Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish + DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Party Favor Cones are an easy craft project that start with scrapbook paper. These cones are as fun to make as they are to receive and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if you’re feelin’ a wee bit Irish!

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

St. Patrick’s Day is a week away and Irish Eyes are Smiling!

You’ll find St. Patrick’s Day inspiration from 14 bloggers

 sharing tablescapes, crafts and recipes to help you celebrate

 St. Paddy’s Day at the bottom of this post.


Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

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These DIY Party Favor Cones are a fun little craft project fashioned from scrapbook paper!

You can shop for single sheets at the craft store or use a themed scrapbook paper pad.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

I used double-sided shamrock scrapbook paper to add some

 pattern on the inside the cones when rolled, using the same

method as my Easter Treat Candy Cones.

These cones come together quickly once you have all

 your supplies gathered, working in an assembly line fashion.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

Most scrapbook paper comes in 12 x 12-inch sheets which I cut into 8 x 8 squares.

After cutting your squares, you’ll have a 4 x 12-inch strip of paper leftover.

I cut each 4 x 12-inch strip into (2) 2 x 12 strips.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

Roll your 8″ square of scrapbook paper into a cone, overlapping the edges.

After I rolled the cones, I used a binder clip to help them hold their shape

then used a glue gun to secure them.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

I’ve learned through trial and error that the way to create a nice pointed end to your cone

is to glue the bottom first, gluing your way up to the top of the cone. 

When you get to the top, you can overlap the edges of your cones as much as needed.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

I glued some silver tinsel ribbon from my gift wrap stash to the front of the cones to cover the seam.

It adds a decorative vintage touch and helps conceal any extra glue that shows on the seam.

Feel free to use the ribbon, decorative braid, rickrack or trim of your choice.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

Use a hole punch to make holes on either side of the top of cone for chenille stems

/ pipe cleaners to make a decorative handle or hanger.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

Accordion pleat your strips to make for a decorative cuff for your cones. You’ll only need

 1 strip per cone, so you’ll have an extra pattern to play with.

When your chenille stems are in place, glue a 2 x12-inch accordion pleated cuff

to the top of the cone. I chose a contrasting paper to add interest.

To embellish your cones, add some scrapbooking stickers and tie on some ribbon to the handles.

I found these Jolee’s Boutique Dimensional Stickers Irish Words and Phrases

and attached some to some glittery shamrocks I found at Michaels.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

Now the fun begins, filling your party favor cones with St. Paddy’s Day goodies!

Stuff the bottom of the cones with tissue paper first

so they hold their shape, then top with some green paper shred.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

I added some gold coins, known to attract leprechauns and Rolos, individually gold wrapped

chocolate and caramel candy, for some edible gold!

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

Glittery shamrock party picks, Shamrock, ‘Lucky’ and ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day buttons

and shamrock straws were found at the Dollar Spot at Target.

You can find affordable fillers, coins, paper shred and goodies at

Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Dollar Tree.

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish


 A special “thank you” to our host, Debbee’s Buzz for organizing this St. Patrick’s Day Hop!

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Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

☘️ Erin go Bragh ☘️

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Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

The lucky winners of my Eat, Drink and Be Irish Giveaway are

Ellen S. and Teresa C.

Thanks to all who entered!

Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish


Eat, Drink and Be Irish! St. Patrick's Day round up of recipes and table inspiration! | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #recipes #stpatricksday #Irish #dessert #tablescapes #appetizer

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Feelin’ A Wee Bit Irish DIY Party Favor Cones for St. Patrick's Day #diy #stpatricksday #party #scrapbookpaper #shamrock #irish

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  1. Gail
    March 10, 2022 at 6:05 am

    Fun cones

  2. Ellen
    March 10, 2022 at 6:26 am

    I’m very excited to have won this beautiful giveaway! Thank you for the beautiful runner and another great crafting idea!! I have enjoy your blog for soooo many years and all the great giveaways! Congratulations to Teresa C. also…HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY to all and to all my Irish friends! ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️ AGAIN, thank you Mary! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Kari
    March 10, 2022 at 6:49 am

    Love your cones Mary and thanks for the tips.I love to celebrate May Day with small baskets of flowers and candy for the shut-ins and other neighbors on my block and these cones would make perfect little May Baskets. As always it is a pleasure to blog hop with you as you have always have such inspirational ideas.
    Prayers for Ukraine.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  5. KathyP
    March 10, 2022 at 7:50 am

    Mary, Your cones are so adorable and look so professional! I can tell you had fun making them. They could easily be adapted for any occasion or holiday. I’ll be glad when this COVID business subsides so we’ll be able to enjoy some Irish shenanigans and attend a parade next year. I’d love to attempt to make your cones for Easter and the grands, which thankfully falls late this year. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent with us. Your blog is always a treat to visit. ☘️💚

  6. Maria
    March 10, 2022 at 7:54 am

    Utterly delightful, Mary! Thank you for the detailed tutorial.

  7. Teresa
    March 10, 2022 at 8:03 am

    Oh these cones are so festive Mary!! I love the idea of adding edible gold to them with the Rolos too! Thank you for your craftiness and great recipes, I’m having a hard time deciding what will be on your St. Paddy’s Day menu this year. I’m thrilled to be one of your winners and look forward to receiving my beautiful shamrock runner. Your generosity and beautiful blog are so appreciated, especially during these unsettling times. 💚Teresa ☘️

  8. March 10, 2022 at 8:48 am

    Mary, the favor cones are so cute and a wonderful DIY for some Irish fun. They are a perfect little gift for St. Patrick’s Day 💚☘️💚 Your presentation is always amazing!

