Celebrating Bird Love: Love Birds’ Bed & Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds

Happy Tuesday!

January seems to have flown by. . .

Can you believe there’s only a week left in the month?

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon,

I’m happy to be part of a Valentine Tablescape Blog Hop!

You’ll find romantic as well as whimsical-themed table inspiration

for Valentine’s Day from 20 table stylists at the bottom of this post.

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

After 13 years of blogging, it’s a challenge to come up with an original theme

or tablescape inspiration for Valentine’s Day!

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Previous Valentine-themed tables over the years include a

Tea with Alice and Wonderland-inspired Table,

All Abuzz and *Bee* Mine Tablescape,

 Special Delivery of Hearts and Flowers for Valentine’s Day,

Candy Vase Floral Centerpiece + Table and a Valentine’s Tea Party.

Winter Fauna bird plates with plaid | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds

With Valentine’s Day traditionally a holiday for lovebirds,

I’m sharing some bird love and the joy of winter birding!

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Welcome to the Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast, aka The Potting Shed. . .

Welcome bird plaque | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds

Or more accurately, Love Birds’ Beds (plural) and Breakfast.

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Regular readers are familiar with my love of birds as

feeding and watching the birds is a favorite winter pastime.

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Birds have flocked to the Potting Shed to find beds,

aka, birdhouses, as well as breakfast.

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Heart-shaped bowls hold a seed mix blend of sunflower, millet, cracked corn and milo.

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Bird finials and perches on birdhouses are adorned

 with cupid’s arrow and heart ribbon. . .

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Adding curb appeal and a welcome mat for Valentine’s Day!

Winter Fauna plates and birdseed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Winter Fauna salad plates are layered on red and green tartan plaid plates,

and Woodland Berry Chargers.

Winter Fauna plates with plaid and twig flatware | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Twig flatware and tree slice chargers add a woodland note . . .

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Birds are perched on napkin rings. . .

Bird napkin ring with embroidered pinecone napkin | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Marrying a pair of napkins. . .

embroidered pinecones with plaid.

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

A heart-shaped bird feeder hangs over the window,

filled with black oil sunflower seed.

 Heart shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

 Black oil sunflower seed is high in fat, essential for birds in the cold winter months.

It’s also a preferred seed that attracts a wide variety of birds

in your back yard with its easy-to-crack shell.

House finch at heart-shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter

The design of the feeder attracts our common birdfeeder visitors

that are clingers when feeding, like nuthatches,

chickadees, house finches and titmice.

House finch and chickadee at heart-shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter

A perch in the middle on both sides allows birds to perch,

to access the seed in the middle,

as well as provide access for larger birds to feed.

Black-capped chickadee at heart-shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter

Titmouse at heart-shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter

It also attracts our most common “bird” at our feeders. . .

Squirrel at heart-shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #winter

Mr. Squirrel looks like he has had more than his fair share of high fat sunflower seed. :)

Cardinal ornament and Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Table Details:

Winter Fauna Salad Plates, Plaid Dinner Plates / Pottery Barn, several years ago

Woodland Berry Chargers / Williams-Sonoma, used HERE

Bird Napkin Rings and Napkins / Pottery Barn, several years ago

Twig Flatware / Pier 1

Ceramic birdhouses, plates / Rae Dunn Artisan Collection & M Studios, used HERE

Red heart table runner, heart dishes, goblets / HomeGoods

Bird finials / World Market, several years ago

Bird Christmas ornaments and birdhouses / collected over the years

Red heart birdfeeder / Amazon

Cardinal ornament and Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds

While not traditional, I hope my Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast

 inspires you to surround yourself with things you love

on Valentine’s Day and every day.

House finch at heart-shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #winter #bird

♥ ♥ ♥

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For more traditional Valentine’s Day table inspiration, find

14 Tablescapes and Centerpieces to love, HERE.

Cardinal ornament and Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

Many thanks to Rita of Panoply for organizing this Valentine Tablescape Blog Hop!

