O Fishing Tree


I’ve been admiring everyone’s elegantly appointed Christmas trees, beautifully decorated mantles, and festive stairway garlands~


Meanwhile, I’m decorating my Potting Shed

and raiding my husband’s tackle box

for our dock Christmas tree :)


It’s a good thing he doesn’t have

 a fishing trip planned anytime soon :)


My husband’s grandfather’s tackle box is under the tree~

No fishing is allowed with his vintage reels and lures.

Dock Christmas Tree5


A fishing reel and floats are

angling to be a tree topper~


And I reeled in buoys and a fish planter

 that doubles as a wine chiller on occasion~


I landed some burlap and stretchy-wire ribbon from Hobby Lobby, making this tree easy to rig, since the lures already having ready-to-hang hooks.


A vintage minnow bucket is dressed

with a large fishing float and greenery~


Shells (from fresh water Asian clams) are gifted and left by our resident muskrats~ a tell-tale sign that they’ve been visiting and a reminder to check our boat hydraulics.

Dock Christmas Tree



Dock Christmas Tree1

My Pottery Barn enamel appetizer

boats that we Set Sail with

are weighing anchor on our tree

for a Merry Christmas~

Dock Christmas Tree4



Dock Christmas Tree3


Dock Christmas Tree2

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45 responses to “O Fishing Tree

  1. Jean DiDaniele

    What a geat idea!!! I’m sneaking out to the garage now to raid my husband’s tackle box… the possibilities are endless!!!

  2. wish I would have seen this before I decorated my tree – wonderful idea!
    As always, I love your creativity…can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Love your tree! This was a great idea and very nicely done. Also a way to bring hubbys favorite toys! I am doing somewhat of the same for my hubby this year: a vintage car theme tree and some car decorations to go along with it.

  4. I bet your husband loves this tree! It is so cute, and I love the fishing lures and floats as ornaments. Brilliant~and I can’t wait to see your potting shed (the interior)….the exterior is so, so cute!!!

  5. Well of course I love this tree Mary! I love the way you’ve done the photography also. Wonderful work!

  6. Debbie@Mountain Breaths

    Mary, this must have made your hubby smile! I chuckled big time when you said it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a fishing trip planned anytime soon. My hubby is very tolerant of me borrowing his stuff ;o)

  7. Mary, you are so talented and clever. What a great idea to decorate your dock tree with fishing items. Your posts are such eye candy and I always look forward to reading (and drooling) over them. Happy Holidays.
    xoxo, Kathi

  8. Wow… it is gorgeous. I love the vintage fishing lures.

  9. You are just raw talent!! What a fun tree! It’s magazine worthy! Love the antique minnow bucket and the old tackle box! All the lures make a cool bunch of ornaments! Fabulous job!

  10. Too Cute! Amazing how you made all that clunky junky fishing stuff look so good! Themed trees are so meaningful, I know your hubbie loves it {if he’s not annoyed that you’ve been rifling through his tackle!} Fabulous!

  11. Your creativity knows no bounds. I love this tree!!! I wish I had thouyght of this many years ago when my in-laws lived on the Gulf of Mexico and had a dock. I could have done a dock tree for them too!!! I love the minnow basket and the lures are all beautiful. XO, Pinky

  12. Love your Fishing Tree! I bet your husband likes it too! It’s always fun to visit and see what you come up with next! If I was still living on Galveston Island, this would be a perfect tree for me! Hugs—

  13. Mary, I absolutely ADORE this tree! I showed it to my husband who is a Bassmaster and he LOVED it, too!! You are such a creative genius and you never cease to amaze me with all of your unique and beautiful ideas and your photography is absolutely wonderful. Keep ‘em coming!!

  14. That is a tree my fly-fishing husband would love. What fellow wouldn’t? You are so very clever!

  15. Your posts are always a delight…you have an amazing talent, and each tablescape or in this case wonderful holiday twist is a treat..!!
    Thank you.

