

  23. Patti
    July 24, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Best-dressed shed I know!! Beautiful!

  24. July 24, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Mary, you have the most creative mind! What a quick way for your door to have a make-over. The apron and hat with the MC tools highlight all the blooms in front! Those nocturnal visitors are such a menace and they can do a lot of damage in one visit! I hope the cayenne pepper works! Thank you Mary for sharing your gorgeous post and supporting Gardens Galore!

  25. Becky
    July 24, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Cute little apron. I think it would be a cute accessory for a lady scarecrow too. Your limelights are gorgeous.

  26. July 24, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Love the darling apron and hat!! But then I love everything you do!! Stacy cool!

  27. Paula
    July 24, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Looking at the first picture, what a neat neat garden you have growing !! to the left behind the pretty birdhouse is something red in the limelights, is that a hummingbird feeder? Your new door decor is really cute !! And your plants look amazing !! My limelight leaves are turning yellow already !!
    I bet the raccoon is like yummy salad bar at Mary’s!!!

  28. July 24, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Your “Mary’s Garden” apron and hat look like a little lady at your door! I have, I believe squirrels, that dig up and eat some of my plants, Mary. It’s so frustrating to spend money on plants and then critters make a salad out of them!
    Your limelights are beautiful and your perennial garden is filling in nicely.

  29. July 24, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    Mary, your shed reminds me of the “shotgun house” and am wondering if it might be.

  30. July 25, 2017 at 7:34 am

    What a great idea!! I wouldn’t want to dirty that beautiful apron up working in the garden or anyplace else and I can dirty an apron pretty dirty!!! Thanks for sharing…great photo shop too!! 👒🌼🌻🌺

  31. Ellen Martin
    July 25, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Just the cutest idea…….and your photos are the best! Thanks for your continuing inspiration!

  32. Ann Butler
    July 25, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    I love that idea. Looks great on the door with the hat.

  33. Cindy lou
    July 26, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Great Idea! Love TJ !!

  34. August 1, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    So cute! I love the pattern of the apron. Your garden and the shed is so cute!

  35. August 31, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    How did I miss this? Love the door decor!!! So creative as usual!! Hope the night scavengers stay away. It’s always a never ending battle here!

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