Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Happy Sunday! I’m sharing some snowy scenery and weekend mountain views.

Lola and Sophie on porch in mountains | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

We enjoyed a long weekend in the North Carolina mountains recently. . .

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

A short two hour drive to an elevation of 4300 feet where temperatures are easily 12 degrees cooler.

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

If the snow won’t come to you, you can go to the snow. :)

Lola on porch with snow | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

 There was snow on the ground when we arrived and flurries off and on, creating a white fluffy blanket.

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Snow is a rare occurrence at the lake, so it makes me giddy to have a ‘snow day vacation’ if you can stay in with a good book to read, a pot of something warm bubbling on the stove, and you don’t have to drive in it!

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Fence in snow | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

The temperatures dropped to the 20s with the wind chill in the single digits…brrrrrrr!

Icicles and snow on roof | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

Frozen rain chain | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

Fence in snow | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

Lola and Sophie watching snow on porch in mountains | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Lola and Sophie were curious about the snow coming down. . .

Lola and Sophie watching snow on porch in mountains | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Lola and Sophie watching snow on porch in mountains | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Rhododendron in snow | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

They quickly decided that staying inside and curled up by the fire was the best place to be.

 Sophie by fire in mountains | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Lola in dog bed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Lola in chair by fire | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #dogs #snow #bichonfrise #ncmountains

Lola says she prefers this white fluffy blanket to the one outside. :)

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

It’s been a mild winter overall at the lake and we’re climbing up to 70 degrees on Tuesday, crazy for January!

January weather Lake Norman | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net

How about you. . .do you like a ‘snow day’ vacation?

Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #snow #ncmountains

Hope you’re staying warm, cozy and safe. ♥

Thank you for your visit!

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  33 comments for “Weekend Mountain Views and Snow Days

  1. January 24, 2021 at 7:24 am

    Beautiful! It always amazes me to see snow in North Carolina. So pretty, thank you for sharing!!

  2. Jane Teague
    January 24, 2021 at 7:32 am

    I love nice clean snow all winter! It is quiet and bright and beckons for cozy living inside and donning snowshoes to get out for fresh air. Overall, it is a shame it isn’t appreciated more. I’m glad you enjoyed such a beautiful weekend!

    • Pat
      January 24, 2021 at 9:06 am

      Beautiful scenery captured by a beautiful person! My only question is where does the fluffy blanket end and the cute fluffy pups begin? Thank you for sharing once more!

  3. Henriann Woleben
    January 24, 2021 at 7:48 am

    Thank you for sharing your “snow day” with us. The mountain vistas are majestic. Lola and Sophie look like snow angels. We have the prospect of snow here in coastal Virginia on Thursday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one beautiful snowfall this winter!

  4. January 24, 2021 at 8:34 am

    Your pictures are amazing!! When it snows here, the blank fields is what we have..they become white instead of gray…I wondered how Lola & Sophie acted in the snow? Yes, love a snowy day now because we don’t have to drive in it anymore! But after a snowy day or two, I’m done! After Christmas, bring on the SPRING, SUMMER!! I started getting seed catalogs in November and now have about 8…has anyone else received seed catalogs yet? If so, how many?? That just tells me that SPRING is coming…it’s a catalog of HOPE!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  5. Ellen McHale
    January 24, 2021 at 8:34 am

    Oh my! I lived 70 (!) years with the Sierra and Trinity Mountains on three sides of the skyline.
    My husband and I moved to Florida last April and surprisingly, love it.
    But Mary, oh, this reminds me how much a part of life those snow covered peaks were! A 40 minute drive and you could be cavorting in those icy flakes or sipping a warm something! Maybe, next weekend, a drive to the Carolinas…..

  6. Bonnie Morgan
    January 24, 2021 at 8:36 am

    How nice you got to have a mini snow vacation! It is nice you could get away and change your scenery in a short time. Your pictures are great.

    Lola and Sophie are adorable and you captured their curiosity perfectly. I am sure they preferred their comfy bed by the fire to the cold outside.

  7. Barbara Zuleski
    January 24, 2021 at 8:45 am

    Delightful what a Divine vacation. The snow looks so deep and crisp and even. Pure winter magic.

  8. Vicki
    January 24, 2021 at 8:53 am

    Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful pictures of your snowy vacation!! Lola and Sophie are adorable and remind me so much of my 2 Bichons, Sophie and Sadie!!

  9. January 24, 2021 at 9:34 am

    I’m with Lola and Sophie…give me a warm blanket in front of the fire. Oh and I’ll have some of whatever is bubbling on the stove! Beautiful photos Mary!

  10. January 24, 2021 at 9:38 am

    Loved your getaway! Your shots are gorgeous, my fave are your fence posts 🙂. We were in the 70s last week too, felt like spring, I have iris blooming and some trees that shouldn’t be, a very dry, warm, non winter too, but they are predicting snow tonight and a series of storms this week. Dare I say it feels like the boy who cries wolf, it always disappears at the last minute… Hopefully now that I put that in print we will get inundated with weather and fill up the reservoirs, prove me wrong! darling shots of cozy days that I yearn for… I thought winter was the time to rest!

  11. January 24, 2021 at 10:07 am

    I love the snow for a short period of time. Your scenes are beautiful as are the girls. Happy Sunday!