  16. You certainly know how to have fun ~ a dock tree! I love it, Mary. Your images are gorgeous. It’s such a treat to visit you and take in all the creative ideas you offer. Don’t have a fishing guy here, but I think this idea is adorable. Your attention to detail is incredible.
    Enjoy the weekend……..Sarah

  17. So cute Mary. I did a fishing tree a few years back and it was so fun but I don’t have that great fishing dock and beautiful water view that you always share with us. Enjoy the holidays and keep decorating and sharing.

  18. How absolutely perfect and fun! This is the second tree I’ve seen decorated with fishing lures and a fishing motif – the first was in a book about collections and yard sales a few years ago

    Your photographs are outstanding, as always, and worthy of a spread in any magazine!

  19. How cute! My son and nephew would love this…Christine

  20. Clever! My husband and son would love this!

  21. This is just about the cutest thing that I have ever seen. I thought of my Dad immediately! He and I would go fishing many times while I was growing up. I didn’t realize then how much I would cherish those times. Thanks for bringing happy times to mind. Merry Christmas…dont’ forget to tell a few fish stories by the tree!

  22. Fantastic fishing tree Mary. Vintage lures are really works of art.

  23. Honest to goodness, this is one of the cutest trees EVER!!!!!! I love it! I caught most of the fishing references, too, which really surprises me. (I don’t like to catch ‘em…I just wanna eat ‘em!) Truly, truly cool!!! I will have to show my husband this one. His Dad was an avid fisherman, and he would have loved this!

  24. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    I LOVE your fishing tree Mary! I was a boat person in a previous life and have many fishing Santas, etc. Even have one plug-in ornament where his arm cranks and he actually reels in a fish! Thanks for the smiles girl-Happy Weekend:@)

  25. Very clever, Mary! This evokes many fishing memories at my parents lake cottage :)

  26. So fun!

    – The Tablescaper

  27. What a clever way to decorate a tree. I love it! Our condo is in a marina overlooking the docks and most of the boats have put up lights outlining their boats, but nothing this amazing. This is a tree I’m not likely to forget. Thanks Mary.

  28. How absolutely adorable and so very creative!

  29. Beautiful tree – especially when you live near the water. But then, everything you do is beautiful.

  30. i guess you don’t have any wind? one heck of a giant lure when it all goes flying into the water ;-)

    darling tree, we are so similiar in habits, love living thru your lens, hook line and sinker!

  31. I absolutely love your fishing tree! That is such a creative idea and a great way to make it reflect your personality.

  32. How clever! It is darling and must bring a lot of joy to anyone who sees it!

  33. A Garden of Threads

    Awesome, looks so cool. Have a great week:)

  34. What a wonderful tree! Very clever stuff on it.

  35. Ah yes, my husband could really appreciate the fishing theme on the Christmas tree. Me I would probably hook myself. Very creative. Valerie

  36. When I saw the little teaser picture I thought “what a cute idea”. When I clicked on the picture and your blog came up I knew without a doubt that I was in for a visual treat. Every blog you post is absolutely beautiful and beyond creative. It is pure pleasure to read your posts. Merry Christmas. Lori Lucas

  37. Wonderful! I love this idea. My dad was a great fisherman. Fished for trout in the Sacramento River. But he didn’t like to eat fish! He tied his own flies.
    He would have loved a tree like this.
    It’s so great that your husband has many of the fishing items his grandfather used.

  38. Oh wow I love it! My husband would really get a kick out of it. I will need to do that for him next year. Very inspiring!

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  41. You are so creative!! I love all of your ideas! I am so enjoying all of your posts!!

  42. What a great idea this is! We have so many things at the lake that we could use this way! I am definitely going to keep this in mind for next year! Thanks for the idea!

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  44. OH my goodness…how cute is this! I so have to do this for my husband… I would like to invite you to come by and share at One More Time Events…http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/11/share-it-one-more-time-party-and.html Tammy

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