{Inspired} Seed Catalog Wreath


I was the happy winner :) of Inspired You by Marian Parsons, aka, Miss Mustard Seed, graciously given away by Shirley at Housepitality Designs back in November!

While Miss Mustard Seed gets giddy over room makeovers, I get giddy over books :)


“Some girls get giddy over a new pair of shoes. Marian Parsons gets giddy over room makeovers. With a lot of ingenuity, a little bit of effort, and a tight budget, she has transformed her home into a beautiful space and filled her heart with a lot more contentment.

Thousands have found inspiration at Marian’s blog, missmustardseed.com, and now she shares dozens of new projects, ideas, and DIY adventures in the pages of Inspired You.”

Miss Mustard Seed

“Marian will remind you that homes don’t have to be magazine material to be special, comfortable, and inviting. The goal you’re working toward is home. Not a perfect home. Not an ‘impress the neighbors’ home. Just home—one whose walls and rooms tell the story of the family who lives there.

Beautiful homes start with inspiration and a willingness to try. So uncover your God-given creativity. Be encouraged, be willing, and be inspired.”

Miss Mustard Seed1

There are tutorials, nuggets, and seeds of inspiration within the pages~ the perfect gift for someone moving into their first home, starting over from scratch, or wanting to give their furnishings and home a face lift!


 Inspired by this sheet music wreath tutorial, I thought I would use my vintage seed catalog to grow :) a wreath~


I copied the pages so I could keep my catalog intact and enjoy the graphics & descriptions of flowers and veggies in wreath-form on my Potting Shed door.



I started with a 14 inch cake board but you can use a piece of sturdy cardboard cut in a circle, adjusting the size for your finished wreath.


I marked the center of the board and laid out the paper cones, alternating in a north, south, east, and west pattern (Miss Mustard Seed’s suggestion) so the wreath would look even when it was hung. I used a glue gun to make the cones and secure them to the base. I used two layers of cones~


Since my cones met in the middle, I wanted a flower-like center medallion~ so I accordion pleated four pages, folded them in half, and then cut the fans to the size I wanted. Then I glued them together and then glued the medallion to the center of the wreath.


 I used some Walnut Ink Antiquing Solution to mist the new paper pages to give them a little age. You’ll want to experiment on some scrap paper when you first spray the antiquing solution, a little mist goes a long way.



The door to my Potting Shed is painted a brick-red color on the outside, but I kept the original finish~ worn, peeling and distressed, for the interior.




As I was thumbing through the catalog to copy the pages, to my surprise I discovered Shirley Poppies in my Schell’s Seed catalog~


I’m sending some Shirley Poppy Seeds

to you, Shirley :)


Thank you for the book

and the inspiration!

garden catalog wreath

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66 responses to “{Inspired} Seed Catalog Wreath

  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Your wreath turned out great Mary and it looks pretty on the door-enjoy:@)

  2. Pamela Christopher

    So lovely, you did a great job as usual. Thank you for sharing the book with your readers.

  3. I really love the way that looks, especially where you have it. I have a certain wall that needs something right now. That would be a really quick fix for the space. Thanks for passing along the inspiration!

  4. What an amazing…creative idea! Wow it looks fantastic on your door…just lt was meant to be there. And the antiquing just finishes it! Beautiful!!!


  5. I love your wreath. Perfect for your potting shed. I am pinning this so I can make one later this spring.

  6. What a cool project…I ♥♥♥ how you made the center so special and the ink added a really nice touch.
    I didn’t know Miss Mustard had a book out! I shall look for it.
    I’m so glad you won a copy, because of all people, YOU will put it to much good use.

  7. Love this! and thanks for the tip on the antiquing solution!

  8. I was lucky to get an autographed copy of her book. Isn’t it wonderful. I love your wreath and always love getting another peek in your potting shed.

  9. Oh Mary…your wreath is fantastic!…I so love Marian and her inspirations…the wreaths is just perfect for your door on that magnificent garden cottage…and what a surprise..Shirley Poppies?….I cannot tell you how thrilled I am….what a sweet and thoughtful surprise!!! I cannot wait to receive them!!!…You are the best!..Thank you so much!!!

