Skeleton Crew and Dogs on the Porch

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Happy Friday! Rod and Rowena are enjoying a little porch time.

Bone Powder Flower Arrangement for Halloween | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Rowena is passionate about flowers and created this colorful arrangement from the flowers that Rod cut from the garden. . . roses, mums and Blue Star Sea Holly.

Bone Powder Flower Arrangement for Halloween | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

She likes to think outside the vase and repurposed an empty tin of Genuine Bone Powder to use for her arrangement.

Bone Powder Tin for Flower Arrangement for Halloween | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Shh. . .don’t tell anyone, but Bone Powder is the secret ingredient Rod uses to grow his wicked beautiful flowers.

Hawthorne Gardens Wicked Beautiful Flowers Pillow | © #halloween #porch #skeleton

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Rod and Rowena still act like newlyweds and love a cocktail hour or a tipple with lunch!

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Skull Cocktail Shaker and Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Rowena set a table on the porch for a casual lunch with Rod. She found these salad plates while shopping at HomeGoods a couple weeks ago.

Skeletons on the Porch Table | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

She thought the resemblance was uncanny!

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

No bones about it, Rod and Rowena are dog lovers. . .

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Sophie has never met a stranger but Lola takes a while to warm up to new faces . . .

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

Skeletons on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #humerus

 It helps when the new faces offer a treat 🐾🐾

Dogs on the Porch | © #Halloween #dogs #porch #bichonfrise

Lola says, ‘That’s better, it was a little crowded on my bench.’

Dogs on the Porch | © #Halloween #dogs #porch #bichonfrise

Posing for photos is tiring work. . .

Dogs on the Porch | © #Halloween #dogs #porch #bichonfrise

Dogs on the Porch | © #Halloween #dogs #porch #bichonfrise


Skull Salad Plates / Marbella Skull by 222 Fifth, HomeGoods

Dinner Plates / Lenox Melli Mello Eliza Stripe, HomeGoods, several years ago, used here

Skull Martini Shaker and Glasses / Pottery Bar, several years ago, used here

Black Web Straw Placemats, Goblets / HomeGoods, several years ago

Bone Powder Tin / Michaels

Spider Napkin Rings / Pier 1, several years ago

Hawthorne Gardens Pillow Cover / Amazon

Dogs on the Porch | © #Halloween #dogs #porch #bichonfrise

I’m cackling with glee to be part of Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop this week.

You can join Rod and Rowena at the table for some rib tickling fun, HERE,

along with spooktacular Halloween table inspiration from 20 table stylists.

Hawthorne Gardens Wicked Beautiful Flowers Tablescape + Rib Tickling Fun | © #halloween #tablescapes #skeleton #garden

🎃 🕷️💀🕸️🐾🐾

Skeletons and Pups on the Porch | © #Halloween #skeleton #porch #dogs #bichonfrise #humerus

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  40 comments for “Skeleton Crew and Dogs on the Porch

  1. Jane Teague
    October 18, 2019 at 6:50 am

    Though I am not much of a fan of the huge emphasis of skulls and skeletons dominating the season these days, your storytelling is both clever and pleasant. Your dogs are such sports! Happy Autumn to you, Mary!

  2. October 18, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Mary, Rod and Rowena are hysterical along with your dialogue! Of course I always love seeing your sweet pups, too cute having them on the bench with ‘Aunt’ Rowena and ‘Uncle’ Rod.Thanks for the smiles this morning and give Lola and Sophie a treat for me.

  3. October 18, 2019 at 7:15 am

    Hilarious! Thanks for the grins and sharing the girls this morning.🐾🐾

  4. Rita C.
    October 18, 2019 at 8:07 am

    This is hilarious, and I don’t blame Lola one bit for taking a while to warm up to those bony two. Rowena’s ring from Rod is the best (laughed out loud), and I love Rod’s choice of flowers. There is just something about the blue star holly and its resemblance to thistle that I love. I don’t know what it is, but I find it so cool. It’s sort of like the yin to the yang of delicate and pretty blossoms, that masculine/feminine style I am drawn to, I guess.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. October 18, 2019 at 8:11 am

    Another bone jarringly fun visit! The pups are so cute, love all your details! Thought of you yesterday at homegoods, have you seen the cemetery garden gate for 399$, perfect for your potting shed, spooktacular! You would have a field day with that for years to come 😆

  6. Vicki
    October 18, 2019 at 8:19 am

    Mary, you are having way too much fun! Incredible Halloween decor and wit. Glad Lola & Sophie could help out!

  7. Theresa R Keller
    October 18, 2019 at 8:23 am

    Cute, Cute, Cute…… Happy Friday!!

  8. Dottie
    October 18, 2019 at 8:27 am

    Your posts are always wonderful but your girls just make EVERYTHING better!! They make me giggle.

  9. October 18, 2019 at 8:46 am

    When I first saw those skeletons on the bench, I was wondering if you would be able to get Sophie and Lola up there wth them. You got some great pics with them. I have to say my favorites posts are when you include the dogs into your themes!

  10. October 18, 2019 at 8:53 am

    You are very clever and take beautiful pictures! Dog Lover here so love the pups! Lynn

  11. Janet Robinson
    October 18, 2019 at 9:33 am

    Mary, Thank you for these great pictures!!! Decorating for Halloween is the best !!! And the dogs were great sports too!!!

