Melted Snowmen Cookies

Melted Snowmen Cookies

I made these Melted Snowmen Cookies or Chocolaty Melting Snowmen as they’re referred to in Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Cookies, during a flurry of holiday baking before Christmas in December.


Fun for wintry months too, they could be a project for a cold January day with any cookie, using white chocolate bark candy coating, REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures, some orange candy sprinkles for noses, and mini chocolate chips for eyes.


Better Homes and Gardens included a chocolate cookie recipe, but I used Nigella’s Chocolate Shortbread Cookie recipe, that as Nigella says, are a “doddle” to make. All the ingredients for the chocolate shortbread cookies go in the food processor, and you give it a “blitz” :)


Follow the directions on the candy coating package and microwave until coating is melted and smooth, stirring every 30 seconds. Spoon candy coating over each cookie to resemble melted snow. While coating is still tacky, add a peanut butter cup half for the top hat and decorate with sprinkles to create snowman faces. You can also use frosting to make the nose and eyes rather than chips and sprinkles, adding the frosting after candy coating sets. 


There was a learning curve with cutting the miniature Reece’s Cups~ I finally determined through trial and many errors :) they are easier to cut without crumbling if you leave the foil wrapper on.


I cut some with the small end of the cup up and then tried cutting them with the wide part up. I had the most success cutting through the wrappers with the wide end up. You’ll want to have plenty of peanut butter cups on hand and cut your hats in advance before building your snowmen since the candy coating sets up pretty quickly.


The only problem with building these Melted Snowmen Cookies is that someone has to eat the misshaped hats :)

Note: A reader left a comment suggesting Reese’s Peanut Butter Bells for the hats for easier hat assembly & less cutting!


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45 responses to “Melted Snowmen Cookies

  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    The cookies turned out cute Mary! I think snowmen are perfect for all winter, I just brought mine out this weekend:@)

  2. Cute idea for post Christmas!

  3. Very cute! Thanks for the suggestions for cutting the peanut butter cups with the wrapper on. They are adorable :)

  4. Debbie@Mountain Breaths

    Mary, they are super adorable!

  5. Oh, these are adorable…I would hate to eat them they are so cute!! Great idea!


  6. How stinkin’ cute!! You do the most creative things, Mary & provide SO much inspiration. I know my grandkidlets will get a real kick out of these & DH will be happy to eat up all the mishaps. LOL

    I’m sorry to have been AWOL & not commenting on all your gorgeous postings. I have seen each & every one via my inbox & have enjoyed them immensely. You truly were born to decorate & display with a special flair.

    Warm Hugs & Best Wishes for a wonderfully creative & HEALTHY 2013!

  7. These are the very cutest, Mary! I love shortbread cookies, too!

  8. Good morning! We both have snowmen on our minds, huh? These are so cute and sound GOOD too!! I am getting packed to go away but sat down to have my cereal and vitamins. I’ll be back Sat. Hope you have a gREAT week. XO, PInky

  9. I have seen versions of these floating around but of course yours are the cutest! l have to make these for my grandson! Thanks for sharing, and I bet the shortbread from Nigella is amazing!

  10. Adorable! I may make these for my January luncheon.

  11. These are perfect for Christmas Tea or a Winter Tea at the senior centre – they’d cause all sorts of lovely conversation for the older ladies – perfect for the grands too. I’m filing this one away for next year!

  12. These are some of the cutest “winter” cookies I have ever seen. I am going to make these when the grandgirls are here-xo Diana

  13. These are just darling!!! What a wonderful winter cookie! Thanks for the tip about cutting the peanut butter cups… and for the great links to the cookbook and magazine!
    It’s so nice to see you share them on ON THE MENU MONDAY… seriously, I could feature your recipes each week!

  14. Mary these are so cute and oh I would be happy to help you eat the crumbled hats!!

  15. just like melting snow, these would disappear right down my throat before i could share a single picture…

  16. These are adorable. I’ve passed this link on to several friends with young grandchildren. This looks easy to do and so clever.

  17. They could not be more adorable. I could eat the left overs-no problem:}

  18. How adorable! Sharing this idea with my nieces…
    Thank you, Mary!

  19. I so admire the patience you have for trying the ideas that I think are so cute but don’t do! A chocolate chip cookie is about as decorative as I get so I totally enjoy your efforts.

  20. Adorable! I will absolutely do this!

  21. U did such a great job!! I have them pinned and want to make them too.

  22. Adorable Mary! I plan to get out and build a snowman in the yard. We had a big snowfall today and it is so beautiful. Kisses for the pups.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  23. Your “Frosty” snowmen are just the cutest, They remind me of the part of the story when Frosty melted. How much fun and delicious, too.

  24. These are so adorable. I am a new reader to your blog and wanted to compliment you on your creativity and your photography skills.

  25. They are so cute, Mary! You are such a creative person inside the kitchen and out :) The chocolate shortbread cookies sound wonderful. They look much darker in this post than in the post where you have the recipe. Did you use a different chocolate or is it just different lighting? I’d love to try them.

  26. Thanks for everyone’s kind comments! Susan, I used Hersey’s Special Dark Cocoa in the snowman cookie batch :)

  27. So cute and look delish, too!

  28. These cookies are so cute. Wish my grandchildren were closer and we could make them together.

  29. So, so very adorable!!…I think I may have to make these cookies for my “cutie”….

  30. So so cute! Will try them with my grandsons.

  31. Oh these are just adorable and ALMOST too good to eat!!

  32. These are really CUTE
    Wonderful idea and beautiful result :)

  33. Mary, you never fail to impress me! These cookies are simply adorable!!

  34. These are absolutely adorable!

  35. Hi. I can’t wait to make these…I just wanted to ask you about the difference in color on your cookie…I went to Nigella’s site and the color of your’s are so much darker…Did you use more cocoa or a different kind?? Even the texture looks a little different…I actually like the darkness of yours in contrast to the white chocolate…
    Thank you ahead of time…
    Nancy Carlson

  36. I used Hersey’s Special Dark Cocoa in the snowman cookie batch :)

  37. These are so adorable, tried them today but ended up just making a snowman face without the hat. Your tips to cut them without crumbling helped, but my PB cups were thin-walled, the PB had shown-through the chocolate on many of them. The few that did look nice enough to use melted & smeared in the warm ‘snow.’ I tried both Nestle Premier White morsels & Baker’s Premium White Chocolate baking squares. I’m a ‘detail person’ & just couldn’t make the Reese’s PB cups work. :-(

  38. Use the bell shaped Reese’s that come out at Christmas. They have the brim for a hat which makes less cutting. :)

  39. How come I can’t figure out how to cut the pb cups to get a brim? Do you
    use the one 1/2 cut smaller for the brim? Do you not use part of the pb cup after you cut it in 1/2?

  40. Cut each mini PB cup in half then cut each half to get a hat and brim. You get two complete hats per PB cup.

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  42. I am going to try these with my children. They look fun AND yummy. Such a great idea!


  43. Orange blossom

    How cute! I’ve see similar ones on pinterest … Yours look better than most!

  44. ms lemon tart

    These cookies are adorable. Pinning for future use.

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