Looking for Flower Fairies

I have been reacquainted with the Flower Fairies, prompting me to take a page out of Cicely Mary Barker’s book Fairyopolis, and look for Flower Fairies.

My hopes are to photograph one~

“The first rule is that it must be a very hot day. . .”


Equipment needed to find a fairy:


~Butterfly Net

~Magnifying Glass

~Jam Jar

~Comfortable chair or place to sit


I set up my quilt and provisions for a long day of waiting and watching, hoping to catch a glimpse~

“The best times to see a fairy are at twilight, midnight, just before sunrise and midday.”

“Fairies appreciate the following:

Sweet delicacies such as fruit, jam and cake. . .”

I brought some Strawberry Jam, Madelines,

Petite Palmiers, and Berries for refreshments

and to entice the Flower Fairies~

And packed a basket with some borrowed dishes~

My Mother-in-Law’s Syracuse Portland~ offering up their floral bouquets in hopes of attracting the Flower Fairies~

I cut some Crepe Myrtle and scattered some petals to attract the Flower Fairies~

since they fashion outfits from fallen petals, dressing to impersonate the flowers so they may flutter by unseen~

 I was alerted to the presence of Flower Fairies on this tin of confections, on one of my HomeGoods excursions~

 You can see more of Cicely Mary Barker’s beautifully illustrated fairies here.

Fairies have delicate wings

that resemble a butterfly. . .

I’m following Cicely Mary Barker’s plan:

“Once a fairy has been spotted, gently catch her with the net or my hands. Place her in jam jar temporarily.”

I brought along a couple of cloches thinking they might provide an easier method to capture and examine the fairy before releasing her~

Cicely was influenced by the popular interest in fairies which developed from the Victorian enthusiasm for fairy stories and the immense popularity of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan in the early part of the 20th century.

Flower Fairies of the Spring, her first book published in 1923, was well received by a post-industrial, war-weary public who were charmed by her vision of hope and innocence.

Fairyopolis is the secret fairy journal of Cicely Mary Barker, recorded during a magical summer of 1920 ~ a delightful book for the young at heart. . . complete with illustrations, bits of fairy relics hidden under postcards, photos & fold-outs~ along with a sample of fairy dust :)

Arriving at a friends’ summer home in Storrington, Sussex, England~ Cicely plans to paint and garden, surrounded by meadows filled wildflowers. On her arrival, she discovers this tranquil haven is surrounded by flower fairies. Cicely chronicles her discoveries, illustrating and compiling evidence of fairies in her journal. . .

It is a summer that she opens herself up to a whole new world~ unseen but often imagined.

“Flower beds are a perfumed paradise for fairies that desire beauty above all else. Every flower has its own fairy to care for it, which explains why most of my own fairy encounters have taken place in the garden.”

Looking for Flower Fairies Details:

Dishes/ Portland by Syracuse

Flatware/ Oneida Community Evening Star

Napkins & Butterfly Glasses/ HomeGoods

Wire Cloche/ Stein Mart, several years ago

  Suspend your disbelief and enter

the Flower Fairies’  Magical Realm. . .

After all, only true believers

are able to see the fairies. . .

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39 responses to “Looking for Flower Fairies

  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Very pretty Mary! I love your beautiful quilt and the wire cloche! Happy Monday:@)

  2. A beach diary

    What a delightful way to start my day… Thank you for sharing your passion of beauty time and time again. Life NEEDS these moments…

  3. That was a perfect post for today or anyday. Loved it.

  4. If I was a fairy, I would not be able to resist your beautiful quilt of fairy catching equipment!

  5. A little fairy magic to start my morning. I do love your wonderfully creative approach to life. I suspect you’ll have many fairies joining you at this lovely picnic. Who could resist?

  6. Oh, Mary!!! How can a fairy (or two or three) not show up to this delightful setting!? Your imagination has no bounds…You make me feel as If I’m there with you…Lovely!

  7. Mary, this is such a beautiful post with the fairies along. So delightful and amusing. Love it.

  8. This was so very sweet and endearing…..thank you for the magic!!!

  9. Simply enchanting!!…If there were just one fairy in the world, that fairy would definitely be visiting that enchanted setting you created. I just love your posts as you take us on an amazing journey each and every time.
    Have a wonderful day Mary…!

