Mad for Plaid

Chloe & Gracie are Mad for Plaid and joining the Tartan Parade to celebrate National Tartan Day April 6th!

They love a good cookie parade and were begging to join in the fun :)

 Sporting plaid knit sweaters much too warm for the weather~ they agreed to a little bribery modeling . . .

There are plenty of treats for plaid-wearing-pups and parade attendees!

You can help yourself to a cupcake here.

You can find plaid cupcake liners for your party or parade  available here.

And authentic tartan clothing for your pooch from

 The Heelan’ Hound~

the preferred tartan clothier of discriminating canines~

While they have not shopped there, Chloe & Gracie hope to join the ranks of Clan MacHowl~ the honorary clan for dogs who wear distinctive tartan dog fashions. You can select tartan swatches from The Heelan’ Hound here~ with over 500 authentic Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Canadian and military tartans available.

Chloe & Gracie are happy to flaunt their plaiditude :)

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Vignette Design with Delores

Polohouse with Alison

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61 responses to “Mad for Plaid

  1. The perfect pair to model tartan plaid…Your “plaidscape” is beautiful…I must try my hand at those gorgeous candied roses…

    Now, Chloe and Gracie would also be the greatest models and “spokesdogs” for the classic “houndstooth” !!

  2. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    That’s just waaaaay too cute! Love the middle pic where they’re both looking at the camera:@)

  3. Too cute! Too Cute! Too cute! I’m howling at Clan MacHowl. Your sweet little friends make this one to remember. I’m so jealous of all of that love you get from them. Makes me want to come for a hug……and a cupcake!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  4. Those are the cutest pictures of Chloe and Gracie!

  5. That is just plain precious. I love those cupcake liners too. I need to check out your source.

  6. They are just adorable in their plaid!!

  7. I know you love your babies! They are precious and so dressed up.

    Darling post as usual. Love the plaid. Nice to know about the cupcake liners. Cutest decorated cup cakes.

    Tartan parade sounds like fun. I look forward to it.

  8. I’m “howling” with laughter (sorry for the pun) at these two precious pups, Mary!! They look absolutely darling, flaunting their *plaiditude*.
    Lots of Gorgeous & creative shots….BRAVO!!

  9. OMGosh! Chloe and Gracie are absolutely adorable in their tartan sweaters and posing for their photos! I love that they’re dining on RL tartan china, and their tartan “tablecloth/blanket” is so neat. Did you make it? Thanks for joining in the fun for Tartan Day.

  10. Oh, I just love this post. Mary, your pups are precious in their plaid! What cutie pies!! My Scotties would never cooperate to this extent. They do a lot of things for a treat, but are not so keen on getting their pictures taken (or wearing anything other than their fur). I’ll be sure to share the link for the Heelan Hound with my daughter; my Scottie grand pup does wear some tartan!

  11. Mary, this post made me smile. Wonderful! Chloe and Gracie are so cute!

    Happy Weekend!

  12. Oh Mary your little Chloe and Gracie are just the cutest thing ever. Especially in their little plaid clothes. This post just tickled me to death. I just want to pick them up and hold and play with them. Also I think your cupcake is darling. Love the gumdrop roses and leaves and plaid cupcake papers ….all just so delightful.


  13. Chloe and Gracie are demonstrating natural born star qualities. Tartan looks wonderful on them, and if they are overheated or uncomfortable, they are hiding it well!

  14. I can’t stop smiling at your sweet little furry love bugs and their tartan “plaiditude”! They are absolutely precious and full of personality.
    The word “cute” just isn’t enough to describe how sweet and cute and precious they are.
    Now, about those cupcakes…oh my goodness!
    Wonderful post!!!

  15. This is absolutely one of the most precious posts I’ve ever seen!! Chloe and Gracie are gorgeous and I even showed their pictures to my own Bichon, Keeper! She loved them!
    I love it!

  16. I predict this post of Chloe and Gracie sharing their “plaiditude” will be a classic…! They are so darned cute!

    I love the two sweet little girls, the plaid blanket, the sweaters, the cupcakes and liners…Another home run, Mary! You keep batting them out of the park!

  17. Adorable pups!

  18. Ellen Beeton

    Oh I’m madly in love with Chloe and Gracie. They are fabulous models. They look so adorable in their new plaid outfits. I loved their tablescape and the photos of them enjoying their treats. The whole post is so awesome I have to keep going back to it to enjoy more of Chloe and Gracie. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Mary, I agree with Foodiesleuth. This is as classic as tartan itself! Chloe and Gracie are too cute for words. Their photos make me want to reach out and hug them. I’m not sure I can get Sadie to pose in even a tartan scarf, but I’m trying. ;-)
    Guess, Miss Sadie needs a tartan sweater. We’ll have to go shopping at the Heelan’ Hound. Did you see Mr. Ben at Normandy Life? He’s watching the parade from his bench in the garden. ;-)
    Thank you for joining in the fun. Mr. Linky will be up at 1AM Sunday. ~ Sarah

  20. Mary, these adorable pictures have just been making me squeal with delight. My husband is smiling at the pictures, but rolling his eyes at me. :)

    Chloe and Gracie are the cutest, most cuddly-looking, and photogenic dogs I’ve ever seen. They could be on dog calendars. And I love the plaid coats. I’ve already checked out the website. Having a little Scottish Terrorist (I mean Terrier) ;), I would love to have one of those coats. We had a plaid coat for our first Scottie many years ago, and she did look spiffy in it.

    Your cupcakes look wonderful, and I love the plaid liners. Thanks for sharing the website info with us. As usual, you’ve done a beautiful post. You’re such a good pet owner; I LOVE our dog, but I’ve never baked treats for him. I’m not baking anything for anyone right now, as our kitchen is in the midst of a re-model.

