Buzzworthy DIYs and Table Settings in Honor of Bees for National Pollinator Week

Celebrate the bees for National Pollinator Week! Find buzzworthy DIYs, along with table settings to pay tribute to hard working, busy bees, responsible for 30% of our food supply. You’ll also learn what you can do to help the bees and other pollinators.

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Happy National Pollinator Week!

 I’m sharing some ‘bee’ favorites, DIYs and tabletop fun in celebration!

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If you’ve been a follower of my blog for any length of time then you know I love all things *bee*

including seeing them buzz and bumble around the garden!

If you’re a gardener, you recognize the importance of bees and celebrate them every day!

The hum of bees is the voice of the garden! #bees #sunflowers #pottingshed #garden #quote #chalkboard #nationalpollinatorweek ©

The hum of bees is the voice of the garden!

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I’m sharing some fun table inspiration in honor of bees, along with some buzzworthy DIYs,

sprinkled in with information to raise awareness of pollinators!

Click on the highlighted links for more details, sources or table inspiration.

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National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and

spread the word about what you can do to protect them.

Many pollinator populations are in decline attributed to a loss in feeding and nesting habitats.

Pollution, the misuse of chemicals, disease, and changes in climatic patterns

are all contributing to shrinking and shifting pollinator populations.

Upcycle a vintage honey can as a vase for garden flowers! #bees #diy #flowers #nationalpollinatorweek #garden ©

  Buzzing with Bees + ‘Honey It’s Good’ Flower Arrangement

Think outside the vase and upcycle a vintage honey can as a vase for garden flowers.

Post includes includes flower arrangement longevity tips and additional floral inspiration.

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Somewhere between 75% and 95% of all flowering plants on earth need help with pollination.

Pollinators provide pollination services to over 180,000 different plant species and more than 1200 crops.

Bee table and vignette in Potting Shed for National Pollinator Week #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #tablescape ©

That means that 1 out of every three bites of food you eat is there because of pollinators.

Pollinators are also responsible for half of the world’s oils, fibers and raw materials.

Buzzing with Bees on the Potting Bench for National Pollinator Week #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers #tablescape ©

Buzzing with Bees on the Potting Bench

Buzzing with Bees for National Pollinator Week #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers #tablescape ©

Most pollinators (about 200,000 species) are beneficial insects such as bees,

beetles, wasps, ants, butterflies, moths, and flies.

Bumble bee and swallowtail butterfly on bee balm #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers ©

About 1,000 of all pollinators are vertebrates such as birds, bats, and small mammals.

Bees and Lamb's Ear #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers ©

There are more than 4,000 native bee species in the U.S. with over 500 species here in North Carolina.

They vary in size, shape, color and carry pollen in various places on their body

and even have different seasons of activity.

Download a bee identification guide from, HERE.

Hive Rules in the Potting Shed #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers #tablescape ©

Hive Rules in the Potting Shed

Bumble bees on Salvia #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers©

Fun fact: Bees actually see color in the blue-violet spectrum better than other hues

so growing blue flowers is a good way to attract them to your vegetable garden!

Bee door basket flower arrangement using an Amazon Prime envelope! #flowers #DIY #garden #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #upcycle ©

 A Prime Solution and Envelope Upcycle for a Basket Buzzing with Blooms

Upcycle an Amazon Prime Envelope and create an arrangement

buzzing with blooms in honor of National Pollinator Week.

Bumble bee and Popcorn Drift Roses #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #roses #flowers ©

Pollinators add 217 billion dollars to the global economy and honey bees alone are responsible

for between 1.2 and 5.4 billion dollars in agricultural productivity in the United States.

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In addition to the food that we eat, pollinators support healthy ecosystems that clean the air,

stabilize soils, protect from severe weather, and support other wildlife.

Bee table and vignette for National Pollinator Week #bees #tablescape #nationalpollinatorweek ©

Gardeners are encouraged to create pollinator-friendly habitats with native flowering plants

that supply pollinators with nectar, pollen, and homes.

Bee on lamb's ear #bees #flowers #nationalpollinatorweek #garden ©

Select old-fashioned varieties of flowers whenever possible,

as breeding has caused some modern blooms to lose their fragrance

and/or the nectar/pollen needed to attract and feed pollinators.

Bee Kind Stamped Spoon #bees #nationalpollinatorweek ©

Bee Kind and avoid using harmful pesticides and herbicides that can harm pollinators

and the environment.

Instead, use natural alternatives such as neem oil,

soap sprays and beneficial bugs like ladybugs and praying mantises

 to help deter pests.

Make a Safe and Easy Bee Watering Station for Pollinators #bees #diy #flowers #nationalpollinatorweek #garden ©

🐝 Make a Safe and Easy Bee Watering Station for Pollinators

Bees and other pollinators all need fresh water to drink. Honey bees use water to regulate the temperature of the hive, feed young bees, and dilute stored honey. A deep water source like a creek, lake or even birdbath puts bees at risk of drowning or being food for other predators, as they can’t swim. Providing a safe water source is simple and fun way to help pollinators. You put together a watering station in just minutes in your garden, making it as simple or as decorative as you like!

Old garden tools in chimney pot with bee plasma cut shovel and bee smoker #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden ©

A Woodman’s Famous Bee-Ware Smoker was an antique mall find.

Vintage Woodman’s Famous Bee-Ware Smoker #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden ©

I was smitten with the graphics of the bee keeper on the smoker. . .