  10. What a sweet post, Mary. Any fairy would appreciate such a pretty setting for picnic. We believe in fairies around here! :D

  11. I just found your post. You transported me to the new fantasy of fairies. You must believe to see them from the corner of your eye, Love the book and your wonderful setting.

  12. Oh so pretty and such a great way to spend an afternoon, or morning. Love the cloche of course and all of your accessories are just perfect for Fairy Dreaming. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. Fairies are frequent visitors here and leave sweet surprises in the fairy boxes that so delight the kids. I wonder if the fairies find their way here after visiting with you.

  14. This reminds me of the movie “Sense and Sensibility” for some reason. It’s beautiful! It looks like the perfect spot to flop down and hunt for fairies…or just take a long afternoon nap! :-)

  15. Sweet and whimsical, Mary!

  16. Debbie@Mountain Breaths

    I hope your fairies meet up with mine ;o) Such a pretty setting for picnic. My co-worker has the fairy book, and I loved looking at it!

  17. What a creative post! I’m sure this was suitable for drawing fairies in!
    Love all your details…so sweet! Very cool cloche and bird cage!

  18. My dear friend, Thank you ever so much for stopping by and giving us such beautifully photographed tips on finding and catching fairies! I bet you had hundreds dancing all over your blanket!!! Breathtaking!!!
    Thanks so much for joining TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS with all the beauty you create!

  19. The fairies find their magic in your posts, I am sure of that. I love the blanket, cloche and quilt. So much fun to have been brought a long to enjoy the prettier parts of life. xo marlis

  20. A wonderfully delightful post as always, Mary! I’ve always loved Cicely Mary Barker’s artwork and books…and of course I believe in Fairies! :)

  21. Hi darling, oh my goodness this is the cutest most romantic setting I’ve ever seen. hugs ~lynne ~

  22. How could the fairies resist this magical setting???? I love your fairy posts, they transport me. Love that wire cloche and have been on the lookout for one for awhile. The goodies look so inviting. Would love to sit with you and watch for fairies too. XO, Pinky

  23. An absolutely magical post. I love fairies myself and have a couple of Fairy Gardens in the corners of my garden. Perhaps, I’ll try to entice them with your idea. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Fairies do exist! Thanks for reminding me of the magic in life!

  25. *GASP!* I saw your title on TTT and HAD to come see!! This is one of the most fantastic, magical things I have seen in forever, and I want to memorize every picture and go find that book!! Thank you so much!
    Sincerely, Another Fairy Lover

  26. I think you are more than adequately prepared. Do keep me posted. I fear I would fall asleep on the pretty quilt. xoxo, Olive

  27. Just adorable! I love it
    Stephanie @swtboutique.blogspot.com

  28. Thank you for reminding me of the joy of Cicley Mary Barkers books. Your flight of fairy fancy is full of a soft beauty. I am off to find my books.

  29. So whimsical! I just know that such a lovely quilt and china will attract the fairies to your tea party. So much for a summer afternoon. I do hope you will share pictures of your special guests. Thank you for brightening my morning.

  30. This is so beautiful! It’s like a scene from a fairy tale.

  31. Enchanting…beautiful quilt, Mary.

  32. Your set the mood so beautifully, it truly makes me a believer of flower fairies!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and charming flower fairies tablescape at Potpourri Friday! It’s so pretty, they will come.

  33. I hope you were able to capture a fairy, Mary! I know in your heart and mine, the fairies are there. I love your beautiful wire cloche and wonderful quilt and you MIL’s dishes.

  34. I love this post. I am also a fan of Cicely Mary Barker!

  35. So cute! I have a few of her books and have been playing with putting fairy images in jewelry (no blog post up on that yet though).

  36. Hi Mary, We have many fairies living here too, and most of the Cicely Mary Barker books, too. Many years ago I found some very old prints of hers in England and brought them home to hang in my children’s bath. I just love them. Definitely making a trip to HGs today to look for those tins! Linda

  37. I must be a fairy, cause I love the menu. The presentation is fabulous, and the photography is amazing as it always is!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  38. Good Morning Mary! Delightful!! My daughter who is handicap, PWS, receives your e-page as well as I and will be thrilled to see this page. She LOVES FAIRIES!! Waiting patiently for me to complete a fairy quilt and do her room in a fairy theme, She has been collecting all kind of fairy theme stuff!!! She loves Chloe & Gracie and just plan LOVES your site!!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful info. on fairies. It was a great read for my early morning.

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