  10. I so love your potting shed! Your wreath is wonderful! Great idea!

  11. There is so much eye candy in you potting shed that I just kept looking and looking. The wreath is great and I am going to share it with a neighbor who loves making paper art. I on the other hand will keep going back to look at your shed again and again.

  12. Love your shed, you have filled it with such wonderful vintage things! I have a Chicken Mansion like that but I need to work it over some more before I could even begin to compare it to yours!

    Lovely wreath.

  13. I just love all of your fun and interesting projects, but mostly I love your thoughtfullness…thank you again for bringing more happiness to my day!

  14. What a great project! Your wreath is wonderful and perfect for your potting shed door. The antiquing solution spray is new to me so I will look for it and give it a try. I love that you used a seed catalog for your wreath…now that the holidays have passed we can start preparing for lovely spring…it will help us get thru the wintery months of February and March.

  15. of course I love this!!! so glad you just used copies, and kept the original catalog intact!

  16. What a fantastic idea, and how perfect it looks in your lovely potting shed, that, I swear, you could rent out as a weekend cottage. I am pinning this because I think this would make a great wreath for a guest room made out of maps. Stay tuned!

  17. Love your wreath. Thanks for the tip on the Antiquing solution spray. Love your potting shed.

  18. Perfect for your potting shed door. The book looks awesome and Miss Mustard Seed in an inspiration! Hugs, Linda

  19. I love books, too. What a wonderful win for you! :D I love the seed catalog wreath hanging on your chippy white door. SO CUTE!

  20. You are brilliant to copy your catologs and so thoughtful to share back the poppies. Your artistry is boundless~

  21. What a fabulous wreath…perfect for your potting shed!!!! Absolutely PERFECT for it!!! And so nice of you to send Shirley those seeds. She is such a sweetheart…as are you! :-) Enjoy your book, your new wreath, and the joys of your inspired potting shed!

  22. What a cute idea! Now I wish I hadn’t just thrown away my 2012 seed catalogs! Bookmarking for future reference :)

  23. Simply perfect for the potting shed! Actually, quite elegant to fit anywhere even in the most formal house!

    Beautiful idea…I think I might just have to get a copy of Marian’s book!

  24. What a wonderful idea…the wreath turned out gorgeous and it’s so original. I love your potting shed, too!


  25. Mary, I’m glad you won the copy of Miss Mustard Seeds book. I didn’t know she had one out. I’m going to look for a copy. Your wreath is an inspiration. I always hate to throw away my seed catalogs. This is a great way to recycle, not that I’m at all crafty. Your talents are endless!
    Such fun to see your potting shed with all its creative touches. I predict this potting shed will soon be written up in national publications. I’m surprised some magazine hasn’t already snapped it up.

  26. Good Morning! Mary. I am not sure if I have ever commented on your blog, but I wanted to begin this new year by saying how very much I always enjoy your posts. You are consistently inspiring and always have the most beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing your talents in this easily accessible format. Blessings to you and yours in this new year!

  27. Most of us think about projects we’d like to do, and you just do them. I have a bunch of old papers that I have intended to use for such a project. Hmmm, maybe I should send them to you and something would actually happen!

  28. Your posts are always a joy to view when they arrive in my mailbox each day. It also gives me a way of ‘still being in the South’ after moving away all those many years ago. How I do agree with you, love of books, a good book, is such a joy and always appreciated, n’est-ce pas? Miss Mustard Seed is a gem and her book another gem that I see you are putting to good use. May many graces and blessings come your way in the year of OUr Lord…2013.

  29. I just love it- It looks really great. I think that misting idea is one of the best I have seen in along time…GREAT idea and you did a wonderful job- xo Diana

  30. Great job with the wreath! Congrats as the winner of this inspiring book. Thanks for sharing the steps with us. Carolyn NC

  31. Congrats on winning the book and what an inspirational wreath. Your potting sheds gets more amazing each time I see it.

