Squirreling Away in a Watering Can: Meet Dover, Nesco, Haws and Wheeling

We’ve had some squirrel adventures over the last couple of weeks! Momma Squirrel decided to build a nest in the top watering can of the chain gang by the Potting Shed.

This particular watering can is always popular with birds in the spring and has a high occupancy rate. I guess they like the protection under the eave of the roof and the smallish sized opening in the top of the can.

Despite Momma Squirrel’s questionable nesting place, she did have the smarts place a long stick in the opening so the baby squirrels could climb their way out.

I discovered Momma Squirrel nesting here a couple of weeks ago when I opened the Potting Shed door. She almost gave me a heart attack when she jumped out of the can onto a nearby tree!

The first day I spied one of these baby squirrels, he was on the ground and crying for his mom. No mom or other squirrels were in sight, so I got out the ladder and placed him back up on the can where he crawled back inside.

A few days later, my hubby was outside washing his truck and he called me saying, “Your baby squirrels are out of their nest, trying to climb me like a tree . . .”

There were also making baby bird-like chirping noises, that I’ve since learned they make when they’re stressed or hungry.

When I came outside three squirrels were running around with the fourth straggler still perched on the top of the watering can.  He seems to be thinking, “it’s a long way down!” and trying to figure out how to navigate the slippery cans so he can join his siblings.

I’m guessing by the squirrels’ size and the fur on their tails that they were about 6 weeks old. The babies are weaned at around 12 weeks so these were too young to be on their own and away from mom. They were also four tasty morsels for all the wildlife we have nearby~ hawks, owls and foxes.

SO cute. . .too bad they grow up to chew your boat, gnaw their way into your attic and dig up your plants!

 I learned a lot squirrel facts in my online research thanks to Momma Squirrel. According to NCWildlife.org:

Eastern Gray Squirrels may have up to two litters per year. Mating generally occurs between late December and February and again in May through July. After an approximately 44-day gestation period, young are born in late February through March and again in late June through August.

Mortality is high in young gray squirrels. A nestling gray squirrel has a 25 percent chance of surviving its first year. Survival increases to 50 percent once they are around one year old. In the fall, about half of the population is composed of young squirrels. A few squirrels may survive for 7 or 8 years in the wild.

Look at those crazy toes and claws. . . no wonder they can hang upside down or sideways so effortlessly while clinging to a tree or a bird feeder!

It’s no surprise their survival rate is so low. These babies were ripe for the picking out in the open and they had no fear, running over to us to climb our legs.

I debated about whether to place them back in the watering can but I imagined it was pretty crowded with four squirrels, nesting material, plus mom when or if she returned.

We started out by placing a low box with some towels near the watering can nest and watched from a distance to see if mom would return.

I named this foursome after my watering cans: Dover, Nesco, Haws and Wheeling. ;)

The temperature was dropping down into the 30s overnight, so I put out an old UGG boot for them, where they could nest and stay warm and hopefully safe from predators if mom didn’t return. I went out to check on them at dusk and saw they seemed to be tucked in safe and cozy in their ‘UGG hideaway’ for the night.

The next morning there was still no sign of mom. I brought them inside to warm up as they were lethargic and feeling cool to the touch.

I warmed a towel up in the dryer and placed the squirrels in a box with the warm towel. I didn’t have a heating pad or hot water bottle. To help the baby squirrels warm up, I filled two socks with dry rice. Knot the ends of the sock and then microwave the rice socks 30 – 45 seconds or until warm, messaging to remove any hot spots. The rice sock will stay warm for a couple of hours, then you can reheat it in the microwave.

I called my Vet’s office who put me in touch with a wildlife rescue / rehab volunteer. I was able to meet her and hand over the baby squirrels that evening.

{insert *BIG sigh of relief* here}

I learned I’m not cut out to be a wildlife rehab girl and have a critter die on my watch!

I found some helpful information, here, and here, if you find yourself in the position of rescuing abandoned baby squirrels.

Abandoned or orphaned baby squirrels are most likely suffering from chill and dehydration. They must be thoroughly warmed then given warmed rehydration solution (Pedialyte) before they can be fed any formula, as any food will kill them in their dehydrated state. Warm the Pedialyte in the microwave first, then use a needle-less syringe or small tip dropper, being careful to feed them slowly so they don’t aspirate. You can very specific feeding information for baby squirrels with directions for how much and how often, here.