Beauty is in the eye of the *bee* holder. ;) 🐝

Bee-Youtiful Stamped Spoon in flower frog | © #bees

Home gardens attract pollinators too, and cities and suburbs have been shown to have more diverse pollinator communities than nearby wildlands.

 As long as there are plots and patches of flowers, city life will not deter pollinators and hungry bees.

 Pollinator gardening near community gardens also increases urban agricultural yields.

If you build it, they will come and help you get bigger and better crops too!

Welcome bees, butterflies and hummingbirds with a DIY Easy Pollinator Container #earthday #pollinators #bees #butterflies #hummingbirds #flowers #garden #nationalpollinatorweek ©

 DIY Pollinator Container

Welcome bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with plants they love!

An easy and fun way to brighten your patio or deck,

while making a positive impact on the environment.

DIY Bee-utiful Lavender-Rosemary Soap #bees #diy #craft #soap #nationalpollinatorweek © A fragrant and bee-utiful craft project that comes together in just 10 minutes, ready to give in under an hour.

Looking for a bee-utiful and easy craft project?

Bee-utiful Lavender-Rosemary Soap

A fragrant and fun craft project that comes together in just 10 minutes, ready to give in under an hour.

Create a ‘Bee Happy’ Wreath to celebrate gardening season and in honor of Earth Day. You’ll also learn what you can do to keep the bees and other pollinators happy. #diy #wreath #bees #nationalpollinatorweek

DIY ‘Bee Happy’ Wreath

Find the easy steps and materials to make a wreath to celebrate the bees and gardening season. 

Elevate your napkins with DIY Bee-Jeweled Napkin Rings and create napkin rings for less than the luxe designer ones they’re inspired by! #easy #diy #craft #napkinrings #bees ©

Easy DIY Bee-Jeweled Napkin Rings

Elevate your napkins with DIY Bee-Jeweled Napkin Rings and create napkin rings for less

than the luxe designer ones they’re inspired by.

They make an easy and sparkling addition to your table that everyone will be buzzing about!

Bee skep and bee mason jar with flowers and table for National Pollinator Week #bees #tablescapes ©

Did you know most species of bees don’t sting?

Female bees are physically capable of stinging,

but most bee species native to the U.S. are “solitary bees,” that is, not living in

colonies and don’t sting unless they are physically threatened or injured.

Only honey bees are defensive and may chase someone who disturbs their hive.

Bee Kind and Help Our Pollinators #nationalpollinatorweek #bees ©

🐝 Bee Kind to Pollinators:

🐝 Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides. If you must use them, use the most selective and least toxic ones and apply them at night when most pollinators aren’t active.

🐝 Plant in clusters to create a “target” for pollinators to find.

🐝 Plant for continuous bloom throughout the growing season from spring to fall.

🐝 Select a site that has shelter from wind (by trees and shrubs), has at least partial sun, and can provide water.

🐝 Allow material from dead branches and logs remain as nesting sites; reduce mulch to allow patches of bare ground for ground-nesting bees to utilize; consider installing wood nesting blocks for wood-nesting natives.

🐝 Support farmers and beekeepers by buying local honey and locally produced organic foods.

Bumble bee on verbena #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers ©

I love stalking bees with my camera. . .

salvia and verbena have been buzzing with bees.

Bumble bee on verbena #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #flowers ©

Beehive watering can with flowers and table for National Pollinator Week #bees #tablescapes #wateringcan #hydrangeas ©

Apiary apron and hat on back door of Potting Shed #bees #shed #garden #flowers #nationalpollinatorweek ©

Potting Shed Back Door + Bee in My Bonnet

An alternative to a wreath and summer door décor for the Potting Shed door. 

Find buzz-worthy ideas for a bee-themed tea party, including Bee’s Knees iced tea, bee-studded teapot flower arrangements and recipe for mini beehive cakelets. #bees #tea #party #tablescape #nationalpollinatorweek ©

The Bee’s Knees Summer Tea and Sweet Beehive Cakelets

Find buzz-worthy ideas for a bee-themed tea party,

including Bee’s Knees iced tea, bee-studded teapot flower arrangements

and a recipe for mini beehive cakelets.

Honey Lavender Lemon Loaf! Buzzing with flavor, topped with bright, citrusy lemon glaze. #bees #nationalpollinatorweek #recipe #lemon #honey #lavender ©

Or treat yourself to Honey Lavender Lemon Loaf!

Buzzing with flavor, with lavender lending a floral note, topped with bright, citrusy lemon glaze.

Beehive shaped watering can with flowers for National Pollinator Week #bees #wateringcan #hydrangeas #nationalpollinatorweek #tablescape ©

Find out more about what you can do to help pollinators, HERE.

Bumble bees on purple coneflower #bees #butterflies #nationalpollinatorweek #garden ©

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Buzzworthy DIYs and Table Settings for National Pollinator Week #bees #diy #flowers #nationalpollinatorweek #garden #diy #tablescapes ©


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    It’s so important for us to help these hard working bee species by planting pollinators. I’ve been following a native plant page for our state, and it’s incredible how many plants and trees are non-native, spreading invasively, amd choking out the good plants. Your collections of bee-themed elements are just awesome, giving you seemingly endless combinations. Always a treat to see what you’ve created!

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    Bee-autiful post Mary! Your photographs are stunning and there are so many creative ideas and information about the wonderful pollinators out there. We don’t seem to have a lot of bees where I live and I’ll have to stop and think about why that is and what I can do to help. You have truly inspired me. Thanks for being such a bee advocate!

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