Reliable Seeds for a {Staffordshire} Bouquet


While it’s January and gray outside

with Spring two months away~


 My dish garden :)  is satisfying

my craving for flowers and

helping to chase away

the January Blues!


My Reliable Seeds have previously

yielded a crop of cupcakes ~


and now offer up

a Bouquet of Flowers~


Staffordshire Bouquet by Johnson Brothers,

was picked at a favorite antique mall

 rather than a nursery~


42 pieces for $20, flowers damaged

not by thrips or aphids,

but a result of wear and age~


Visible chips and crazing

 provide patina and charm~

 acceptable in a Potting Shed

when used as saucers for pots.


And sugar bowls with missing lids

are welcome & put into service~


Providing relief from a gray January landscape

with their comforting Old World brown

and multicolored blooms.




Staffordshire Bouquet

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70 responses to “Reliable Seeds for a {Staffordshire} Bouquet

  1. Gardening never had so much fun til you~

  2. What a cute idea! I love the “dish garden” I’m working on an idea this might help me with! Those are sweet dishes- love the pattern. I keep showing my husband your potting shed and any others that strike my fancy. I would love my own spot for my garden goodies! Right now i have to skirt around a car in the garage to get to mine! Keep the cute stuff coming! Always love it!

  3. What a great buy. Chips and crazing just add to them. Gosh I have got to get my shed built or I am going to have to come play in yours.

  4. Your winter dish garden is so sweet and clever. Your blog posts never disappoint…always awesome!
    xoxo Kathi

  5. It is all absolutely lovely! Vintage dishes are always so interesting, and the ‘garden’ is just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your corner of the world :-)

  6. I just love your blog! I finished reading your bio & envy your lake living. I have a shelter adoptee dog named Sassy. She is a poodle- bichon mix. Adopted@ 8 yrs old, now she is 12 & old & grouchy…luv her the same! Your dogs are adorable!
    Love your china. I have a similar Medway pattern that I’m collecting. $20 lucky ducky you are!!!! The potting shed is precious too.
    THANX for sharing, Tiff

  7. You are a genius! I’d already made up my mind that I need to bring some flowers in from outside, but it snowed!…..and I have to wait til May….thanks so much for sharing, Very Inspiring and sooo creative!

  8. Johnson Bros strike again! What a wonderful find! I love that the set has been well loved and will continue to be loved. YeeHaw!!!

  9. I love your creativity!

  10. I have the blues BAD today and this cheered me up, so thank you.

  11. How PRETTY they look in your shed, where you can see them as you play, Mary! Beautifully displayed, as always. You are so dern creative, Lady. *sigh* I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

    Warm hugs,

  12. What a wonderful box! Of course I had to dash off to see the cupcake crop, how cute are those! Wonderful spring cakes, so cute with the garden gloves and seed packets. I know you will be enjoying your winter bouquet in your cozy garden shed while you are waiting for warmer days!

  13. You make everything fun, Mary. I could move right in, even if there is no heat in this charming shed. I’m beginning to think that “shed” isn’t a proper adjective for your garden abode. And that dish garden is definitely chasing away my January blues. ;-) Absolutely love those big ole shears!

  14. I adore those dishes! I have a few odd plates from Johnsons Bros and the designs just make me so happy! Love how you made a ‘tree’ so cute!

  15. What a steal for the Staffordshire dishes. You are so clever about your dish garden! Cupcakes are so darling. I could eat all of them at one sitting I am so hungry right now.
    Your post lifts all our spirits. Have a wonderful day!

  16. This is a really sweet vignette. I love the dishes and your potting shed is so adorable. Love it all!

  17. Hubby is home sick with that horrid flu today so your Staffordshire bouquet was just what I needed for a pick me up! Love the cottage feel of it too! Might you tell us a bit about the holder on the wall that a few cups and saucers are hanging from? It looks to be a pot with a vine but not sure… very unusual, a great piece! Your potting shed is completely lovely!

  18. It has been a totally gray day in the Virginia Piedmont and only my daughter and the birds at my feeder have been providing color to the day until your post came along. Your sweet cupcakes did stir me to consider baking to cheer up the day. I telecommute but can shift my lunch hour to make time for baking up some homemade bread. I think a loaf of homemade bread will be just the thing for us today and tea and jam will make the day brighter inside despite the weather.
    I absolutely love the vine and pot at the door and of course your little birds and flower boxes everywhere. Thanks for warming the day.

  19. What a great find! I love those dishes, even though they are a bit worn. They are perfect for the potting shed.

  20. Robin Bonvino

    I really enjoy following your blog and look forward to the “eye candy” each time. You never disappoint! I would love to have a shed as lovely as yours however living in Massachusetts my shed is filled with a lawn mower and patio furniture stacked to the ceiling. I daydream of what it could be but for now I live through yours.

  21. I’m such a big fan of your blog and this post and birdy display really cheered me up on a cold western Pennsylvania day. So clever!

  22. Beautiful display…these are my Mothers dishes…..always used on Holidays…today happens to be her 95th birthday. I will have to tell her about the dishes on display, and ask where hers are.

  23. I love your dish garden. You do such beautiful displays and I love your shed!!! Blessings- xo Diana

  24. Just $20 for 42 pieces??!?!! What a deal!!! And what a seriously cute display in that box! The cupcakes are an extra fun touch…and tasty, too, I’ll bet! Oh, but you have such exquisite taste! Have a happy Monday!

  25. Oh, Mary….what a cute post! I love the pattern, and the vertical dish garden is such a cute idea….brilliant! :D And what a great price, too!!!

  26. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Never met a J-Bro set of dishes I haven’t loved-these are very pretty Mary! Looks like you’re having lots of fun-enjoy:@)

  27. Mary, how cute is this?! You are one of the most creative people that I know! The dishes and the cupcakes are just too cute!!

