Beach, Birds, Boats & Boys


Harbor Island, a barrier island in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, is a private residential community, located between Charleston and Hilton Head Island.  Its three-mile stretch of beach is visited mostly by pelicans, herons, horseshoe crabs and is a nesting site for Loggerhead Sea Turtles.





A great beach for boys. . .

To see some boats. . .


To watch the birds. . .


To watch others watch the birds. . .

And a great place to:

“Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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49 responses to “Beach, Birds, Boats & Boys

  1. Absolutely STUNNING photos. Your work should be featured by the South Carolina Tourism folks, because you definitely make me want to go see this all for myself!

  2. Annie La Vigne

    I just love this! It came alive with the people (boys) in it! Love that…A

  3. Are those little birds egrets? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one up close like that. That sunset is breathtakingly beautiful!!! I could use a pretty sight like that right about now!

  4. The white ones are Egrets, the ones flapping their wings are Tricolored Herons and the one with the curved orange beak is an Ibis…hopefully none are lunch for the alligators :-)

  5. You have taken me to Harbor Island by way of these extraordinary photos.
    I believe that is adjacent to Fripp Island where I have gone many times.
    Too bad my pictures didn’t turn out like yours. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Carolyn

  6. oh that was all so gorgeous, the sun and sea are magnificent… well, your photo skills really, thats what makes it feel like i am walking the shores with you… so pretty and pristine looking, must be such a wonderful family reunion there. oh i feel so peaceful after visiting you, you are like my guru of pleasure~

  7. Nice being on the beach with you! These exquisite photos take me right there!

  8. Ah, Mary, what a perfect summer post.

  9. Gorgeous scenery! I can’t believe you got that close to alligators! Yikes!

  10. Fabulous photos, Mary….. they brought memories of when I lived in SC and spent many summers on Fripp Island off the coast of Beaufort, SC. Both my sister and her family and my family would lease a house for two weeks on Fripp and vacation together….the kids had the run of the island and we all loved to go to the creek and dig for clam and hunt for crabs in the boggy low tide and the men and boys would seine for shrimp….which later in the evening my sister and I would cook for dinner…. Fabulous!

  11. I adore your blog and wait with anticipation for eash new post! Your photos are outstandingly beautiful! This sounds like a wonderful place. We have been to Hilton Head several times and it is one of my favorite spots! Thanks for this virtual visit!!!! XO, Pinky

  12. Awesome Mary!!! Absolutely Awesome!!! I just love all of these shots!! Brings back wonderful memories for me of our trip to the low country in the spring. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. I loved seeing all that cool, refreshing water but I think I loved seeing the tall, lanky guys even more! They are so cute at that age…smelly, but cute! LOL

    We love that area of the Carolinas & have visited often when DD lived on Hilton Head island. You’ve captured the essence of the place beautifully.

  14. OMG these are absolutely stunning photos. What an unbelievable place. I’m thrilled that you’ll be bringing these photos to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. These are so beautiful! This post will certainly be re-visited…..a mini vacation and respite from those crazy days we all have. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  16. Stunning! Incredibly beautiful. Perfect place for boys and birds and peace and calm. A vacation for the eyes! Wish I was there! :D :D :D

  17. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Perfect summer pics Mary, looks like everyone is having a great time:@)

  18. Your photos are beautiful. Love the bird images. Looks like a great place.

  19. Your photos are gorgeous.. Love seeing the boys having so much fun. Looks cool! thanks for sharing xo marlis

  20. Beautiful summer snaps, and yes a perfect place for the boys to enjoy. These images make me want to head south to the beach before the wonderful long days of summer are only a sweet memory. Your photos are so inviting and I feel like I was on a beach walk looking at the beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing.


  21. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love the boys, and love the herons, too!

  22. Your photos are amazing. When I grow up, I want to be this good of a photographer. This is a post crammed with breath taking pictures. I love it. I want to go to the beach right now!

  23. Oh you brought the beach to us in such a beautful way. I almost feel as if I had been there. The colors, textures, subjects…just wonderful. Thank you!

  24. WOW, awesome photos! I love the birds and the beach photos. The sunset is gorgeous. What a lovely place to visit. Beautiful photos and mosiac.

  25. What a beautiful spot. V

  26. Absolutely breathtaking!!!

  27. I think you should add one more “b” — beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images at MM. :)

  28. A Garden of Threads

    Amazing photos!!!

  29. What an amazing array of gorgeous photos!!! I do hope you print some of them !!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  30. I was thinking that was a beach for any one… especially boys. But, any beach is good for boys! I KNOW! I have plenty of boys! I loved it all until I saw the gator. THAT would be when I LEFT! Thanks for sharing. Have fun & be safe! HUGS!

  31. wonderful set of images – the first is simply stunning – and reminds me why I love walking on a beach. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  32. What fabulous photos! You should have them published in a book! WOW! I love the beach..wish I was there! ♥

  33. Amazing photos…love the sunset and the boys fishing…just a beautiful day at the shore!

  34. Oh how beautiful!! Love all of your photos!

  35. Gorgeous shots! The first one is just awesome.
    You are really making me miss the coast. :)

  36. Wow your collage photo is awesome! The sunset and those smiles is beautiful!

    Blue & Water

  37. Lots of wonderful photos! My favourites are the first one, and the first one after the mosaic – both sunsets. I just love the reflections in the water, and the interplay of the water and the sand!

  38. Such gorgeous beach photos, Mary, but my favorite photos are of the egrets!

  39. Awesome beach photos love the reflections in the water…..

  40. STUNNING PHOTOS! and yes, I am shouting my praise! I love them all and thanks for sharing. I feel happy just looking at them ;-)

    Cambagat Cave

  41. Those were all beautiful photos!
    Thanks for such an enjoyable peaceful post!

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  42. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh these have my vote!!! A vote for perfection and the quote “Heaven on Earth”!!!

    My Wednesday Link, if you care to come by to visit: Capt. Levi….Savvy?

  43. What a wonderful place and your pictures are incredible…I felt like I was right there with you!!

  44. WOW! This are great shots. If you like, join us on *PicStory* with this wonderful outdoor! You are warmly invited :) LG Tina

  45. Absolutely fabulous! I use to live on Tybee Island and am familiar with your neck of the woods.

  46. It is my dream to move to South Carolina! Your photos are gorgeous, they put a smile on my face!

  47. Great photos. What a wonderful place. Love the first shot, very nice!

  48. Bar none, the best photography I’ve ever seen, outstanding!

  49. Echoing those above, Mary. Your amazing skill with a camera truly takes us along as if we had the sand between our toes and the ocean spray in our face. I’m missing the beach now that we are back home. Maine doesn’t have the sandy beaches, but the salty breeze is wonderful.
    Great location for a family reunion.