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Bird Watching~ Chickadees


I’ve been bird watching. . . Anxious to spot some Chickadees, ever since some nested on the porch  briefly last January. This variety of Chickadee used to be common in my neck of the woods, but have been scarce for almost a year now.  Chickadees are primarily found in deciduous and mixed deciduous-coniferous woodlands so I’ve been searching…

Chickadees on the Porch & a Giveaway!

I’m on the porch nesting with Chickadees . . . Enjoying some tea and tucked in a nest of grey~enjoying a bit of warm & welcome sunshine on the porch.  These Chickadee plates, Global Design Connections by Kate Williams, along with teapot, cream & sugar~ took flight from HomeGoods to follow me home~ I was enamored by the grey twig-rimmed edge on…


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