Find more Valentine table inspiration from my blogging friends at the links below:

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Pair of House finches at heart-shaped bird feeder | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #winter #bird

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Love Birds’ Bed and Breakfast | ©homeiswheretheboatis.net #bird #winter #valentinesday #tablescape #birds #birdhouse

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  88 comments for “Celebrating Bird Love: Love Birds’ Bed & Breakfast Table in the Potting Shed

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  2. Gail
    January 24, 2023 at 6:26 am

    Cute birdfeeder

  3. Bonnie Morgan
    January 24, 2023 at 6:49 am

    Mary, You met the challenge to come up with an original Valentine theme beautifully! I love all the beautiful birds in all their forms. A delightful post! Birds are wonderful all year but especially in January.
    What a great way to start my day! I love the heart bird feeder and all the bird dishes!

    • January 25, 2023 at 4:38 pm

      Thank you Bonnie! Birds have been mobbing our feeders the past few days. So happy you were able to join in the fun this time❣️🍽️

  4. Rita C.
    January 24, 2023 at 6:51 am

    13 years of fresh, inspiring and educational content, now adding this one to the infinite vault! I always look forward to reading your posts, Mary, and this one puts a creative spin on both Valentine’s Day and your avian love. You have such a wonderful collection of birding items, both functional and fun. I bet it’s very hard for you to resist anything related when you’re out shopping. I especially liked the two cardinals perched on the edge of the ‘nest’ plate, and the way you assemble it all at the potting shed window is picture perfect. I remember seeing those napkins somewhere (online), but can’t remember the source. Are they CLD? The heart birdfeeder is so cute, perfect for both perchers and clingers. I suppose Rocky could be considered both, given his physique. But that last outdoor photo of the feeder and those two finches in the left-hand corner of the frame – true love! (even though they may have been fighting each other, lol. That’s true love, right??). Thank you so much for being part of this hop, Mary. ❣️

    • January 25, 2023 at 4:43 pm

      Thank you Rita! The napkins are from Pottery Barn eons ago but are similar to some linen ones from CLD. Thanks so much for all your organizing efforts for these hops❣️🍽️

  5. Shirley @housepitalitydesigns
    January 24, 2023 at 7:50 am

    Be still my heart!!! You know how much I love seeing your beautiful creations in your Potting Shed. I so love the heart bird feeder. We have been buying more bird feeders. With the addition of our little pond and waterfall in our yard we hope to attract more birds. Have a great day Mary!!

    • January 25, 2023 at 4:45 pm

      Hi Shirley, I bet your landscape is beautiful even in this dreary, wet weather with your new additions. So happy to hear from you, I miss your beautiful floral creations. Stay well❣️🌸

  6. Jane Teague
    January 24, 2023 at 7:52 am

    You have proven, yet again, that creativity is boundless and so rewarding. Thank you for sharing your passion with us! 💕

    • January 25, 2023 at 4:46 pm

      Thank you for your sweet comment Jane. I so appreciate your visits❣️

  7. Cindi
    January 24, 2023 at 8:06 am

    I just adore all of your bird creations! I, too, love to feed and watch the birds ( and deer) in my yard and just might order the heart bird feeder. Your posts always brighten my day! Peace.

    • January 25, 2023 at 4:48 pm

      Thanks so much Cindi. They are entertaining to watch, especially in the winter. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead❣️

  8. Kari
    January 24, 2023 at 8:10 am

    Mary I love your bird theme…BTW my tablescape featured red cardinals among my X’s and O’s as I said almost the same thing about trying to come up with something new when dealing with a mostly red and white heart themed Valentines Day table. Perhaps I will post closer to Valentine’s Day once I get my IT issues worked out. Your birds are adorable…the real and the figurines. Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

    • January 25, 2023 at 4:49 pm

      Thank you Kari, you were missed! I hope your IT issues are worked out soon❣️

  9. January 24, 2023 at 8:12 am

    What a clever table theme! I have to share that my sweet departed Nana always had trouble with “birds in a home”. She said it was bad luck! So i rarely bring anything with a bird on it into my home. She had many superstitions and I remember them all and still state them aloud! She apparently had a “witch lady friend” who lived down the street and learned many from her! We used to tease her about them, but when ‘things happened” she would just look at us and smile……ah, the things we remember!

