At the Table: Fleur du Soleil

I’m at the table with Fleur du Soleil or Sunflowers, which say “summer” no matter what language you speak.

Sunflowers were for $3.99 a bunch at Trader Joe’s, impossible to resist for the price and the smiles they bring with their cheery faces.

Grown for beauty as well as harvested for seed, sunflowers symbolize the sun, conveying warmth, happiness, adoration and longevity.

I set a casual table for two by the lake, gathering favorite sunny blooms. . .a Fleur du Soleil watering can picked on a trip to the NC mountains several years ago, sunflower bowls and napkins from Pottery Barn, and plates from HomeGoods.

 Mr. Marshal’s Flower Book is providing blooms from the pages. . .

Mr. Marshal’s Flower Book:

Alexander Marshal’s Florilegium, or flower book, is one of the most exquisite and fascinating historic works of botanical art. The only surviving compilation of flower watercolors from seventeenth-century England, it has been admired for centuries for its dazzling color and its incredible attention to the intricacies of a varied array of plant species. A highly skilled, although self-taught artist, Alexander Marshal was a horticulturist and famed entomologist who believed the cultivation of plants was essential to the study of the natural world.

“Exquisitely beautiful, the flower paintings of Alexander Marshal have a timeless resonance that makes them look as fresh today as they did when they were first created more than 350 years ago.”

– House and Garden

Sunflower Details:

‘Fleur du Soleil’ sunflower watering can / NC mountains, several years ago

Plates / Maxcera Sunflower Crown, HomeGoods, several years ago

Goblets / Hobby Lobby, several years ago

 Sunflower Bowls, Napkins, Napkin Ring / Pottery Barn, several years ago

Tablecloth / Food Network Cascina Plaid, Kohl’s, last year

Flatware, Chargers / World Market, several years ago

“The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.”

~Elizabeth Lawrence

Wishing you a sunny day!

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  48 comments for “At the Table: Fleur du Soleil

  1. Linda Sink
    July 31, 2017 at 6:43 am

    Your post always makes me happy and this one will be one of my favorites. You are so talented and I love the way you write. Such a joy!

    On Jul 31, 2017 6:37 AM, “Home is Where the Boat Is” wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” I’m at the table with Fleur du Soleil or Sunflowers, which > say “summer” no matter what language you speak. Sunflowers were for $3.99 a > bunch at Trader Joe’s, impossible to resist for the price and the smiles > they bring with their cheery faces. ” >

  2. Sherlie Magaret
    July 31, 2017 at 6:56 am

    Sunflowers are my all time favorite flower. They are strong and proud, they keep their face to the sun, and they feed the birds. What more could you ask.

  3. Michelle
    July 31, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Sun flowers are one of my favorite flowers. They just make you happy!🤗 You have captured the flower in so many ways! Mary, you are so talented!😎🌴

  4. Susie
    July 31, 2017 at 7:09 am

    I hit the Trader Joe’s flower bar, too! :D
    I am envious of your bees–have not seen one bee this year, and I worry that the extensive mosquito spraying is to blame.

  5. Michele in IL.
    July 31, 2017 at 7:25 am

    Wow, just gorgeous with the red accents! Always love you blog!!!

  6. Linda
    July 31, 2017 at 7:35 am

    Good morning, I really enjoy your posts in the morning! I remember raising my kids in Up State N.Y and finding a field of sunflowers and taking pictures of my my kids in the middle of the field! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Linda

  7. July 31, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Love this table! I remember seeing the sunflower chargers, when shopping, a while back. I’m so sorry I didn’t buy them. They’re gorgeous!

  8. Jennifer
    July 31, 2017 at 7:44 am

    Such a happy table!

  9. Cyndi Raines
    July 31, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Love the sunshine yellow, cheery faces of the sunflower! Beautiful setting!

