A Place to Pot~ From the Ground Up


I’ve had lots of emails and comments about my Potting Shed we built this year. Here is a recap with the posts to date~ from the ground up! They are also permanently on a tab at the top of my page for easy access.

potting shed_5

This project was years in the making in the planning & procrastinating stage :) but only took about a month, starting and stopping with a delay on the metal roof, and a project I was thrilled to have completed in 2012.

Landscaping is at the top my list of projects for 2013~

Country Gardens Potting Shed

The exterior was inspired by my 2012 early spring issue of Country Gardens Magazine. We didn’t have any plans, just a rough sketch from ideas and pages saved from magazines, so I unfortunately I don’t have plans to share. The exterior is 10 x 16~ the size dictated by the space we had under the trees, and already seems too small :)

Click on the links to the posts below

the photos to see how she’s grown~

potting shed_4

A Place to Pot

windows potting shed

Nesting & Window Dressing

potting shed2

New Life for a Chest Gone to Pot


Skirting the Issue


Potting Shed Update- Fall Dressing


Bits of Fall & Blooms

Potting Shed Thanksgiving4

Window of Opportunity~ Harvesting & Gathering

Potting Shed Christmas

Potting Shed Christmas


A Ladder from Santa


It’s a Wrap!


Bird Watching~ Chickadees


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49 responses to “A Place to Pot~ From the Ground Up

  1. :D Just looking at your little potting shed makes me happy!

  2. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Your potting shed is so pretty and inspiring! I can’t hardly wait for spring!

  3. I still say I’m going to pack my bags and move in! (May I use the facilities in the main house? LOL!)

  4. Your potting shed is certainly a wonderful space!

  5. It is just so darn cute and I have been asking for about three years now. Hopefully this is the year.

  6. IF we were allowed to build one I sure would! I just love yours, Mary and love seeing all the updates you do!!!

  7. Penny C. aquila

    Wish we were neighbors ! I think we could have fun !

  8. Penny C. aquila

    Wishing you a wonderful day …..you inspire us all …..God’s blessings !

  9. I love your potting shed. I love how it looks like it’s been there forever – but new all at the same time. I want one!!! LOL

  10. Oh my gosh, your “little” potting shed is beautiful! I don’t think I’d pot anything in it…maybe just make it my second home!! You should be on the front of a magazine!

    Thank you for sharing.


  11. I would love a playhouse like yours in which to create.


  12. Mary, just last night I had revisited all the potting shed posts on the pull down menu and the dog menu too. It’s fun to revisit your posts that are full of inspiration and sheer joy. Lucky us that you share all your beautiful images. Thanks, dear friend! ~ Sarah

  13. Your potting “cottage” is the best ever!!!….Now yours belongs on the cover!!!

  14. every gril needs a playhouse~

  15. Your “shed” is fabulous Mary. I would love to have one just like it!

  16. What a perfect shed! You have done it up fabulously. I love that Christmas ladder, by the way!!!

  17. That is one of the sweetest potting sheds I have ever seen. I just love it, Mary. My next house is gonna have one for sure- xo Diana

  18. creativehomeexpressions

    Gorgeous! I wish I had done something like this with our shed at our old house, Mary. Love the way you’ve done the inside. If you are in there potting and puttering, it should definitely be pretty and you’ve accomplished that.

  19. I call it Mary’s Play House…it is just too darn cute to be a “mere potting shed”…! The touches you’ve added are beautiful and turns it into a magical place….Thanks for the recap…I want one!

  20. Mary,
    Love, love, love the re~cap!!!
    I adore the use of the landscaping burlap with twigs around the top of your windows! You have inspired me to devise a similar solution for the drain pipes in Studio One for 2013!!! I also, adore how you decorate the Potting Shed Seasonaly!!! So inspirational!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Gorgeous and practical-gotta love it:@)

  22. She is an amazing potting shed. I hope she has a name. You are more amazing as the creative director of the shed.

  23. Debbie@Mountain Breaths

    I grew up with a shed, not quite a potting shed, but we loved playing in it! Enjoy yours Mary!

  24. I’d love to have this little house to putter in… It is so much more than a potting shed! Mary, I’m thrilled that you posted this… I can’t believe I missed the ladder post!!! GORGEOUS!

  25. Simply amazing! Like all the things you do. I am putting together an organization post and have to brag about your dish storage solution. Believe it or not…I have a shower stall just like yours being totally ignored too..but it won’t be for long.

  26. I have to admit, when I see your potting shed I get the “I wants” really bad! LOVE everything you do out there. your Christmas decor has been magazine material! thanks for joining in for the party!

  27. Oh how I wish I had a potting place…love yours!!!
    Visiting from Inspiration Friday :)

  28. FABULOUS! I have a small Cottage in the back of our Acreage that is presently used for Storage but my Goal in 2013 is to convert it into a Potting Style Shed to use for Art, Garden Projects, Relaxing and a Reading Nook. Your Potting Shed is so Inspiring!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

  29. What a wonderful potting shed! I would never leave there, except to work in my garden. I have my potting bench in the garage.

  30. Very pretty..

  31. Mary, Your sweet shed is simply charming. How wonderful to have such a functional setting to decorate. Dianne

  32. Just love how you transition your potting shed from season to season.

    - The Tablescaper

  33. Would love to camp out in your lovely shed and enjoy talking to you for hours. It is a delightful to see the seasons celebrated and decorated inside and out.

  34. Vicki Patton

    I absolutely LOVE this!!! Sisters on the Fly take vintage or new travel campers and glamp them up similar. fun!

  35. I love your shed! I have been wanting one for years and hope that I’m not being to bold to ask what your approximate cost was to build your shed? It is the perfect place to dream, plant and decorate! Thank you for sharing!
    dee dee

  36. I just love that seed box dressed so beautifully for autumn! Your shed is completely charming!

  37. I was so hopping you would have Google’s Friend Connect so I could follow you.I don’t really like getting feeds on My e-mail. I love your blog and would like to follow you.Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage.

  38. I was over at Debras and saw your potting shed. It’s darling. But best of all was that darling little chickadee teapot. That is just about the sweetest thing ever! :-) So fun to have found your blog.

  39. Just gorgeous! What a fun and successful project. I came over from Debra’s and am going to follow you now. I have seen your posts before and love your blog. Blessings, Pamela

  40. Just stopped by from Common Ground. Your potting shed is the loveliest I have ever seen ~ Oh my ~ what a dream ~

  41. Such beautiful photos! What talent you have in decorating! I am just in awe. Every season at your shed is just too divine. I am following your now.

  42. Amazing. I was sure when I saw these images on Common Grounds, it was from several different posts. Can’t believe that is the interior. Just amazing. The inside of your potting shed is gorgeous. Love the Christmas decorations with the watering cans…every little detail is wonderful!

  43. Oh goodness, I love that potting shed :)

  44. Love it-sooo charming!! Sharing at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!!

  45. Stopping in to pin this. Totally awesome, I love it!


  46. What a darling shed…especially love your burlap swags and pinned them. Am following you, now, on FB hope you’ll follow back :)

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  49. This space would be my dream come true – you must absolutely love it!!! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

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