    Enjoyed visiting you and “the girls” and hope you have a great weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  21. Chloe & Gracie thank everyone for their kind compliments! They are not so much photogenic as they are “photo-vated” to pose with the promise of a few treats :)

  22. Chloe and Gracie are adorable wee lassies.

  23. These two wee lassies are fair and all gussied up in their tartan!
    So adorable, Mary!!!

  24. Adorable!!! They were such great sports, from the look of these photos!!! Our little furbabies know if they pose a treat is not far behind… xo HHL

  25. Cute! Cold enough today to wrap oneself up in Tartan!
    Love your plates, I had a hard time finding tartan for this time of year!
    Very creative, Mary! Enjoy your Sunday, and see you Wed.! :)

  26. OMGoodness, Clhoe and Gracie are 2 of the cutest pups I have seen, EVAH!!! LOVE their tartan sweaters and it was so weet of them to pose so nicely. The treats, I am sure, didn’t last long:). XO, Pinky

  27. Youhave two of the most adorable pups ever! Chloe and Gracie look very chic in plaid.

  28. Are those two pups French in their Scottish outfits? I hope so because I used some French fabric for my Scottish tartan post! Those two are adorable and that Clan MacHowl site is great. I don’t think Nellie would let me put the coat on her. She only likes a collar, which we can’t remove without upsetting her! Linda

  29. Mr Ben wants to know can if he join Chloe & Gracie and the ClanMcHowl, too?
    I love how all the pups are sproting their tartans and joining the parade today!

  30. Could your two babies be any cuter in their little tartan coats?
    Your picnic spread is just lovely and those cupcakes look amazing!
    The entire photo shoot is just fantastic!

    Thanks so much for joining the Tartan Parade!
    Never dreamed it would be so much fun.

  31. patriciaspinkapron

    The girls looks so good in their plaid. Happy Tartan Day! & Happy Tartan Parade. Pat

  32. The above should read Pat’s Pink Apron.

  33. A a Scottish Gunn by marriage I am mad for plaid. Your darling post made me truly blissfully crazy! :)

    I linked up an oldie but goodie to play along here:

    Happy Tartan Day!

  34. That is just so cute I can barely stand it.


  35. Does is get any better than plaid cupcake papers? Well, maybe the cute puppies in their tartan! Sally

  36. Clan MacHowl…that’s cute! This is a great post, Mary!!! The cupcake cups are really fun, and to see those powder white dogs all dressed up in their dark tartan plaid is just too sweet!

  37. Okay Clan MacHowl made me howl with laughter.. Great post and they extremely spiffy in their gorgeous get up! Such a lovely post.. xo marlis

  38. A very sweet post! Loved seeing your dogs in their Clan MacHowl tartan!
    I have the same plaid dishes too and am considering using them for a tartan Easter! Aren’t they fun? Thanks for linking up to the Tartan Parade.

  39. Well that’s about as cute as you can get! Your dogs with their tartan plaid jackets are absolutely adorable! What great shots you got of them…just adorable!!
    Love the RL tartan plaid plates! I had the ones with the roses on my Ebay watch list and got sidetracked!
    The cupcakes look fabulous and their tartan plaid paper liners are the cutest! Great job… loved it!

  40. Debbie@Mountain Breaths

    I love the last picture of your sweet pup licking her chops! Your girls wear tartan well ;o)

  41. Back to visit the tartan girls again. This just makes me feel happy!
    Glad they joined in the fun of the Tartan Parade. Sadie and I’ve had a great time visiting the parade route today. ~ Sarah

  42. OMG, adorable!!!!!! How could you not love those two? What hams! (in a good way of course). You captured some great shots and I so love pets. A very happy post. So glad you came to the parade.

  43. soaking up all the incredible inspiration today!

    come visit my blog and giveaway:

    smiles to you.


  44. Your dogs are adorable….love how the one is sitting up so cute…and thanks for the link where to find the plaid cupcake papers!

  45. TOTALLY adorable TARTAN plaids…your doggies are just darling!
    THANKS for the great T word and the puppy photos, too!

  46. I had to go back and check out the plates the dogs were using–pretty plates and adorable pups! And what beautiful cupcakes.


  47. They are so cute and the cupcake that is so pretty!

    Letter T

  48. Hi Mary,

    Your post brought a smile to my face. Chloe & Gracie look adorable in their plaid outfits – so cute. A delightful and very unique take on the letter “T”.

  49. so darling! such dear and accommodating models :)

  50. They look adorable!

  51. Thanks for making me smile!

  52. How adorable! They really do look like they enjoyed the modeling session, or at least the treats. :-)

  53. The pups were looking very stylish…and such cooperative little models, too!

  54. They are just so adorable! and I grew up with those same cookie cutters too!

  55. Absolutely adorable.

  56. What bonnie photos!


  57. You should have titled this post Tartan Twins. They look adorable in thier sweaters and the blanket is cute too. The whole post is cute! I had no idea there was a Tartan day. I learn something new everyday!~Ames

  58. Now that’s what I call cute! It would be neat to see the Tartan day in Scottland! Have a great Easter weekend!

  59. They are Too cute…
    And I bet they loved those Tasty dog biscuits…
    Maybe I should get Oskie, the weiner dog, some fashionable Tartan wear… But he might melt away out here in AZ…

    Terrific post for the letter “T”!

    Thanks for linking.


  60. as a doggie owner i know how HARD it is to get TWO smiling faces, congrats to you for getting THE cutest shots ever. this is the best you have done, i truly adore this, the girls have never looked so special before, they are just cute cute cute! everything pops with their snowy white bodies, love love love this, fantastic job mary~

  61. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

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