  10. Karen Wright
    July 31, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Ooohhhhh, Mary, so lovely!!! That beautiful lake setting with the stunting sunflower table! What’s not to love!!! The red with the yellow sun flowers looks amazing! I love the way you pair things. And did I mention the magnificent lake view? Ohhhh, yes, I did. Just can’t help myself from mentioning twice, it’s my fav, you’re know!!! Just lovely! Thanks for the posting! It is so refreshing to see that beautiful table and the water this morning!

  11. Linda Tietjen
    July 31, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Absolutely beautiful post this morning to start the week…along with our absolutely wonderful “fall like” weather here near the coast! Maybe you are sending those cooler temps our way! :). Have a great week!

  12. July 31, 2017 at 8:21 am

    I love how you shop at home first, but the only problem is…I can’t purchase the items! Beautiful…as usual!

  13. Granny Gay
    July 31, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Thank you for such a happy post this morning, Mary…among my list of favorite flowers, sunflowers rank pretty high. Love the smiles they bring…a perfect way to close out this month…:)

  14. July 31, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Beautiful, Mary! I do love sunflowers. I hope your day is sunny — mine is by starting my day with you! Also, a nice cool front blew in from Canada — lowered the humidity for one day and I’m going to enjoy it. Back to humidity tomorrow…..

    • July 31, 2017 at 9:26 am

      Thanks Snap! We’re enjoying some cooler temps and lower humidity too…wish it would stay a while! 🌻😀

  15. July 31, 2017 at 8:37 am

    Oh this is so bright and cheerful! I always think of sunflowers this time of year too Mary and I am crazy over those square plates and the sunflower watering can. The painted sunflowers are wonderful, painting sunflowers with watercolor has been on my to do list for a while, you’ve really given me a nudge :)

    • July 31, 2017 at 9:32 am

      I’m sure you’d do them proud Jenna!! 🌻🎨

  16. Ellen
    July 31, 2017 at 8:37 am

    Who could not be cheered in the presence of Sunflowers? Sunflowers are just about the happiest flower that I know. I always buy a potted plant of them – alas, I can never grow them from seed as the critters eat them! You tablescape is phenomenal, always a delight to behold! This is a beautiful sendoff for July. Thank-you!!

    • Ellen
      July 31, 2017 at 9:26 am

      P.S. I loved the Elizabeth Lawrence quote when you posted it with the Bumblebee post. It is perfect here also. May I use it too? I already passed on the Bumblebee pollen basket information because it is so fascinating to me. I always come away from your posts with interesting knowledge. Thank-you again!!

    • July 31, 2017 at 9:26 am

      Thank you Ellen! 🌻🌻🌻

  17. July 31, 2017 at 8:46 am

    Hello Mary, l really enjoy looking at your beautiful pages….almost as if I’m on a mini vacation. I don’t know how to email you directly, but I was wondering where you purchased the cream colored rooster dinnerware. I saw them as I was on one of my journeys through your neck of the woods. I love anything roosters/chickens/hens/birds. I’m not sure why but they make me happy. If you remember where you purchased them, please email me. Thank you!

  18. July 31, 2017 at 8:47 am

    What a wonderful table setting !

  19. July 31, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Mary, this table for two just makes my heart sing! I love the happy faces of sunflowers, and mine will be blooming shortly! I could sit at this table for hours and enjoy its beauty!

  20. July 31, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Mary, Your sunflowers are so pretty and that watering can is spectacular! This is such a happy table and your graphic skills are impressive. You have that artistic flair in all you do.
    Great tablescape that brings cheer and beauty to us today.

  21. July 31, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Gorgeous flowers and such a pretty setting, of course I love all your settings. Thanks for all the care and creativity you use to fill our screens with ‘PRETTY’ all the time, Sandi

  22. July 31, 2017 at 11:53 am

    I love this table as we have a sunflower table right now as well! It is so bright and cheerful. Your plates are beautiful and your photos are GORGEOUS! You sure have an eye for just the right composition, I need some lessons from you!!! When I bought my sunflowers they were $9.99 for 5 of them! You got a GOOD deal!!! Have a beautiful, sunny day!