    • January 26, 2023 at 6:30 am

      Oh boy, I’m really in trouble with all the bird ornaments on my Winter Nesting Tree. ;)

  10. January 24, 2023 at 8:46 am

    Oh, Mary! Your amazingly creative and talented mind just keeps on with fresh new ideas. Has it been 13 years? I think I’ve been with you since the beginning, and your posts continue to be fresh and inspiring without fail. Our Valentine Tablescapes for the hop are very different, but we both had a mind set of nontraditional. I, of course, love the bird theme and setting a table in the garden shed. Your collection of aviary themed items is wonderful. It’s such fun to collect for a purpose! Your posts always reflect your passions and are filled with details that draw me in, both in images and words. The blogging community is so fortunate to have you sharing your talent and unending inspiration. It’s an honor to be on this fun blog hop with you, my friend. Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • January 25, 2023 at 5:03 pm

      Oh Sarah, you’re too kind! I remember discovering your blog through Alphbet-Thursdays….such fun memories. I remember even back then being in awe of your wonderful collections! I’m so happy you were up for joining us in the hop. Wishing you a wonderful week❣️

  11. January 24, 2023 at 8:47 am

    Oh my, Mary! I love every detail of your charming ode to birds–the whimsical plates, bird houses, and bird seed: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I am always inspired by your creative table settings. Pinned!

    • January 26, 2023 at 6:31 am

      Thank you so much Cecilia, so happy to hop with you again! ♥

  12. Clara
    January 24, 2023 at 8:48 am

    Mary, I love this post because birds tug at my heartstrings. They remind me of my Mom as my love for birds came from her. The heart shaped feeder is so well designed and so cute! Even the squirrel is adorable on top of the heart! Your potting shed is beautifully decorated with bird love. The plate stack is gorgeous. Those are such pretty bird plates. That is the cutest figurine of the two cardinals perched together! Your bird love display melts my heart and is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Happy Tuesday! Clara❤️

    • January 26, 2023 at 6:32 am

      Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment Clara! Enjoy the rest of your week, I hope you’re drier than we are. ♥

  13. January 24, 2023 at 8:48 am

    This is such a fun interpretation of Valentine’s Day love Mary! You do love your feathered friends and you have so many cute bird things! I love the bird plates and the way you’ve combined them with some other wintery things and the cute ribbon really makes everything relate to Valentine’s Day. The heart feeder is wonderful starring in your Love Birds Bed and Breakfast in the Potting Shed. I love that you used bird seed in the glass and in the little heart bowls, such fun! ❤️

    • January 26, 2023 at 6:33 am

      Thanks so much Jenna! ♥

  14. franki Parde
    January 24, 2023 at 8:58 am

    How sweet it is!! franki

    • Cyndi Raines
      January 24, 2023 at 2:21 pm

      Ta Da! Another over-the-top Winner!! So very precious and so fitting! Your creativity knows no bounds! Always enjoy the potting shed. (Eager to be out in mine.) I really like that heart shape feeder, pretty awesome. I have little heart shaped pink bowls with some mints in them, but yours filled with bird seed is extra special to their B&B site! Love it Mary!

      • January 26, 2023 at 7:11 am

        Thanks much Cyndi! I was just watching the weather and noting you were probably getting snow in your neck of woods. Stay warm ♥

    • January 26, 2023 at 6:37 am

      Thank you Franki, I hope you’re having a good week. ♥

  15. January 24, 2023 at 9:07 am

    What a brilliant and beautiful Valentines theme — you are so creative, I admire your ability to continually style tables year after year! Especially nice how your theme works with your profound love of birds.

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:13 am

      Thanks so much Debbee, we missed you on the hop! Looking forward to all things Irish from you. ☘️💚

  16. January 24, 2023 at 9:09 am

    Love your take on a Valentine’s Day table! Love birds 🥰 You are the best at coming up with such unique details and combing your place settings with your theme. Always so fun to blog hop with you!