  12. January 24, 2021 at 10:09 am

    ” it makes me giddy to have a ‘snow day vacation’ if you can stay in with a good book to read, a pot of something warm bubbling on the stove, and you don’t have to drive in it!”
    Me too! I live on the top floor of a senior apartment buliding and can watch the cars sliding downhill in the snow. So happy to stay home! I love having a stash of books either piled beside me or on my kindle with a cup of hot chocolate and a pot roast simmering in the slow cooker.

  13. January 24, 2021 at 10:14 am

    Beautiful photo’s of the perfect snow day! Threatening snow here today ….

  14. Clara
    January 24, 2021 at 10:27 am

    Mary, The snow is beautiful. Glad you had a few days to enjoy the mountains and see the snow. The girls look fascinated by it and their decision to relax by the fire was perfect! I love to see a large snowfall as long as driving in is not required. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Clara❤️

  15. Franki Parde
    January 24, 2021 at 10:56 am

    Having grown up in the mid-west “snow-belt”…I do NOT miss endless snow/ice/WIND one bit…however, that being said, looking from the “inside outside” for a weekend sounds “just right!” Luv the photos! franki

  16. Sue
    January 24, 2021 at 11:45 am

    Thank you for sharing your snow day vacation with us!

    January 24, 2021 at 11:58 am

    BEAUTIFUL. Lola and Sophie look adorable trying to figure out the snow. Is this their first snow? It recently “snowed” where I live. Came out of the sky but melted as soon as it got close to the ground. I lifted my Maltese up to see the flakes coming down. They got a barely audible growl. Just letting them know he was keeping an eye on them should they try anything. Glad you had a great snow day.

  18. Dr. Mary
    January 24, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Gorgeous! As someone who lives in Houston, Texas, this was a delightful daydream into a snowy fantasy. Thank you!

  19. Cindi
    January 24, 2021 at 12:33 pm

    Having lived in PA till I was 50 for many years I didn’t want to even think about snow and shoveling but now 16 years of living in SC and VA I want one good snow a year ☃️ And since moving to VA we have gotten that. Hoping winter 2021 comes through. Your pictures are amazing and your puppies look like snowballs year round. Thanks for sharing.

    PS After reading your blog on Peter Rabbit I am watching the Peter Rabbit movie – snuggled up with a cup of tea and a puppy in my lap. Life doesn’t get much better ( unless it would be one of my grands in my lap instead). 😀

    • January 24, 2021 at 12:48 pm

      That sounds like the perfect afternoon Cindi! Hope you get your annual snowfall. ♥

  20. January 24, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    I love how you embrace all aspects of your life! Keep us inspired!

  21. Tricia
    January 24, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    I love a snow day. The best is when we know it is coming and and it is over the weekend so we can plan for it and just stay in. I have two cats so it is a snuggle fest and I love to sit and read and watch it snow out the window.

  22. Debbie- Dabble
    January 24, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    Absolutely stunning pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  23. January 24, 2021 at 4:28 pm

    What a wonderful, snowy getaway!! How nice that Lola and Sophie got to enjoy it, too.

  24. Betsy
    January 24, 2021 at 10:38 pm

    I absolutely love snow country in the mountains! What a terrific view from the deck of the cabin. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. As an avid mountain lover, I admit that I save some of my favorite recipes for snow days at the cabin! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  25. January 24, 2021 at 11:06 pm

    Beautiful pictures!!! We haven’t gotten hardly any snow this year, were supposed to get a bit tomorrow night but now they are saying it is fizzling too. ONE nice snowfall is about all I want. Would love to snuggle up by a fire and try some of whatever is bubbling on the stove!!! Thanks for sharing all this, Mary!

  26. January 25, 2021 at 9:15 am

    So beautiful Mary, I love the artistic fence photos you took…what did Sophie and Lola think of the snow? Precious…

  27. January 25, 2021 at 9:37 am

    How fun for you…we take our white ‘annoyance’ with a grain of salt up here in Chicagoland and sometimes forget how beautiful it can be.The puppies must have loved it…! Photos are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

  28. January 25, 2021 at 11:24 am

    Don’t we live in a beautiful world? You photos are just gorgeous. Thank you! And your puppies are perfect in the snow and by the fire. 🌧☃️❤️

  29. Chloe
    January 25, 2021 at 12:49 pm

    What gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  30. January 25, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Such a perfect way to see the snow! So many beautiful captures here. Thank you my friend!

  31. Cyndi Raines
    January 26, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    Yes, it can be very pretty, especially when it sticks to the trees / limbs / fenceposts like cotton candy. Now that I am retired and don’t have to drive to work, I can appreciate it more. However, livinging in Michigan we do get our fill and by mid-to-end of February I am ready for it to be gone. By then it is usually ugly, dirty mountains piled high in parking lots and makes everything dingy. Also, it is hard to hear of our southern friends flowers starting to come up and they are getting ready for spring 😉, while we have to trudge through the rest of March which usually brings a blizzard around St. Patrick’s Day! Lol By this time my poor Kentucky born husband is usually in a grand funk and grumbly. Haha. So glad you had a nice “snow-cation”, looks lovely, especially with a cozy fire to gaze at and lookout at your snow globe surroundings. The “snowball girls” fit in perfectly in their white suits! ♥️🐾

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