  23. Darlene Gardner
    July 31, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Mary, I adore sunflowers and use them for my August tablescapes every year. I got a new tablecloth from Kohl’s that I plan on using this year. I love your use of the red tablecloth – that was inspired. Your watering can is gorgeous too! What a happy table!

  24. July 31, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Perfect sunshine! We are enjoying bouquets of sunflowers here too. I do love Trader Joe’s flowers! Can’t beat the price. We’ve suffered highs of 105 of late, but today seems to have brought relief. Hoping for rain later in the week. The quote is the best, Mary. Thanks for the cheerful post!

  25. Marion
    July 31, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    So pretty. Thank You for sharing.

  26. Marilyn
    July 31, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    What a beautiful and uplifting post. Thanks

  27. Joan
    July 31, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    The sunflowers are gorgeous. I had a friend who planted sunflowers with her granddaughter. The next day when they went to check ,on them, a squirrel had dug them up.

  28. The Tablescaper
    July 31, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Such a happy table! It really makes me smile.

  29. July 31, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Wishing you a sunflower sun shining day back …enjoyed your post!

  30. July 31, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    I love sunflowers…your setting does them proud!

  31. July 31, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Who couldn’t smile when looking at a sunflower! Those square plates are especially eye-catching to me, but that book and the illustrations being over 350 years old – ! I had to do a double take to make sure I read that correctly. That’s so fascinating.
    Nice way to start the week – thank you. Hope you have a great one.

  32. July 31, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    What a cheery table, Mary, that would make anyone smile!! I love the red plaid cloth as the background for the sunflowers. I agree with Rita and am amazed at the age of the illustrations!
    I did have a day filled with sunshine, and we actually had a cold front…temperatures in the 90’s instead of the 100’s! Hooray!!

  33. Aquitelife
    July 31, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    I got high-speed, FINALLY CAN SEE YOUR PICS! Now I just need extra time ;-) so fun to see color, wild over the bees~

    • July 31, 2017 at 9:31 pm

      I need to buzz over and see you too! 🐝 🌺🌻😀

  34. July 31, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Such a sweet, cheerful table, Mary! I love it, especially the sunflower plates. Have a wonderful week!

  35. Sabrina Ullrey Mow
    July 31, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    What a lovely table and view. We have a field full of sunflowers across the road from us. They always put a smile on my face.

  36. Melissa
    July 31, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    You are so talented Mary.. enjoyable as always.. thanks for your inspiration!❤️

  37. July 31, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    I love sunflowers too, They are just so cheerful just like your table! I just bought some this morning at the grocery store and did a table this afternoon – have to edit the photos yet. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s- my sunflowers are much smaller and don’t have those big dark centers that scream sunflowers!! I would love to grow them, but the deer have always eaten them off! Love the Bee quote too.

  38. August 1, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Sunflowers..SUNSHINE ON A STEM!! 🌻🌻🌻 I’m a day late reading your blog but I was busy yesterday getting my table ready for Sunflowers!! August around here is sunflower time..I plant lots and love watching the birds trying to eat the seeds while swaying in the breeze..your table does them justice..if you want to bring a smile to someone, bring them SUNFLOWERS!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  39. Maggie B.
    August 1, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Hi! I just discovered your blog today through a reference in Woman’s World magazine and I love it! You have an amazing eye for color and pattern and whimsy. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes too. I have a confession to make…. I’ve never been to Home Goods, but after seeing your sunflower plates I’ll be visiting one very soon! Happy Summer!

  40. August 1, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    Sunflowers some of my favorite flowers. I love all your sunflower swag–such a perfect late summer tablescape!

  41. August 2, 2017 at 12:51 am

    I love the great number of sunflower items you collected for this cheerful tablescape. In French, these flowers are called “tournesol” which could be transated to “turn to the sun” as that’s what they do!

  42. August 3, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    This post is so pretty. Perfect setting for such a lovely tablescape. It’s all gorgeous.

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