  9. Christie
    March 10, 2022 at 8:49 am

    Hello, once again so awesome. Love these. Have a Jesus filled Day

  10. March 10, 2022 at 8:51 am

    These could not be any cuter Mary! And wow, they look so professionally done! A celebration in a party favor cone, thank you for the detailed tutorial. Congrats to the lucky winners of the beautiful shamrock table runners! ☘️

    • March 10, 2022 at 9:28 am

      Thank you Jenna!! It is beautiful!

  11. Clara
    March 10, 2022 at 8:56 am

    Mary, The cones you make are always so cute! Love these! Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your day. Clara ❤️

    • March 10, 2022 at 9:29 am

      Thank you Clara!

  12. March 10, 2022 at 9:10 am

    What fun it would be to receive one of your St. Paddy’s Day treat cones as a guest, Mary! You always share the cutest crafts. 💚☘️💚

  13. Rita C.
    March 10, 2022 at 9:17 am

    These are so adorable, Mary. You have so many creations that you tailor so well for any occasion. I love the double-sided paper you used to add pattern play from every angle. Hey, we’ve sold an antique crimping iron used for lace that could work for that pleated trim (were you the buyer?! ;) I love visiting your blog for each and all the many ways you celebrate the holidays, and your roundups are really special posts. As neat as this little crafted cone is, your tabletop displays of the plate stacks, textiles and trays did not go unnoticed either! It’s always so fun being in your company on any hop – your content is top of the morn’ top notch!🍀

  14. March 10, 2022 at 10:05 am

    Mary, these are perfect crafts for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I like the way you added stickers and a collar to each one.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

  15. Donna
    March 10, 2022 at 10:19 am

    So very festive and love how you make it look possible for us to make this treats.

  16. March 10, 2022 at 10:56 am

    Mary, you never disappoint. The cones are so adorable filled with delicious candy. You always know how to celebrate in style Love your creativity. The cabbage plates are always perfect for a St. Patrick’s table. So many wonderful details. Congrats to the winners of your giveaway. Always a pleasure to join you.

    • March 10, 2022 at 4:34 pm

      Thank you!!!

  17. March 10, 2022 at 11:12 am

    These are really pretty, Mary, and such a great idea for co-worker, teacher, neighbour, family, and friend gifts for St. Patrick’s Day. There’s those adorable cabbage plates again, they seem to be very popular on this blog hop and I just love them.

  18. March 10, 2022 at 11:22 am

    Oh my gosh these are seriously just the cutest things ever! I need to make some for my grandkids. I love all the St. Patrick’s day papers you used. Love participating in this blog hop with you!


  19. Cyndi Raines
    March 10, 2022 at 11:39 am

    You do all things so well Mary, the cones are just darling! We are lucky to have you teach us so many delightful projects, recipes, flower arrangements, crafts, gardening tips,… oh my the list is endless! We are blessed! Thank you☘♥️

  20. March 10, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    Mary, always love your festive and fun holiday cone favors, and the St. Paddy’s Day theme ones are fab-u-lous! Each one is wonderfully rich in details and full of leprechaun-envy worth treats. I’m pinning for next year, as I anticipate having guests and am looking for a new way to style a holiday table using my Ireland Pursuit dishes. Plus, I know i already have the paper and ribbons in my craft stash. Appreciate you joining the hop these past two years, especially with traveling. Hope you are having a great trip. I’m heading south next week to Charleston to see family, as it’s been nearly three years since my niece’s wedding.

  21. Liz
    March 10, 2022 at 1:14 pm

    Very cute Mary! Love how creative you got with these cones. A pleasant take home for sure!

  22. March 10, 2022 at 1:30 pm

    Mary, your St. Patty’s Day cones are adorable!! You always find the best fillers!!! they are styled so perfectly!! It is always such fun to see what you have come up with. Have a fun St. Patrick’s Day!!

  23. March 10, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    These are incredible and oh so cute! Congratulations to the lucky ladies who won the Irish Runner!
    I’m off to see the rest of the blog hop!

    • March 10, 2022 at 4:36 pm

      Thank you!

  24. March 10, 2022 at 6:36 pm

    Mary, your St.Patrick Day cones are adorable. I want to go buy paper and make some. I’m not very crafty these days, but love this idea. I remember when you make them for Halloween. I think I rushed out to Michaels to buy the supplies, then never got them made. Maybe I should have a production line going if I decide to make some. Just do some for each season.
    Thanks for you visit to my post and your kind comment. It’s fun to hop with you! Wish you could join me for an Irish coffee.

  25. March 10, 2022 at 6:42 pm

    Mary, these party favor cones are so pretty. I love the contrasting patterns that you used and the contents make even adults feel like children with all of the sweet goodies. It is such a pleasure to hop with you again, Mary. Have a fun and merry St. Patrick’s Day.

  26. March 11, 2022 at 9:02 am

    Very cute, love how you always go full throttle with fun!

  27. Bonnie Morgan
    March 11, 2022 at 10:29 am

    Mary, your St Patrick’s Day cones are so attractive and clever. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and presentation.

  28. Barbara at Mantel and Table
    March 12, 2022 at 1:05 pm

    Those are just darling Mary! I love that you used the leftover paper to decorate your cones. What a fun thing to give to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! So nice sharing the hop with you. Take care and Happy Weekend!

  29. March 12, 2022 at 6:47 pm

    Mary, your St. Patrick’s Day favor cones are so fun and festive! I love how you displayed them in the ironstone tureen. Thank you for the great tutorial. I found some vintage ones years ago and thought they would be fun to make. You’ve inspired me to make a feminine version to give guests at my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. Little girls will love this fancy look! It’s always a pleasure hopping with you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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