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:13 am

      Thanks so much Karin, so fun hopping with you! Enjoy the rest of your week ♥

  17. January 24, 2023 at 9:27 am

    Oh I so LOVE this! I have 6 feeders off my family room that I watch like tv for hours whenever I sit so this is pure joy for me! Your bird dishes are fabulous with so many cute additional details. Well done, thanks for the huge smiles, they must adore visiting you 😉

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:34 am

      Thanks so much Jain! Enjoy your sunshine. ♥

  18. Mary from Virginia
    January 24, 2023 at 9:38 am

    You always come up with the best designs and ideas. I know I will never be disappointed reading your email posts. Thank you! and I appreciate the where to buy lists you provide, so helpful!

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:35 am

      Thank you for your kind words and visit Mary! Enjoy the rest of your week ♥

  19. January 24, 2023 at 9:57 am

    Congratulations of 13 years of creating such beautiful tablescapes plus so much more. It is always a delight to visit and see the creativity you come up with. Love your feathered friends. The plates are lovely, as is the bird feeder and houses. Cardinals are such a beauty bird. The two sitting perched together is darling. As always Mary, your table are a delight for us all. A pleasure hopping along with you.

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:35 am

      Thank you Linda! So happy to hop with you. Enjoy your week ♥

  20. January 24, 2023 at 11:07 am

    What a lovely post… your bird collections are fabulous! How fun this is for Valentine’s Day!
    Happy Tuesday!

  21. January 24, 2023 at 11:58 am

    Mary, I love your original and creative approach to Valentine’s Day. What a cute title, also. The winter fauna are some of my favorite plates ( we have those in common) and they are so perfect with the tartan. The heart bird feeder is unique and looks like it belongs in front of your potting shed window. I showed that last photo to Butch, it is an amazing capture and adds the most perfect ending to your Bird’s Bed & Breakfast! I always enjoy a seat inside the Potting Shed!

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:37 am

      Thanks so much Pam! It took an hour of standing and waiting to capture that photo. :) Enjoy the rest of your week ♥

  22. January 24, 2023 at 1:14 pm

    This is a delightful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! I loved all the photos of the birds enjoying their Valentine’s feast and enjoyed the birds on the plates and the related nests, houses and special touches in the potting shed! It’s a treat to hop with you.

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:37 am

      Thank you Sandra! So happy to hop with you too. ♥

  23. Kathy A
    January 24, 2023 at 1:27 pm

    What a lovely post! I had to smile at your squirrel; they are such persistent little critters. We have one that sits on our top step eating his whatevers with our 2 cats on the other side of the glass French door twitching their tales in frustration! I love birds and birdwatching and have a collection of inexpensive ceramic ones that I treasure; it started with my grandmother’s bluebird figurine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:40 am

      Thank you Kathy! They are persistent, I just wish they weren’t so destructive! Happy Valentine’s Day to you ♥

  24. January 24, 2023 at 1:47 pm

    Your love birds theme is wonderful Mary! The heart shaped bird feeder has definitely stolen my heart! Thanks for including the link to it. And, for the reminder to switch over to the oiled sunflower seeds as the weather is expected to finally turn colder here. I so enjoy feeding the birds all year round. I love the subtle touches such as the ribbon adorned with tiny hearts and arrows. Great photos of the birds both of the feather variety and furry variety enjoying the seeds!

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:40 am

      Thank so much Maureen! So happy to join you in the hop. ♥

  25. Sue
    January 24, 2023 at 1:54 pm

    Congratulations on your 13th year of blogging! I so look forward to your blog in all it’s creatively and it is such an inspiration. This blog was an exceptional joy, I adore your lovebirds❣ I adore all your birds, all that you have shared with us over the years. It’s such a joy learning from you. The salad plates took my breath away. I too appreciate your listing shopping options, it’s cold here now, so I’m not getting out in the snow and ice so much. Thank you Mary, wish I could find better words to tell you what joy you bring.