Here’s a video taken with my cell phone of “Haws” enjoying his Pedialyte, who like his namesake watering can, was ‘most improved’ and alert after his rescue.


Thank you for all your kind words and heartfelt messages about Gracie. I was so touched by the outpouring of sweet thoughts, hugs and prayers sent our way. Reading through all your comments  makes me weepy. ♥🐾


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  76 comments for “Squirreling Away in a Watering Can: Meet Dover, Nesco, Haws and Wheeling

  1. Nancy Guerra
    March 30, 2019 at 7:32 am

    So sorry for your loss. I have three fur babies, they’re my first and I can’t imagine not having them around. I’m sure Lola is missing her too. Many hugs to you and your husband.

  2. Laura Heywood
    March 30, 2019 at 7:32 am

    What a wonderful and charming story! I never knew that baby squirrels were so fragile. Thank you!!

  3. Ellen Stillabower
    March 30, 2019 at 7:44 am

    Squirrels, baby or older are like chipmunks…cute, until they destroy your foundation, bulbs, etc.. they can and are a menace..we don’t have many squirrels but plenty of chipmunks…but they get wise and eventually stop coming around our place…we had them so bad one year they dug out a whole corner of our porch foundation and almost caused us to have to repour it..luckily, I discovered the damage in time while weeding…needless to say, we managed to keep them under control..like I said, not many squirrels out here and every time I see one alive, the next time I see one, they are not!! Country roads usually don’t have much of a speed limit…if you get my drift..but they are cute..but I find the baby rabbits are cuter!! 🐇🐿 thanks for the info..

  4. Rita C.
    March 30, 2019 at 8:00 am

    How incredibly entertaining, and i love their names. I had a friend in TX (a WV girl transplanted) who also tried rescuing a nest of baby squirrels on her property. She went through the warming like you did, and Pedialyte, then called DNR. The video is super cute.

  5. Leslie
    March 30, 2019 at 8:03 am

    This was such an amazing story. I can’t believe how they were not afraid to climb on you and be held. It’s a maternal instinct to help them as they are so helpless at that stage. Every year I have Robins that make a nest on my front door wreath. I try not to use that entrance as it upsets Mama bird. The door is glass on top so I can watch all activity from inside. I pray every year that the babies survive because I know I can’t touch them or Mama will abandon them. In the past few years I’ve only had one baby not survive. I think one of it’s siblings may have accidentally pushed him out before he could fly. I was devastated. You did a wonderful thing for these 4 little baby squirrels.

  6. Ann Woleben
    March 30, 2019 at 8:03 am

    These babies would likely not have survived without your thoughtful care. Love their UGG boot hideaway! If I were still teaching, I would share this post with my students (PreK 3 and 4). They would be fascinated.

  7. Vikki
    March 30, 2019 at 8:05 am

    Lucky squirrels to have been born in your watering can. Mary to the rescue! Sweet story.

  8. March 30, 2019 at 8:07 am

    What a wonderful rescue, and a great post. Those squirrel babies were lucky to have you.

  9. March 30, 2019 at 8:08 am

    You were a very good substitute Mom to all those baby squirrels. I loved the story and the pictures, and the boot was a great idea! Wildlife of all kinds is fascinating…

  10. Stella Napier
    March 30, 2019 at 8:09 am

    I’m so sorry about Gracie. They are our family. Thank you for saving the baby squirrels. They are adorable!

  11. Pat
    March 30, 2019 at 8:09 am

    There is no doubt that both you and Dave are animal lovers! What a great post full of information as usual; you always do your homework! I am sorry for your loss of Gracie; all your pups have delighted so many. As always thank you for making my day brighter!

  12. March 30, 2019 at 8:16 am

    Mary, what a sweet little rescue of the baby squirrels. Thank you for the research, it is very interesting. Yesterday I had three gobblers walking down my driveway and at least twenty hens in the pasture. Last night Butch walked outside and was stared down by a skunk, yikes! We have a wildlife show every day and most of them enjoy digging in our yard. Happy Saturday!

    • Roxanne Bernard
      March 30, 2019 at 9:01 am

      We keep Skunk Off shampoo at our house because Buddy Dog never learns! It actually works in removing the odor. You can buy it at Amazon or usually your local Feed and Seed.

