Buffalo Popcorn and Favorite Super Bowl Commercial!

Buffalo Popcorn

Are you ready for some football?

I fully admit the Super Bowl is more about

the snacking and the commercials for me.


The January/February issue of Food Network Magazine had 50 flavors of popcorn with recipes designed using 12 to 16 cups freshly popped popcorn. There were at least a dozen flavors I wanted to try.

The Buffalo flavor jumped out a me for a Super Bowl snack and I had some Frank’s RedHot Sauce I picked up for our Buffalo Meatballs.


 I made half a recipe to experiment and see if this flavor would be a touch down for game day. Buffalo flavored anything is a winner is my book but there is a holding penalty with this popcorn, it needs to be eaten right away so the popcorn doesn’t get soggy!


For Buffalo Flavor Popcorn:

Pop your corn using your preferred method. For 16 cups of popcorn, melt 6 tablespoons butter and combine with 1/3 cup Buffalo hot sauce; toss with hot popcorn, 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese and some celery leaves. Season with salt.

 Serve in plastic cups for a crowd and a with a celery for garnish. Instead of mixing the blue cheese in with the popcorn, you could offer it on the side and let everyone help themselves, sprinkling in the amount they prefer.


 You can find the 50 flavors of popcorn for your snacking from Food Network, here.

 I’ll leave you with my favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time. I’d love to know if you have a favorite :)

Happy Snacking!

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24 responses to “Buffalo Popcorn and Favorite Super Bowl Commercial!

  1. I’m a big fan of Buffalo anything too Mary! I love the E-Trade babies but the commercial that always stuck in my mind was the Nissan Dirty Birds. I just played it back on U-Tube and I’m still laughing at it. Have fun today:@)

  2. I often used the phrase ‘ herding cats’ on my job. Love this commercial, which I had not seen before! Popcorn sounds good too.

  3. I’m going to stick with pizza today. My teeth and popcorn don’t like each other. I’m sad — buffalo popcorn sounds wonderful. My favorite commercials are always the Budweiser Clydesdales. Go big boys, Go! :)

  4. Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Go Sea Hawks!! 🏈🏈🍺🍔 lots of fun!!!

  5. Hi Mary, I always look forward to the super bowl commercials too–the only time I don’t fast-forward through them! One of my favorites was an ad for tabasco sauce with an exploding mosquito. Hilarious and you just had to cheer. Mosquitoes are a real problem here and if I could explode every single one I would drink a bottle of tabasco myself! I also loved the recent one with the little clydesdale who escaped from his team and galloped through the city streets when he spied in the crowd the human who raised him. I never cry but that left me teary eyed! Hmmm…it’s the year of the horse…maybe we will see a wonderful clydesdale commercial today! Linda

  6. Hi Linda the Clydesdale commercials always make me teary eyed too :) I don’t remember the tabasco ad, I’ll have to look for it on YouTube :)

  7. Hi Snap, Pizza sounds good :) Here’s this years Budweiser commercial, grab your tissues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQB7QRyF4p4

  8. Advertisers would not like to hear this, but I often don’t pay enough attention to the ads to even know who sponsored them. At $4 million per 30 seconds, the sponsor would like to have better than that.

  9. The commercial is too cute! and I agree with you, I’m all over the snacks and commercials, the rest I can skip over :-)

  10. Your popcorn sounds insanely good! Bleu cheese on everything I say!! “like herding cats” is one of my favorite descriptive phrases, it definitely conveys an impossible task without question! I missed that commercial, and am so glad you shared it, HILARIOUS, love the cowboy with the lint roller! My recent favorite was the one where the little boy was playing Darth Vader and started his Dad’s car. Happy Super Bowl, go Broncos!

  11. I know there won’t be any buffalo popcorn left to get soggy at my house, Mary!
    As for the commercial… my dearly, beloved hubby worked for EDS, and then was later bought out by HP. It brings back memories! Love that commercial, too.
    Happy eating at Super Bowl Sunday. I’ll be thinking about you as I’m munching away. xo

  12. Munch, munch…No problem with this getting soggy in MY cup.
    Thanks for the “holding penalty” caution though. Gosh, I may just have to run to the store for fixin’s Thanks for the recipe.

  13. Fantabulous presentation, Mary! Love it!
    I tend to forget the Super Bowl ads. I can think of none right now.:-)

  14. Thanks for the replay of herding cats, I’d forgotten how much I loved it! Aside from the cats themselves, the sight gags are wonderful – the cowboy rolling a ball of twine, the lint-roller – so funny! Happt Super Bowl day!

  15. I love Buffalo ANYTHING, so that popcorn looks yummy to me, great presentation with the celery, by the way.
    Seeing as I’m a Missourian and lived in St. Louis as a child, I ADORE the CLYDESDALE commercials, they are clean, tastefully done and family oriented!

  16. enjoy your fun and games today, no sport fans here so never even know when or where, but we have learned its a great time to get out and do things, tends to be a much quieter sunday :-)

    wild popcorn combo, can you imagine rushing threw 16 cups! the cat herders was great, i miss it all, nice to see the highlights through like minds ;-)

    enjoy your snacking!

  17. ~Mary~
    Me being the “cat woman’ that I am, sure made me Giggle Giggle that was tooo cute !!
    Have a great day !
    p.s I too love the French Countryside white dishes may have to purchase a set :)

  18. Hi Mary! Wow girl, you are really on top of things to be sharing the Budwieser commercial BEFORE it even airs on the Super Bowl! I saw a little film of the “making of” the puppy/horse commercial. I love the herding cat commercial…so many little things to “catch” (like the cowboy with the lint roller) that I could watch it over and over. I’m on a diet or I would be trying that yummy looking popcorn…great photos!

  19. My all time favorite is the Budweiser ‘STREAKER”. So funny. But who could forget the Clydesdales tribute to 9/11, this one still brings tears.

    Your popcorn looks yummy.

  20. Yum I have got to try this!

  21. Why don’t I remember that commercial?!??!!! That is HILARIOUS!!! Oh, my gosh! I had to watch it a couple of times just to get all the giggles out of my system! Those actors did a terrific job of it!

    Many of yesterday’s commercials were lukewarm, I thought. I loved the one with the horse and puppy. Unbeatable! The Radio Shack one was pretty funny. I didn’t get to hear a lot of the ads because there were so many people at the party and they were yakkin’ it up so much. Oh, well! C’est la vie!

    I love the way you present the Buffalo Popcorn! Very cool!!!

  22. Your popcorn is going on my to-do list!

  23. I love the buffalo flavored potato chips…now I have a great, healthier alternative thanks to you!…and what a wonderful presentation!…You create the most awesome treats!..

  24. Thanks for replaying that commercial. My son-in-law was the producer on that commercial!

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