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:42 am

      Aww, thank you so much Sue! I so appreciate your visits and comments. We’ve had a very wet winter and so much rain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some snowflakes! Stay warm ♥

  26. Ally
    January 24, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    I love seeing your feeders in action! Sadly we had to remove ours due to an influx of RATS into the neighbourhood! Apparently it’s the only way to bid them adios:( we live in an urban area near a new train line installation with blasting and rats dislike that.) We have lived here for nearly forty years and always had feeders..never rats. This time of year our feeders were always a hive of activity with cardinals, chickadees, house finches, the odd woodpecker and the plump squirrels too! Rats were new to us although the big hospital around the corner has trapped them outside for many years. Anyway I have feeders at the cottage which draws rascally blue jays and not much else as we have a pack of clever fox who monitor the ground around the feeder for song birds and mice…
    I do love your little garden shed set up for tea! It’s all so adorable!

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:45 am

      Thanks so much Ally! I’m so sorry you had to remove your feeders. You need more foxes to keep them away. :) Maybe once blasting stops you can put them back up. Thank you for your visit. ♥

  27. Ricki Treleaven
    January 24, 2023 at 2:13 pm

    Your post is lovely, and I always enjoy posts featuring your potting shed! I also have to compliment you on your photography: It is beautiful, as always. Cardinals are my favorite bird, and as they mate for life, they are perfect for a Valentine’s Day tablescape. I love your ornaments as well as your plate stack. Your bed and breakfast theme is adorable!
    Happy Valentine’s, Mary!
    ~Ricki Jill

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:46 am

      Thank you so much Ricki Jill! Happy Valentine’s to you ♥

  28. Myrna
    January 24, 2023 at 5:13 pm

    Mary, we love each and every theme you come up with. We wouldn’t mind if you had a brain freeze and repeated some.
    Give 20 women a theme and they all come up with awesome creativity and an amazing collection of dishes.

    • January 26, 2023 at 7:47 am

      Ha, I have plenty of brain freezes these days! Thank you Myrna for your sweet comment and visit. ♥

  29. Kim
    January 24, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    Mary, I love your theme of the love birds’ bed and breakfast and its perfect for Valentine’s day! You have such an eye for putting together plate stacks and items to accessorize your theme and its fantastic that you are such an advocate for the birds and the bees, so to speak. You are one creative lady and its always a pleasure to read your posts. There is inspiration here for anyone and everyone, and you have inspired me invest in some seed and a bird feeder for our hungry guys here in the north! Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day!

    • January 26, 2023 at 12:58 pm

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment and high praise Kim! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, stay warm! ♥

  30. Marion
    January 24, 2023 at 5:44 pm

    Those birds are adorable. Love the Heart bird feeder.
    Joan,Marilyn and Marion

    • January 26, 2023 at 12:59 pm

      Thank you for your visit and comment Marion, Joan & Marilyn! ♥

  31. Sue
    January 24, 2023 at 6:06 pm

    I’m sure it is hard to come up with creative ideas after 13 years but I’m so glad you do! Your creativity is endless! The best part is that you freely share your inspiration with others. Thank you so much!
    The embroidered napkins are just beautiful.
    I’m wondering how many of us with order the heart bird feeder now?? I’m thinking it would be a great suggestion to my husband for a gift!

    • January 26, 2023 at 1:05 pm

      Thank Sue for your sweet comment and visits! I’m always in need of some inspiration this time of year. :) ♥

  32. Denise/My Home of All Seasons
    January 24, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    What a fun spin you’ve brought to this blog hop Mary! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I am an avid bird watcher too and I’m certain they will all be heading to your B&B as the word spreads! Lovely plate stacks and I’m crazy about that flatware too. But… oh those pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

    • January 27, 2023 at 4:51 pm

      Thank you for your sweet comment Denise! Happy Weekend ♥

  33. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
    January 24, 2023 at 6:28 pm

    Mary, as a fellow bird lover I absolutely the Valentine’s Day theme you chose. The entire setting is beautiful. The bird plates are so pretty, and the heart bird feeder is precious. I want one of those. We have snow coming this evening, and I made sure my feeders were full. I laughed when I saw the plump squirrel. I have the same problem here as well. I so enjoyed my visit today! Have a wonderful week!