      Mary, this was such a sweet story, and you have a true servant’s heart. Squirrels always seem to have a joy for life…as I’m watching them right now raid my bird feeders!

  13. Maggie
    March 30, 2019 at 8:20 am

    Sweetest pics ever! This made my day. Thanks for posting.

  14. Diane Aurit
    March 30, 2019 at 8:48 am

    Oh, this made my day! I have a certified wildlife garden here in Lake Norman and we have lots of squirrels because I have so many feeders. But, I have never found a nest or had adorable babies running up my leg. You did such a great job of taking care of them and making sure they survived in the future. Enjoy this beautiful day. I have a feeling you will be out in your garden too!

  15. Cheryl Foley
    March 30, 2019 at 9:08 am

    I enjoyed this so much! Squirrel + watering cans = precious! And the names…LOL!! 🤓❤

  16. Susan B.
    March 30, 2019 at 9:22 am

    This post made me smile so big!! Sounds like something I would do, even though they raid my bird feeders and dig up my bulbs. It destroys me to see any critter suffer. I’ve even seen my husband take a bug out of something we were painting outside and wash the paint off it’s wings so it could fly away. We are softies! Your little Gracie would be so proud of you helping another little animal. I hope you are feeling a bit better, although the loss of an adored pet never goes away. It’s an awful pain that we animal lovers no too well. Hugs! xoxo

  17. Karen
    March 30, 2019 at 9:26 am

    I LOVE todays post! The baby squirrels are just adorable. Thank you so much for all the great advice on what to do should we find ourselves in this predicament. You guys are the best for rescuing Dover,Nesco,Haws and Wheeling. Even their names are really cute. You made my morning.

  18. Donna
    March 30, 2019 at 9:34 am

    Wow..not sure I would ever be brave enough

  19. Kris
    March 30, 2019 at 9:43 am

    What a wonderful story and squirrels can quickly become a part of the family❣️ Thank you for taking care of them. I’m so sorry for the loss of Gracie. Our fur babies have a piece of our hearts forever. I know she had a lovely life here with her human family.

  20. Annie
    March 30, 2019 at 9:48 am

    This is so sweet. They are so cute! Wonder what happened to Momma.

  21. Anne Marie
    March 30, 2019 at 9:51 am

    So sweet. You did the best thing by turning them over to wildlife rescue. You did a wonderful job with them in the meantime. They were so cute!

  22. Cheryl
    March 30, 2019 at 9:55 am

    Loved, loved, loved this post! We get rabbits but never squirrels here. So cute! So wonderful of you to rescue them.

  23. Dianne Chrestopoulos
    March 30, 2019 at 10:16 am

    I loved reading about your baby squirrel adventure. Your pictures are gorgeous and while they are so cute, I know the trouble they can bring. I always LOVE getting your blogs. Thank you for making my Saturday so fun!

  24. Donna C
    March 30, 2019 at 10:25 am

    We had squirrels build a nest inside of our BBQ. They are a nuisance and dig up and eat all the flower bulbs. You got some great photos!

  25. Dorinda Selke
    March 30, 2019 at 10:31 am

    Oh my stars I cannot believe how adorable the four little baby squirrels are. Love their names. You are so tender and loving with them I think they thought you were the Mama!! I have a friend in Australia who rescues and rehabs all kinds of animals she still has a kangaroo living with her and her family. When May the Roo was smaller she used to sleep on my friend’s bed. I think some people are just drawn to animals and animals can sense it. Bless you! Hugs, Dorinda

  26. Court
    March 30, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Such cuties. So glad you were able to help them out. 💕

  27. June L. Hollingshead
    March 30, 2019 at 10:48 am

    I am so sorry for your loss of Gracie. I’m new to your blog, but it didn’t take long for it to become my favorite. Even after years, I still miss my Tramp– our “four-legged, tail-wagging love magnet” as we called him. When I read about Gracie this week, it brought to mind a quote: The love we can’t give in one place, the many cry out for. Looks like it was true for you when those squirrels showed up when they did. Bless your heart for taking care of them. Prayer and peace be with you.