  32. Hi there Mary!! Congratulations on winning the book!! I think I will go and check it out at my favorite spot….I spend a lot of time on Amazon!! Your wreath came out beautiful and it looks fabulous on your potting shed door!!! Hugs to Chloe and Gracie!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  33. I LOVE all the posts you do of or in your shed. Can I move in there? what a wonderful whimiscal heaven to look at and decorate. your wreath is wonderful what better art than seed catalogs?. I have done my entire kitchen before in seed packs(now we are into cupcakes) keep up the great posts. susieDate: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 10:01:20 +0000 To: siameseguru@hotmail.com

  34. An absolutely perfect wreath for your potting shed, Mary!

  35. congrats on winning the book, and your wreath is perfect in your potting shed! I have some old sheet music that I would love to do that with! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to put those old music books to a new song!

    p.s. when you copied your pages was it the 8×11 size?

  36. Yes just regular copy paper size :)

  37. What a cute, creative idea fpr your potting shed door! I love it. Oh how I have missed you and your beautiful blog. I am home now and trying to catch up…..1200 e-mails!!!!!!!!!!!! Most are getting deleted. XO, Pinky

  38. Mary I love your potting shed and the wreath turned out beautifully!!


    2013 Artists Series

  39. I made “this” wreath for my daughter’s first apartment to help her cover (inexpensively) large expanses of white wall. I used old gardening magazines. What a satisfying project! Yours is lovely.

  40. I am so happy that I have found your blog. We are very alike in many ways!!

    I have added you to my ‘blogs I adore’ on my blog http://nectarandstone.blogspot.com

    Looking forward to reading your stories through the year

    Donna x – Australia

  41. That wreath is gorgeous and I too have the book which I love!

  42. What a good idea! I love your blog ;)

  43. Your wreath is amazing! So is the room that you put it in, by the way. So, I tried making this wreath for my Christmas mantel and it was an epic fail. I ran out of sheet music paper,once I bought more it wasn’t as aged as the rest if the papers. Also, then the center is somehow lopsided. I think that your center medallion and your walnut ink could cover up my two issues and maybe I can actually use my wreath! I am so glad that I cam across your post!! I’m visiting from the Wow us Wednesday link party. Have a fabulous day! ~ Jamie

  44. I received this book for Christmas from a friends – what a treat it is. I loved seeing your wreath – perfect for the perfect shed!

  45. What a perfect accent. Books made me happy, always have!

  46. That is just beautiful! It’s a great way to reuse catalogues too. I’m one of those people that get really excited over books too.

  47. What a pretty wreath! The use of pages with pictures and words really makes it interesting and fun!

  48. This is so cool! I like how you used seed catalog pages. :)

  49. That is just beautiful! I am inspired by your inspiration from Marian’s book…gotta get me one of thosebooks. Thanks so much for sharing your version
    of the paper wreath (and your fabulous photos of it!).

  50. Your wreath looks great! It fits your potting shed so well.
    Congrats on winning Marian’s book. I have it also and love it.
    Have a great day.

  51. What a cute garden wreath idea, and the perfect addition to your potting shed!

  52. I love it!!! My potting shed is having wreath envy…..guess I’ll have to make her one! Hugs, Penny

  53. Great idea! I love the look of that book and your potting shed :)

  54. Fantastic! I made one too and love it.

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  56. Hi, I came from Shirley’s post on you; so glad I did. I love everything I’ve seen, especially Gracie and Chloe because my Bichon Hunter is the joy of my life. I think I will have to read back so I can get to know you. I am joining your followers too. Have a wonderfully day and weekend.

  57. This is sooo neat!

    I am totally moving into your garden shed.

    It is so interesting and charming.

    Thank you for linking your neat wreath to Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “I”.


  58. Totally love it~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  59. Really caught my eye at “Between Naps on the Porch” party!
    Love it. No surprise “Lake Girl Paints” loves “Home is Where the Boat is”

  60. This is such a great wreath, Mary, and perfect for your potting shed! I’m thinking it would be perfect in a few other places, too!

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  64. A perfectly lovely post!! I agree with you completely about making our homes comfortable for our families. And, who wants to spend lots of money? Not me! Your book review is awesome – so much inspiration there, I might need to get that book! Your wreath is amazing, too! Love the idea of using those old seed packets. :-)

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