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Celebrate National Dog Day So Every Dog Has Its Day

‘Paws’ for a celebration with your canine companions on National Dog Day. You’ll find homemade dogs treats and more dog gone fun ways to celebrate. Lola and Sophie are stopping by to let you know that tomorrow is National Dog Day so you have time to plan your celebration!  National Dog Day is August 26th.…

Red, White and Blue Transferware

Sending a little red, white & blue your way with transferware, flowers, and flags on Independence Day! And with Hydrangeas, Coleus and Caladiums. Wishing you a Safe and Happy Independence Day! Long May She Wave! Thank you for your visit, I’m joining:  Metamorphosis Monday, The Scoop,  Inspire Me Tuesday, Wow Us Wednesdays,  Home Sweet Home, Feathered Nest Friday,

Simply Springing Forward with Waterlogue

 A little Springing Forward Fun with watercolors from photos  with Waterlogue . . .  Waterlogue allows you to create a watercolor painting from a photo on your phone with the push of a button, instead of a paintbrush. . . The Waterlogue app is $2.99 and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I don’t generally buy apps…