  28. Clara
    March 30, 2019 at 11:21 am

    Mary, What a heart warming story! Those babies were lucky they had you as their surrogate Mom. They’re so cute tucked in & warm with full bellies & adorable names. Mary to the rescue! Full Mom mode. Great job! Clara🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️

  29. Cathy Higgibs
    March 30, 2019 at 11:23 am

    it was incredibly delightful going through all your pictures and comments about your squirrels. Then the pic of Gracie looking at the sunset truly touched me. Thank you for being such a kind hearted and loving person. Also, sharing these special moments with us all.

  30. Yvonne Shafer
    March 30, 2019 at 11:28 am

    Mary, you are the sweetest soul! Mother Nature knew she could count on your help!

  31. anne
    March 30, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Such a sweet story. And, with a happy ending. The baby squirrels are so precious. Yes, I cuss them under my breath, too, when they are older and eat all the birdseed in my feeders and mess with my bulbs, but these babies were helpless without their Mama. I can’t get over how they nestled up so quickly to you and your husband, but I’m sure it was because they felt the love. God bless you both for your gentle care of four helpless little creatures. xo

  32. Janet
    March 30, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    We love the (our) squirrels who visit our bird feeders all year, and even name some of them. We also loved the pictures and this sweet and informative story. Thank you.

  33. Cheryl Burgess
    March 30, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    I love my squirrels here, and I feed them their peanuts every morning. I have one lovely lady squirrel who has been coming for about 4 years now. She has a spot on her back, so of course her name is Spot. She’ll come to my hand to take a peanut from me, and her babies last year came to me also. Thank you so much for taking care of those babies.

  34. March 30, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    Dear Mary, when I read your post about Gracie, you already had a mile of comments—and well as all your readers, I grieved too. Thank you for sharing your puppies with us, they always provided a smile and a ray of sunshine.

    —now to the squirrels.

    What an experience. The best part—they are removed from your property, lol.—we have squirrel wars here constantly. But, it is amazing how they came to you, totally trusting you could make their plight better. Isn’t that what we all should do—for a child, a neighbor, or someone so different from ourselves…I consider this all, a gentle teaching moment.

    Hugs to you and your husband, and thanks for all the experiences you always provide.

  35. Susan
    March 30, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you for helping these little squirrels. They are a part of our ecosystem and can be very entertaining to watch.

  36. Cyndi Raines
    March 30, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Awww, how sweet! They are cute babies and it cracked me up that they wanted to climb your legs! Wonder what happened to Mama? Glad you were able to rescue all four of them. You were so creative to let them use an old warm boot to shelter in and then to warm them up with a rice bag was really smart. Thanks for the feeding information as well. You and your hubby are wildlife hero’s!! Thanks Mary, the video is too cute! Give Miss Lola a big hug for me, love her wild and wooly look, hehe. ♥️🐾🐿

  37. March 30, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    Well, it looks like you had quite an adventure Mary! Glad you could help the little ones. As we’re getting to planting season… just promise me your volunteer didn’t drive them to Philly:@)

  38. March 30, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    appears the Lord gave you something to brighten your days while grieving for your wonderful Gracie…sometimes distractions are the only thing that can help you breath again. These are too cute…I also encourage the squirrels to my husband’s dismay! I feed a bunch…fuss at them when they are fighting…and look forward to when they bring their babies to the feeders. Our litters are only 3 babies, but aren’t grey squirrels. They are brown, and quite entertaining! Enjoy!

  39. Diane
    March 30, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    What a great story! And wonderful pictures. We’ve enjoyed having baby squirrels in our yard and one time having to save one from our cat. I grew up in Michigan where we had a lot of squirrels in our yard. Here in CA there are not so many of the “Michigan Squirrels” as I call them–mostly dark grey and definitely not as cute.

  40. March 30, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    Wow!! You saved those little fur babies!! Great story to read, especially after the rough morning we had, We had to put our older dog down this morning. She is now in doggie heaven after a rough battle with cancer. No more pain, except for me – I am really going to miss her. So thank you for the fun uplifting post about helping these little squirrels out!!

  41. Jean S. Mazet
    March 30, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    Do you think that maybe Gracie sent these babies to keep you busy! She knows you have an empty spot in your heart. Love your energy spirit and talen!

  42. March 30, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    What a story, and to have the pictures was so endearing! I have never had squirrels ever where I live, fox, racoon, bobcat, coyote, deer and rabbits, but never those adorable wee ones! The fact they have no fear, and that you instantly protected them is heartwarming, not only are we twins when it comes to shopping, but for truly caring for all creatures as well, THANK YOU.