  12. Bonnie Morgan
    October 18, 2019 at 9:48 am

    Mary, you are a mess! What will you think of next? I have found your posts with Rod last year and now so cute. But I love the addition of Rowena. Adding Sophie and Lola steps it up! I know you give them treats but you do a great job photographing them. Thanks for a feel-good post this morning. I am so behind. How do you do it!

  13. October 18, 2019 at 10:40 am

    I am with Lola, it would take time to warm up to Rod and Rowena😂 This is beyond fun and cute Mary! I love your sense of humor and Lola and Sophie are adorable with their sweaters! Happy Weekend 🍁🎃🍂

  14. Dawn
    October 18, 2019 at 11:35 am

    From the decor to the descriptions……your blog always makes me smile. Thank you

  15. Chloe
    October 18, 2019 at 11:49 am

    How funny that both pups went to sleep…must have been nap time! Thanks for sharing them through your photos.

  16. Dianne Chrestopoulos
    October 18, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    I knew you had Rod, when did you get Rowena? I love this post! Very fun very cool!

  17. October 18, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    My Friday morning pick-me-up! Mary, I’m envious of all the fun you are having with Rod and Rowena. I have a doggie Halloween tablescape planned, but too busy packing up and moving things out fo three rooms before our remodel start date. So, I’ll just enjoy this fun while I take a break and sip my coffee. The girls don’t seem to be the least bit frightened by these two. They are as adorable as ever. I’ve looked for a Halloween sweater for Sadie when I’ve been out and about, but nothing. Not that it’s cool enough for sweaters!!!. Happy Friday!

  18. Leslie
    October 18, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    Thanks for the chuckles and creativity this morning! I love it!

  19. October 18, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    Too much fun Mary! Rod and Rowena sure know how to relax and have fun! However do you get those fur balls to pose so perfectly always amazes me! And be still my heart those sleeping pooches, unbelievable sweet and cute!! Thank you for the smiles today!

  20. barbara
    October 18, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    No bones about it, this is dog gone cute!

  21. Kathleen
    October 18, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Fun post. Love Rod and Rowena. The ring…so funny and the bone dust tin too. Scary plates! Gorgeous bouquet and cutest pups ever.

  22. October 18, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Rid and Rowena sure are having fun moving their bones around your property, Mary. I love the bouquet that Rod picked for Rowena’s repurposed vase. Sophie and Lola look happy with their bony friends removed from their porch.

  23. Anne Marie
    October 18, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Love the skeletons! The pups were too cut!

  24. Sandy K Park
    October 18, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    Ha ha ha! You just gotta love Rowena and Rod. Such a cute couple.

  25. gert stevens
    October 18, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    As always your tablescape is so beautiful and fun!! Just live your pups!!! Just love the throw the puppies are sitting in!!! So fallish!!


  26. October 18, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    How imaginative!! The girls are so cute posing with Rod and Rowena and especially by themselves. You take spectacular pictures!! It makes my day.

  27. Linda L Hovgaard
    October 18, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Love it! Rod and Rowena are adorable and so are your puppies! I might have to get me a couple of skeletons cause how much fun is that? Dressing them up, posing them – what a hoot! You knock it out of the park every time Mary! Thanks for all your Halloween fun!

  28. Jamie_on_Main
    October 18, 2019 at 10:36 pm

    MARY.. this is off the subject but I was looking through my “Vermont Country Store “ catalogue and came across a pair of flannel PJ’s that I think you would like.. I think Lola must have posed for the likeness.. they are called “playful puppy-love pajamas”.. 😂💕🎀have a good day… Jamie from Kentucky

    • October 19, 2019 at 7:10 am

      Thank you Jamie 🐾🐾

  29. Yvonne
    October 19, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Absolutely bone chillingly adorable. Your skeleton decor is so unique and clever. And oh my goodness the pups are as always too too cute. Happy weekend Mary

  30. October 19, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Okay, Mary. You aren’t supposed to be having so much fun—-! Totally trippy and a riot also…Sure love your posts! Happy Halloween!

  31. October 19, 2019 at 11:34 pm

    Not a Halloween fan but you are so creative ! All Rod is missing is a cigarette.

  32. October 21, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    What a fabulous display and the dogs look hilarious.

  33. Jan McF
    October 23, 2019 at 8:58 am

    Mary, you always do such a fabulous job with your site!! Halloween is my favorite, so it was wonderful!
    I just had a ladies Pirate party and made your great great punch, since rum is the drink of pirates!

  34. October 25, 2019 at 8:05 am

    Love your story of Rod and Rowena. And the skeleton theme is hilarious and very well done.

  35. Shayne
    November 11, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    First time visiting your site and absolutely love the pictures of your puppies I have 2 Bichons myself Oliver and Joey and they look identical to yours …one’s a little bigger and fluffier and one’s a little bit smaller warms my heart to see your photos😍

    • November 11, 2019 at 5:32 pm

      Thank you for your visit Shayne. We love our Bichons, they have the best personalities, don’t they? 🐾🐾

  36. November 14, 2019 at 10:28 am

    Gorgeous babies.

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