    • January 27, 2023 at 4:50 pm

      Thanks so much Shannon! It’s always a treat to hop with you. Happy Weekend ♥

  34. January 24, 2023 at 6:47 pm

    What a precious tablescape honoring some of our feathered friends. The bird plates are so sweet and are beautifully displayed with the plaid plate stack. I love the heart-shaped bird feeder. It is very unique. The bushy tailed squirrel sure seems to enjoy the fest. It must be an all you can eat. We get plenty of cardinals and bluebirds here and I enjoy watching them cluster in our front yard trees. Doesn’t it mean that if you see a red cardinal it is a visit from a departed loved one? At times I get the whole relation since we get 10 or more cardinals in the tree at once. So bright and beautiful and so is your Bird B& B Tablescape. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mary.

    • January 27, 2023 at 4:54 pm

      Thank you Marsha! Yes it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet for Mr.Squirrel and friends. :) Yes, I’ve heard ‘when cardinals are here, angels are near.’ I think that’s why they’re so well loved. So happy to hop with you again, Happy Valentine’s Day and stay warm. ♥

  35. Pamela
    January 24, 2023 at 7:22 pm

    Darling idea.

    • January 27, 2023 at 4:54 pm

      Thank you for your visit Pamela! ♥

  36. Chloe Crabtree
    January 24, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    Mary, You have a natural talent for coming up with original content and creative ideas for beautifully themed table settings. Who would have ever thought of incorporating a bird theme? You, of course! All of the details are so very beautiful, especially your Winter Berry chargers and that beautiful twig flatware! I see that some of my favorite things in your wonderful display came from Pier One, a store I still miss so very much! I hope you have something other than bird seed and enjoy a lovely Valentine’s Day!

    • January 27, 2023 at 5:05 pm

      Thank you so much Chloe, you’re too kind. :) I always enjoy having a virtual seat at your table. Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥

  37. January 24, 2023 at 9:49 pm

    Awww Mary, I ❤️ your Birdie Bed and Breakfast! Of course, your table setting is beautifully done with those pretty bird plates and all your accessories. The new heart bird feeder is so perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day. I may need to get one of those. I had a flurry of birds at my feeders today with our rainy, cold weather. Thank you for sharing nature and beauty with us.

    • January 27, 2023 at 5:06 pm

      Thanks so much Kitty! Happy Weekend. ♥

  38. Betsy
    January 24, 2023 at 10:16 pm

    Again, your creativity never fails to impress. I am in awe of your luck in catching the two birds in your last photo. What a great shot to tie in with your Birdie Bed and Breakfast theme! What a perfect theme to transition from the holidays to Valentine’s Day, and I think we can all relate with that common “bird” ransacking our feeders!

    Thank you for always mixing it up and giving us all something to look forward to!

    • January 27, 2023 at 5:07 pm

      Thanks so much Betsy! I hope you’re enjoying some better weather in your neck of the woods. :) Happy Weekend ♥

  39. January 25, 2023 at 8:11 am

    What a beautiful and imaginative Winter tablescape post! Loved seeing it…Those dishes are so charming!! Thanks so much for sharing this truly delightful post!!

    • January 27, 2023 at 5:09 pm

      Thank you so much Debbie! ♥

  40. January 25, 2023 at 9:24 am

    So nice to have a Valentine’s Day tribute to the birds, Mary. We have a ton of feeders and I think every bird in a 50 mile radius knows where our house is located. it’s such a pleasure to watch them enjoy their treats looking from our windows. Loved the heart-shaped feeder. A lovely way to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

    • January 27, 2023 at 5:10 pm

      Thank you Lynne, so happy to hop with you again! Enjoy your weekend ♥

  41. January 25, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    BEAUTIFUL!! Love my birds!! ❤️

    • January 27, 2023 at 5:10 pm

      Thank you Ellen, me too. :) ♥

  42. January 25, 2023 at 10:36 pm

    I always love when you set up tables in the potting shed.

  43. January 27, 2023 at 8:49 pm

    Mary, I love your theme of Love Birds❤️you have so many special birdhouses and bird plates that carry out such a beautiful story of Your feathered friends. I adore your bird finial and only you could come up with a heart shaped bird feeder!!! Your creativity is endless and inspiring!! I always love a peak into your potting shed!! Fabulous!! Have a fun Valentines Day!!❤️

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