  43. Sally
    March 30, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Such a sweet squirrel story. Thanks for sharing,Mary, lot’s of good information there.

  44. March 30, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    Bless you for taking such great care of God’s creatures.

  45. Alice Genzlinger
    March 30, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    Thank you for sharing. Your care for these precious babies is very heart warming. All Gods creatures are to be loved and cared for by us. I couldn’t bare to harm a single one. Did mom ever show back up? I thank you on her behalf for the love and help you gave her babies. And to think us humans think it’s alright to go to abortion clinics.

  46. Mary Tolbert
    March 30, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    Mary- I was so sorry to hear about Gracie…Don’t you know she was thrilled to see Chloe on The Rainbow Bridge! What a reunion for those two precious girls….I truly believe we also will be with our loved ones, including our beloved pets, in the hereafter. From experience I know how painful this is now….Best to all of you, including Lola, who must be missing her terribly. My deepest sympathy….

  47. Mary Tolbert
    March 30, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    Also, I forgot to mention I loved reading about the squirrels. Did you know in Colonial times they were often pets and walked on leases by their owners like little dogs? Interesting…..

  48. March 30, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    I have rescued a couple of babies over the years. They were soooo little and had fallen from a high nest. Out came the shoe box and I watched them all night and fed them warm milk. Not a good thing but I did get them to the ARC Foundation which is in our county in PA and soon they joined a full group in an incubator! I always hope my little ones had a good life.

  49. Laney Jason
    March 30, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    Loved reading your experience. I learned a lot
    from you and I hope I don’t have to experience this but if I do I will know what to do.
    Great job!

  50. Sue
    March 30, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    You have such a caring and loving heart for four-legged creatures!

  51. Debbie
    March 30, 2019 at 7:44 pm

    So sweet of you to rescue and take care of the baby squirrels. It was a charming story that warmed my heart!

  52. March 30, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    This is so sweet! Thanks for all of the information that you provided on rescuing these little fur balls. What a great story. Hugs for you and your husband. I got tears in my eyes when I saw your headline about Gracie.

  53. Peggy Reed
    March 30, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    Such a sweet and informative story. So adorable to see them all nestled in the UGG boot. Bless your heart for taking such good care of these baby squirrels.

    My daughter found a baby squirrel on the ground during an evening walk that seemed to be hurt, possibly fell from a nest but she couldn’t see any nest nearby and after watching for the mama who never returned, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

    Feeling in her heart that he had been abandoned and to protect him from any predators, she decided to take him home to start caring for him throughout the night ( she is a vet tech) until the wildlife center opened in the morning. Sadly, he didn’t make it through the night!

    Thanks for sharing your heart warming story Mary!

  54. Liz
    March 31, 2019 at 9:26 am

    Thank you for caring for these babies! I love squirrels and thoroughly enjoyed the post and adorable pictures!

  55. March 31, 2019 at 9:27 am

    I so enjoyed reading this post. These were lucky baby squirrels that they ended up in your watering can. It tickled me that they were brave enough to approach you and your husband and to climb up your pants. Thank you for the smile!

  56. March 31, 2019 at 10:16 am

    What a sweet post thanks for the info too. You never know when I’ll need it as I can’t let anything I find die without at least trying to help

  57. Kathy Menold
    March 31, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Your pictures of your furry baby squirrels were too cute. We found some abandoned baby raccoons some years ago and they were adorable but what a handful. One day while we had them out of their cage they ran up the legs of our mailman who was wearing shorts at the time. Quite the scene! Eventually brought them to an animal refuge area near us where they thrived and then we’re released into the wild. You brought back many memories.

  58. Donna B Oliphint
    March 31, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    Loved your squirrel story! Reminded me of the “Chippers” and “Woodys” we would raise when I was growing up. I love squirrels, but my husband, Mr. Fix-It hates them so we don’t have many that stay in our yard. I’m so very sorry about Gracie. Losing two babies in such a short time is hard. I know Lola is grieving, too.

