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Bird Watching~ Chickadees


I’ve been bird watching. . .


Anxious to spot some Chickadees,

ever since some nested on the porch 

briefly last January.


This variety of Chickadee used to be

common in my neck of the woods,

but have been scarce for almost a year now.


 Chickadees are primarily found in deciduous

and mixed deciduous-coniferous woodlands

so I’ve been searching their habitat. . .


They can also be spotted in

suburban and urban areas. . .


Which is where I finally found

this elusive variety of Chickadee

after a year of searching~


Global Design Connections, Chickadee by Kate Williams~

a flock discovered nesting nearby at T.J. Maxx :)

photo (12)

Chickadees are territorial during the breeding season,

but they form flocks in the winter.


They are monogamous and form long-term pair bonds.


 Cavity-nesters, they use existing abandoned cavities including old woodpecker or other natural holes and occasionally nest boxes.



Nesting female Chickadees sleep in the nest cavity while males sleep in a nearby sheltered branch in a tree, vine, or shrub.



They will also excavate or enlarge their own cavities in rotten wood or will find an unused cavity, usually 2-25 feet up in a tree for nesting.


This variety of Chickadee, Smith & Hawken from Target, prefers an empty mug as a cavity for nesting :)





Their diet consists of insects, seeds and berries, eating large amounts of insect eggs and larvae, foraging on the undersides of branches looking for insects.


Chickadees are also food cachers, storing both seeds and insects, in crevices or under structures on the ground such as twigs, able to find them up to a month later.





Chickadee Bird Watching Details:

Dishes/Global Designs Connections, Kate Williams- TJ Maxx

Bird ornaments/ Smith & Hawken- Target

Flatware & charger/ Pottery Barn

Table covering/ Kohl’s

Bird tiered-server/ HomeGoods, used here & here

Chicadee potting shed

Chicadee potting shed1

Wishing you Happy & Cozy

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Chickadees on the Porch & a Giveaway!

I’m on the porch nesting with Chickadees . . .

Enjoying some tea and tucked in a nest of grey~enjoying a bit of warm & welcome sunshine on the porch.

 These Chickadee plates, Global Design Connections by Kate Williams, along with teapot, cream & sugar~ took flight from HomeGoods to follow me home~

I was enamored by the grey twig-rimmed edge on the plates and twiggy detailed spout and handle on the teapot :)

To celebrate my two-year blogging anniversary January 15th, I’m sharing some dish & bird love and giving away this set of two salad plates, two dinner plates, teapot, cream & sugar~ to one winner~ to perch at your table.

For a chance to win these Chickadees :) mention in a comment  you would like them come home to roost with you! Subscribers/followers automatically get a second entry. For an additional chance to win, leave another comment and tell me your favorite bird you like to see perched at your feeder :)

 A winner will be chosen February 1st.

Wishing you a warm place to nest & perch this winter~

This giveaway is now closed. 

Congratulations to Rett at The Gazebo House!

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