  28. Your ‘Winter Dish Garden’ is wonderful…and 42 pieces for $20 I’m sure was a nice surprise …grazes, chips and dings just add to the charm…Love, love, love the cup and saucer wall ‘planter’ – what a marvelous find!

  29. I would love to know where your wall planter came from also. That may not have been the original purpose but your idea is terrific….

  30. I have always admired that wonderful seed box…it is so incredible…and love, love the dishes…I have some Johnson Brothers in the Pomona pattern that are very similar to yours….what a great buy for all those dishes!!…

  31. It’s a flat decorative garden shovel and came from The Round Top Collection about 15 years ago. I hung the cups off the vines attached and used plate hangers :)

  32. I’m so happy to have found your blog…enjoy it so much. What wonderful things you have in your beautiful garden shed. Love the dishes, love the seed box, oh, I just love this blog.

  33. Love your bouquet! What a find!!

    - The Tablescaper

  34. There are so so many wonderful things to find in your potting shed! LOVE the dishes, especially in the seed box! Even when it is cold outside… the potting shed is blooming with beautiful things!

  35. I love how you hung the plates along the ‘vine’. I bet I know the antique mall where you got the Reliable Seeds box. I believe I saw it there. Your potting shed is perfect and has a great ‘collected over time’ look. Of all your posts, my favorite is where you turned the Pottery Barn bags in to gift wrap.

  36. What an uplifting post for a January day…so enjoyed all of it!!

  37. Even though I don’t do much “potting”, I would love to have a potting shed like yours! I guess I could call mine a playhouse. I enjoy following your blog and would like to enter your giveaway. My favorite bird to see at the feeder is the Cardinal, although the squirrels provide stiff competition for the birdseed!

  38. Wow! So clever! Our Christmas elf, Belle, has one of those twig pencils!
    A happy post for a gray, rainy day

  39. Love all of your blogs! I love forward to each and every one.

  40. Cheryl Robbins

    I can’t get enough of your potting shed….i’d like to live there! It seems like the perfect spot to display lots of things i love. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  41. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day. You continue to inspire creativity in me that I didn’t know I had!

  42. Oh my word, cute, cute, cute. I love the dishes in the tray and you always accessorize so beautifully. Full of tons of inspiration. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  43. Thought I would drop back by to tell you that I was in LKN Antique Mall this morning, and I saw a weathered white ‘Garden Seed’ sign w/ black letters, in case you might be interested. It is on the left wall, about 1 booth to right from where the aisle turns to go the back of the store, on the upper left wall of the (rusty, crusty) booth, which is beside the one with the art work/photos. There is a tole tray just down from that booth that reminded me of your garden shed, too. I’m sure your husband will not be thanking me for encouraging you to shop! ;)

  44. Gorgeous bang for you $20.

  45. Thanks so much! I’m running errands tomorrow I’ll stop by and see if I can find it :)

  46. Okay, I did not know that there were vintage seed boxes that wide. Mine is a mail holder on my desk. I love yours and the china hanging on the metal plant and in the seed box is beautiful and clever.

  47. What a cheerful post!! Love the dish “garden” idea!

  48. I love visiting the shed. Beautiful post as always!

  49. Cute post…love how you have displayed these dishes – and those cupcakes – to die for!

  50. I like that kind of gardening…no worries about a brown thumb! Love what you have done with those pretty dishes.

  51. Your potting shed is a beautiful inspiration. Love the flower “bouquet”, too.

  52. Oh my goodness Mary… $20 for all that! Wowsers!! What a cute display you’ve made to cheer our spirits.

  53. I love that china!!! I totally want it! Especially for $20?!
    Me and my mother both have a china from Johnson Brothers. And they both have the same shape of plates, cups, etc as you have!

  54. My parents married in 1974 and received those dishes as a gift. Mom still has all of them! We’ve been on the lookout for years for a matching pitcher or teapot but maybe one wasn’t made in this pattern? Anyway, LOVED seeing these dishes, good memories:)

  55. Wow, you got an amazing deal on this set! I have a small pitcher and teacup/saucer of this pattern and love them. Beautiful post!

  56. Very cute post! Love those dishes. We have Romney Spode and they kinda look similar. You are a very creative lady! Enjoy your blog.

  57. I love the term dish garden, and you certainly did get a good crop with those Staffordshire dishes. Your potting shed is sure a delightful place to while away the winter. I love the cupcakes too. Joni

  58. What a darling post! I love Johnson Brothers and the Bouquet pattern looks so charming in the seed crate!

  59. Mary, Your dishes are rustic and bright at the same time–not an easy combination to find. I am loving the shovel dish tree too. I can’t wait to see what you do next in this potting shed/giant play house! :) Linda

  60. I’ve just discovered your blog, Mary, and immediately signed up to become a follower. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your garden shed … which, by the way, I think I’d love to LIVE in! Can’t wait to start receiving your daily posts, and thanks for the opportunity to win the $50 gift card.

  61. Your garden is beautiful ~ your pictures are fabulous!

  62. Beautiful dish garden! Love it all!..Christine

  63. some of my FAVORITE kinds of flowers!!! just beautiful!!

  64. Beautiful post. I am love with your shed! I have a full set of Staffordshire Bouquet. It was the first china I started collecting. Dianne

  65. I love your dish garden! You present everything so artfully!
    Yes, I guess the start of Spring is 2 months away, but here it will still be cold and flowerless long after that! Maybe I will have to make a gaeden of flowery dishes to get me through!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  66. Always a pleasure to visit you shed. I could live there! I always like to see more uses for dishes. Love, love dishes!

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