  59. March 31, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    Oh goodness Mary, you are the kindest, most nurturing person I have ever known! First of all your photo captures are amazing, but what you did to mother those babies is incredible! I must admit I am not a squirrel fan as our house backs up to woods and we have a gazillion of the little devils, always digging up my pots and generally making a mess! I have a new appreciation now…

  60. March 31, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    You are a wonderful soul! And to see them crawling up your legs… they just needed more loving!

    They are the cutest but I wish for them to stay out of my LakeHouse garage!

    Sending love your way… for loving creatures large and small! 😊❤️

  61. Janice Alexander
    March 31, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    Thank you for the sweet squirrel article. Especially, the drinking video. You are such a kind soul!

  62. March 31, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    You are the kindest of Souls and indeed the Squirrel Whisperer!…Oh my Mary…those poor babies must have lost their mom and how lucky they are that they were in your watering can as you have saved their lives…They are cute aren’t they…but then again, like you said, you can curse them when they are eating things like electrical wires of an A/C unit in the attic!….that was certainly an expensive happening in our last house…between wire repair and calling out the experts to set traps to get those critters out of my attic….But you to the rescue with nourishment and a warm box for them to sleep in…Great photos and videos…I think Gracie and Chloe were their guardian angels too!…So glad that there was a good outcome thanks to you and those Uggs did not look that old to me!

  63. March 31, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    I have a love/hate relationship with squirrels as they were HORRIBLE at the last house. They sure are VERY smart and clever, I must say. I am glad you saved these sweet little guys. You are a heroine:) Thanks for the tips about the feeding and warming. I hope I am never in that position though. Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

  64. March 31, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Oh my goodness are these little guys cute!!

  65. Laura T.
    March 31, 2019 at 11:38 pm

    That is just so adorable! Thank you for helping them! I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie. They are family & I know how hard it is!

  66. April 1, 2019 at 8:23 am

    You are such the kind, caring soul, Mary! I wonder where Momma squirrel went? I smiled with the baby squirrels climbing up your legs, and your hubby’s, and getting all cozy in your Ugg boot. They sure are cute, but yes, they can wreck havoc! Thank heavens for the Wildlife rescue service.

  67. Vanessa
    April 1, 2019 at 10:06 am

    I think this was a God wink after your loss. Precious story.

  68. Lynda
    April 1, 2019 at 10:49 am

    So sorry for your loss of Gracie. So sad when we lose our fur babies. :-( The Lord must have known you needed a distraction with these adorable baby squirrels. Thank you for caring for them and finding a rescue that would take the handful. Hope mama squirrel is ok. Blessings to you. :-)

  69. Shirley Graham
    April 2, 2019 at 12:08 am

    The pictures are delightful! The babies are so sweet & glad you took them in as they certainly looked fragile. Know their Mama is glad too!

  70. Marie Lutzow
    April 2, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    I was so sorry to hear of Gracie’s passing. I have always enjoyed your many posts that include your fur babies. Chloe and Gracie must have known you would need a diversion…and conspired.
    Mama squirrel sadly, was probably killed by a predator (everyone must eat) and these babies were lucky to have you and your hubby to save them. There is just nothing as cute as these babies, tucked into a boot for the night! Thank you for sharing them with all of us. I have raised several squirrels in the past and they are very loving, even when grown. Thanks to you and your hubby they will be able to have a normal life once raised by the rescue. Marie

  71. Chris Wells
    April 4, 2019 at 6:32 am

    I could not help but comment on this lovely, charming squirrel story. Back in the 50’s I brought a baby squirrel home. My mother, bless her heart, bottle fed Chippy with a doll baby bottle. His favorite snack was graham crackers. We finally acclimated Chippy back into the wild after many months. It is a delightful childhood memory and I am so fond of squirrels to this day! Loved your story.

  72. Jackie
    April 7, 2019 at 4:34 am

    Amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  73. Kathy Duncan
    April 8, 2019 at 11:02 pm


  74. nancy turner
    April 17, 2019 at 12:13 am

    the spring we were waiting for our first baby,my husband brought home a very small one with out his yes open yet.said husband was a logger cut down a tree had only one baby in the nest.fed him with a eye dropper and carnation caned milk .yes he survied my father in law kept him made him pancakes with peanut butter every am was a very good companion for him for years.

  75. August 19, 2019 at 10:41 am

    You’re a good Mama!!!! To both dogs and squirrels.Kindness, gentleness and caring , you share so effortlessly. Blessings be upon you Mary.

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